Here ya go Tracy! Enjoy!

Some tummy time

No clue what she is doing…maybe picking her nose?

She loves her swing!

In her bouncy seat

Showing off her beautiful smile

Being a sweetheart

Aunt Starlena holding her for the 1st time

George bought this onesie when we found out I was pregnant…before we knew she was a girl.

Relaxing in the tub…she’s so funny!

Look at that Buddha belly! She’s going to weight watchers with mommy!

And an old pic from the NICU for memories…this is her “old man” look. She was soooo tiny!

Thanks for looking!

Dr Appt Updates

We’ve had a busy week so far but now it has calmed down. George’s mom and her friend Marilyn came down on Monday to help take Emma to the dr and they just left this morning. I love it when they come down b/c George’s mom, Judy, washes my dishes/bottles, makes coffee, holds Emma, and washes clothes. Such a big help!
Anyways, on Monday we went to the pulmonologist. They talked about weaning her down on the oxygen from 250 to 125 but then decided against it b/c we are stopping her two diuretics. They didn’t want to overload her. He did say that she will probably be off oxygen in 1-2 months so we now have a better time frame. So far she’s doing good off the medicine but he said to watch for puffiness in her face/hands. We got to weigh her while we were there and with her clothes on she weighs 8 lbs 2.4 oz! She is huge! I totally couldn’t believe she was that big but she has started eating more. Way to go Emma!

Yesterday we went back to Dr. Byrne, the retina specialist. Her eyes are still getting better but the blood vessels still haven’t finished forming. Soooo now we go back in 3 months! That’s a whole lot better than every 2 weeks! My little girl is growing up.

That’s about all I’ve got for this week…Emma has been smiling up a storm and occasionally coos but not all the time. She loves for her mommy to kiss her and tickle her! It just makes my day when she smiles at me and I couldn’t be happier. Oh one other thing…at the dr office yesterday I swear she chuckled a few times! I’m sure she didn’t mean to but it was so cute I wanted to cry! Now for pics…here are a couple of smiles and of her and Marilyn.

Our Weekend

We had a really good weekend and enjoyed our many visitors! On Friday my friend Rachel and her sister Megan came down from Sparta and saw Emma for the first time. It was nice seeing them because I don’t get to very often now that we live here in Huntsville. Here’s a pic of Rachel holding Emma…look how pale Em is compared to Rach! Look at her smiling at Rach!
Then on Saturday my Aunt Marsha, Jim, Monya, and Melica came down from Nashville and stayed the night. I haven’t seen them since Christmas and was super excited to see them! The girls are getting so big! Monya will be in 6th grade next year and I think Melica will be in 4th grade. The girls were so good with Em…they helped me give her a bath and put lotion on her and pick out her outfits. Apparently Melica doesn’t like lotion but she still put it on Em. They were so gentle with her and did great holding her! It seems like not long ago they were little! Anyways, they stayed until Sunday afternoon and we were sad to see them go! Here’s a few pics…
I’ve also decided after almost 5 months of pumping exclusively I’m going to stop and once my freezer stash runs out I will switch to formula. Part of me is sad b/c it has been part of the routine for the past 5 months but I’m also excited to not be tied down to a pump several times a day! My supply has been really low for the past couple of months so that helped make my decision. I’ve got probably 2 months worth of frozen milk left so once I use it up we will use all formula. We tried some Similac Advanced last night and she did really well with it. She didn’t have a problem with the taste or anything so I’ll try it a few more times and if it continues to work, then we will use that brand.
Here’s a few pics of us playing yesterday and a bonus shot of Lily in a bag…enjoy!