Emma's 6 Month Dr Appt

Emma went to the pediatrician on Monday for her 6 month appt. She weighed in at 10 lbs 3.5 oz and 22 inches long! Go Emma!

One thing we are concerned about is Em’s headshape…it’s really flat on one side. The dr is giving us one month to round it out but if it doesn’t improve she will have to go to Vandy for a CT scan and then get fitted for a helmet. I kind of knew this was coming and I’m bummed about it, but what can you do? She told us to try more tummy time (which Em hates) and to try out her exercauser. We tried out the exercauser last night and today and she does good for awhile but she isn’t going to sit in it all day. So I’m preparing myself to welcome the wonderful helmet into our family for the next 4-6 months. Blah!

In other news, we will start cereal in approx 2 months unless she starts showing signs of being really hungry before then. The dr was impressed with Em’s squealing, holding her head up, grabbing her toys, etc. She’s also been acting like she will start rolling soon.

Em’s shots were the absolute hardest so far! She cried so hard her face was red/purple and it broke my heart. Poor thing was hungry and tired and I think overstimulated so it wasn’t fun. She got 3 shots and one oral vaccination. She won’t have to get any at her 9 month appt.

That is all I can think of for now…I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow. It’s been crazy around here with me starting school and studying and so forth so sorry for the delay. Thanks for reading!

Our BIG Tuesday!

Yesterday we had lots and lots of company! Emma handled being passed around really well. Our visitors included: Granny Scott, Starlena, Kelsey, Jana, Mom, and Tim. Emma just smiled at everyone and we had such a good time! Mom and Tim stayed the night with us and took us out to eat at Longhorn’s. The food was awesome!

Mom holding Emma for the first time.

Emma, Mom, and Tim at Longhorn.

L-R Jana, Starlena, Kelsey, Granny, & Emma

Lots of kisses!

Jana is the exchange student from Germany (left pic)

Emma's Dr. Appt Update

I know her appt was last Friday but I’ve been lazy about posting an update. Sorry to my wonderful blog readers for being a bad blogger.

Anyways, it was a good appt…she now weighs a whopping 10 lbs 1 oz (with her clothes on)! She is also 21 inches long. As far as the oxygen goes the dr decided not to turn it down b/c she wasn’t doing as good as he wanted and with the winter months coming up he said let’s just wait. So we go back in October for the RSV shot and to hopefully turn the oxgen down. The dr also said it would be another 3-6 months before she comes off of it. I’m okay with that b/c as long as she’s healthy I’m happy! We’ve adjusted to everything now and it’s going to be weird when it’s gone.

On a funny note, while we were in the packed waiting room Emma decides to start tooting and man oh man, were they loud! I got tickled and a little embarrassed especially when she started grunting up a storm…and then the smell. Ohhhhh it was bad! The child poops like once a week and what day does she decide to do it? But she was happy as can be!

Now for the pics…