Time To Come Home :(

We headed home on Wednesday June 4th. We had such an awesome time and we didn’t want to leave. Hopefully we can make it to Colorado later this year to visit Hunter at college.

This is their house in Houston. I loved all the big trees in everyones yard.

Emma and Hunter loading up the car!

Wearing Hunter’s hat…what a cutie!

Our plane from Houston to Memphis on the way home. :(

Mommy and Emma about to take off! Emma was such an angel on the flight home!

Hope you enjoyed our trip!!

Yes Folks, She's Going To Harvard…Or Yale…or Princeton

My girl is one smart cookie! First off, on Saturday morning George said “watch this.” So then he asks Emma where her toes are and she gets her foot and grabs her toes! Isn’t that awesome? I think so.

Then just a minute ago I pulled up the blog and she saw the pictures and says “Hunter” and I was shocked! She always seems to amaze me with her big personality and vocabulary. You never would’ve guessed she started off so early and small in this world and just how far she’s come. I’m so proud to be her mommy and my heart is so full of love for her (even when she gets me up at 4am and doesn’t go back to sleep!). :)

More From the Lone Star State!

Hunter started working at Red Lobster for the summer and he had his 1st day on Monday after graduation (I think). He’s going to be a server and he’s almost finished with training. Now he can make some real money!
He here is getting ready for work. Doesn’t he look handsome?

The day before we left Houston we took a ride to Galveston, Texas to check out the beach (it was nasty) and to ride on the ferry. It wasn’t the most thrilling experience of my life but I enjoyed spending time with the family before we left.

Here we all are riding across. Like the windblown/hot look??

Hunter and Uncle A posing upstairs

Hunter trying to make a mean face!

Mommy and Emma

Here’s Uncle Chan Chan and Emma checking out Chandler’s jeep!

Chandler loves his Emma! Emma has some great uncles!

And again…

Around the corner she comes! Look at those curls!

She always makes herself at home! Now if only she could learn to cook…or actually fold the towels…Once again, look at those awesome curls!

Who Took My Baby?

This morning Emma and I were cleaning her room. Well she was dumping her drawers out while I cleaned. Anyways, Pa and Granny had got her these pacis last year but Emma never took to a paci…until this morning! She was walking around with this in her mouth all proud and happy! Too cute!

Look at that big smile!

He's A High School Graduate!!!

Finally, here are some graduation pictures! Have I mentioned how PROUD I am of Hunter? He’s such an amazing young man and I’m so glad I got to be there for his special day.

Because Hunter was the Senior Class President, he got to sit on stage during graduation and he led the crowd for the Pledge of Allegiance.
First row-big dude with facial hair :)

Hunter’s best friend walking across the stage. Her name is Allison and she was so incredibly sweet!
Hunter preparing to walk across the stage and his girlfriend Lauren is right behind him!
Hunter and Lauren walking across
There is my baby brother!
After graduation we took some pics in the 100 degree Houston heat…man it was hot!
Me and my baby brothers!!!
Ken, Chandler, Hunter, and Betsy
Hunter and his momma!
Hunter and his sweetheart of a girlfriend! She was the nicest most wonderful girl. Emma absolutely LOVED her! (I did too!)
Lauren, Hunter, and Allison
Sweet pic!
And my boys again…
And Uncle A…I can’t stress enough how much help he was to me throughout the ENTIRE trip! I seriously couldn’t have done it on my own. He is also the reason I got to watch Hunter cross the stage. Emma did not want to sit still so Uncle A took her out and let her walk around and scream…then she fell asleep in his arms in the cutest position ever! We LOVE our Unlce Arnold!!

Too Tired To Eat!

She’s been one grumpy girl today! Then I noticed she was getting tired so I made her dinner and she starts stuffing food in her mouth and the next thing I know, she’s out! The bad thing is it is 6pm so bedtime is close…say a prayer she goes to sleep at a decent hour tonight!

Our New Pool!

Yesterday I bought Emma a pool from Target and she tested it out this afternoon. Emma loves water and had so much fun splashing around! I snapped a couple of pics and thought they were super cute so I wanted to share. Enjoy!