Emma Has Her First Real Fever :(

Yesterday she was really clingy and I couldn’t get her to take a nap for anything even though she was extremely tired. Finally at 2pm she went down and slept for almost 3 hours! She acted fine all night except her fever got up to 100.2 I believe. She felt so hot to me. I had already given her 2 doses of Tylenol earlier so I went for the big guns-Motrin. George finally got her to sleep around 9:45pm and she slept all night. At least we think so b/c George forgot to turn the monitor on in the bedroom! Anyways, she just woke up and her temp is 101. She’s NEVER had a fever over 99.6 (I think) until yesterday. She’s acting great so hopefully it will be gone in a few hours. Keep my little princess in your thoughts today.

Our Memorial Day Weekend!

Emma and I decided to travel to the wonderful land of Tennessee for Memorial Day! George had already made plans so we left him behind. We took our time driving up going the back way which consisted of Fayetteville, Lynchburg, Tullahoma, Manchester, McMinnville, Sparta, and Cookeville. It was so beautiful I just enjoyed every tree and flower while Emma jammed to Elmo!

When we reached McMinnville we met up with my bestest most beautiful friend, Rachel and her sister Megan and daughter Madalyn. I don’t get to see them very often but I am super excited about going to Rachel’s wedding in July in Florida.

Best Friends Forever-Madalyn and Emma! Aren’t they just adorable?!

My sweet Magpie, Madalyn, Emma, and Rach

From there we traveled to Cookeville to stay with my favorite in-laws! They are so kind to let us stay with them and eat their food. :) We also got to play with the coolest cousins in the world and they let Emma go swimming in their pool!

This is my favorite pic of Isaac…he’s such a handsome lil guy!

Graham’s newest look! We miss you Graham-Bo!

The kiddos playing together.

And Ikey poo teaching Emma bad things! :)

Then on Sunday we headed over to Sparta to visit my side of the family. First stop, the Adam’s family (snap, snap). For the past year my family has had an exchange student from Germany named Jana. She is the sweetest, most kind and beautiful young lady and I’m so incredibly glad she became a part of our family. Unfortunately, it is time for her to go back home and we are all going to miss her so much. She has really enjoyed her stay in the states and I hope she gets to come back soon! We love and miss you already Jana!!!!!!!

Kelsey and Emma

Down on the farm!

Kelsey and Jana-my gorgeous cousins!

Kelsey, Emma, and Jana

From there we headed farther into the big town of Sparta to my Granny Scott’s house. My cousin Paige came down to so she could play some more with Emma.

Here are Paige and Emma posing for me. I could not get Emma to smile!

Paige was making Emma a flower tiara!

Paige, Emma, and my Granny swinging on the porch.

And the last stop was Nashville, Tennessee to visit my awesome cousins Monya and Melica!! We love going there b/c Aunt Marsha and Jim always have the best food ever!! They never let me down with the food and I always overeat way too much. :( Thanks for having us!

The girls about to go swimming before the storm. :(
Melica, Emma, and Monya

Cutie patootie in her bathing suit!

And again…

Overall, we had a wonderful holiday and it felt good to get home. Lucky me came home to a CLEAN house thanks to my favorite husband! :) He’s too good to me! Check back for more pics!

Check Out This Awesome Website!!!


If you are looking for a unique gift or just want something fun & stylish for yourself, please check out Betsy’s site. She has been doing embroidery for several years now and sells it on the side. I can tell you that her items are great quality b/c I own so many of her creations. She has made Emma dresses, bibs, bath robes, 1 year binder, hairbows, and so much more. My newest fave item are her flip flops with ribbon and buttons! They are awesome!!! Apparently they are the newest “it” item with the high school/junior high girls!

Here are some pics…

These are mine!

So check out her website and see all of her other items and if you tell her you are from my blog she will award you $5 off the flip flops!

Happy Shopping Bloggers!

Chandler's BIG Test!

Are you surprised I took the camera? Of course my picture taking didn’t make him more nervous! It was probably all of the big sister driving knowledge I shared with him. :)

The test lady doing the car checks…

Start your engine!

And he didn’t even hit a parked car…oh wait, noone is dumb enough to park around the entrance!

Making it out of the parking lot…

He’s on the main road! Watch out Fayetteville!

Made it back safe and sound…

Nice parking job!

The end.

15 Month Pediatrician Appointment

On Tuesday Emma visited Dr. Dudley for her 15 month appt. I love going there b/c the staff is so nice and upbeat! We had a wonderful appt. Emma weighed in at 19 lbs 5 oz which I’m pretty sure she weighed that about 4 wks ago but the doctor said that is fine. She is also 29 inches long!! That’s a big jump from 12.5 inches at birth. She finally made the regular growth chart too for weight (5%), length (25%), and head circumference (10%)! I can’t believe she made all 3!

Dr. Dudley also asked if she had started pulling up yet and I was like “yeah, she’s walking now” and Dr. Dudley was so amazed! She couldn’t believe all of the words she’s saying and everything else she’s doing. She said she is no longer a preemie and that Emma had made her day! As her mother, I’m so incredibly proud of her and sometimes I forget just how far she’s come.

Lastly, she also got the chicken pox vaccine and the MMR shot. I had forgot she was getting those and felt bad b/c I had been telling her all morning she wasn’t getting any shots. She cried and it broke my heart but she was better within seconds.

So once again Emma is thriving and George and I couldn’t be happier for her! We have such a little miracle and princess.