I'm NOT A Boy!

Everyone seems to think Emma is a boy even when she is decked out in pink, so I thought I would dress her up in one of daddy’s ties. I get so tired of people asking is she a boy even though she is in pink b/c she just really looks like a boy. UGH! Why can’t people keep their mouth shut?! People are just drawn to Emma anywhere and everywhere we go and I love it…until they say something dumb!

It has been awhile since I dressed her up in the “itty bitty titty committee” shirt so I thought I would see how well it fits now. It actually fits!

“What? Me? But I’m an angel mom!” I can hear it now.

This is what too many pictures will do to a princess in one afternoon.

Sweet Laughter!

While trying to get Emma down for a nap today Braxton sneezed so I said “bless you”. Well Emma thought this was the funniest thing ever & was laughing so hard I thought she was going to stop breathing! After a few minutes I ran to get the camera so I could catch it on video. Here is the end of her laughing spell!