Hudson's Nursery & Stuff

Well this past weekend we got Hudson’s nursery painted and furniture all moved around. I’m so excited to have that done! Now I’ve got to put things on the walls and over the next couple of months buy stuff that we don’t already have which shouldn’t be too much. We bought everything gender neutral with Emma so we really don’t have much to buy for him. Our house has been such a disaster the past week while we cleaned out the front room and it sure did stress me out! Luckily George and I worked really hard yesterday to get everything boxed up and cleaned up so now I feel so much better! Enjoy the pics!

Our new glider/ottoman that I’m in love with! It is so comfortable and hopefully will hide spit up with the brown color. :)

Like the new curtains?? Hudson is the only person in the house to have curtains! ha ha. I actually got them at JCPenney for half off the other day and I was amazed. The only thing is they didn’t come with a panel on the other side so I need to sweet talk someone into sewing the other side for me. This front room is just so bright so he needs more coverage. Doesn’t the room look so boyish?? I like it!

My father-in-law hard at work! He helped us so much this past weekend. Thanks Ru-Rus!

Daddy starting to paint. He did a great job too!

I had to take a pic of this…it is Emma’s princess CD player and Daddy was using it to listen to music while they painted. He claims it was the only CD player in the house. Sure Daddy!

So that’s the one for now. I’m working on painting a picture for Hudson and I’ve also got to hang stuff up on the walls. Then I think it will look even better. I hope he likes it and the bright colors don’t keep him awake all the time. :)

In other news Miss Emma is doing much better. She ran a fever up to Thursday evening and finally on Friday we were fever free! Poor thing had a rough week. She’s still coughing quite a bit due to her lung irritation but hopefully that will clear up soon.

Today we went to my OB, Dr. Cimino, for my 23 week appt. At my 23 wk appt with Emma my blood pressure was a little elevated but within a week I was super sick! I was admitted in my 24th week and delivered her at 26 weeks. I’ve been very nervous since I’m not at the same point in this pregnancy but so far so good. Today my BP was great, no protein in urine, weight is okay, and measuring 25 weeks. So my next appt will be my gestational diabetes test where I drink that nasty fruit punch drink. I actually never drank it with Emma so I’m excited to do it this time! Wish me luck that I make it another 4 wks. Hudson, you MUST STAY PUT!

This week should be fairly relaxed with Ashli and Brandon’s wedding this Labor Day weekend. We are all looking forward to celebrating with them and Emma’s big flower girl debut! :) Pics will definitely come next Monday.

Emma, What Happened To Your Hair??

I think she’s been sleeping with the rats again! Poor thing has had a cold for the past few days and then started running a 102 fever last night. We took off to Dr. D’s office this morning and Emma has an ear infection. :( She’s been running a fever all day but we got some good ol’ Augmentin that hopefully kick in gear tomorrow. She’s still in great spirits (as usual) so that’s a good thing. She’s also had some major stomach issues today and I’m hoping we are almost through with that. What a fun day!

Emma was being a monkey earlier so I had to take her picture. After I took her pic she said “thank you mommy for helping me take my picture” in such a sweet little voice. Have I mentioned how sweet Emma’s voice is? We get so many compliments on how cute she sounds when she talks.

Oh and Amy G., Emma is obsessed with picking out her own clothes now and today she insisted on wearing her swim shirt to Dr. D’s office. She LOVES her shirt! I told her what it said on the front and explained that Melissa was a little bitty baby just like she was and she’s been talking about it all day. :)

I told her to open her eyes up for this shot and she opens her mouth! What a character!

In other news I go to the baby dr on Monday! Nothing exciting, just the usual. Also, this weekend Ru-Rus is coming down to help put the nursery together! I’m so excited! We’ve got lots of stuff to move around and I also want to pain the room. Of course, I get to direct while the men do all the work. :) I’m happy to get started on it though b/c that will be one less thing to worry about. I can’t wait to show pictures!

Here Comes The Bride…

No, not Emma! ha ha! Our dear friends Ashli and Brandon are getting married on Labor Day weekend and Emma is one of the flower girls! Ashli stopped by to check out her dress and it’s just a little big so we have to get it altered. But is she not the cutest little flower girl you’ve ever seen?? :) The sash/bow might be the one in the picture or it will be a green sash/bow. She’s also going to wear a halo hair piece and I’ve got to get her some little slippers. I’m so excited! I’m also a little nervous b/c I have no idea how she’s going to react to a large group of people staring at her. More than likely she will stick both fingers up her nose and not move. That’s her nervous habit. :( Of course everyone keeps saying how cute she’ll be but when it’s your child you don’t want them to stick their fingers up their nose! I’ll keep you updated…

Exciting Morning!

I am so happy today b/c this morning George got to feel little bean kick for the first time!!! I’ve been dying for him to feel the kicks and every time he would put his hand on my belly little bean would stop kicking. Little stinker! Well this morning he was kicking a whole bunch before G left for work so I had him put his hand where mine was and bam! he felt 2 kicks! I love being a woman and to me feeling those kicks is one of the best parts of being pregnant. Recently little bean has been kicking a ton and has found my bladder. :) Emma was always kicking my bladder b/c she was always so low but I love it.

Also, I’m now 21 weeks and I go back to the OB on Aug 31st for a routine visit. I’ve been getting a little paranoid every time my head starts hurting b/c with Emma I started swelling around 22 weeks and my blood pressure was higher than normal at 22-23 weeks. Then I went into the hospital at 24 weeks so it’s all just getting too close and I’m trying not to think about it. I’m really looking forward to the day I make it past 26 wks!

As for a name update, I’m not sure if we have one or not. I really like a certain name but G isn’t so keen on it so I’m going to give it more time before we fully decide. Although I find myself calling him the name I like sometimes. :) I just feel bad giving our little man a name if G isn’t completely on board ya know? Hopefully we will come up with something soon.

Now for a princess update! Emma has really enjoyed mommy staying home with her and she acts so grown up now it makes me sad. She understands so much and puts sentences together so well. She also knows exactly what she wants and can communicate it. It’s nice in some ways but I realize she’s only going to get bigger and not smaller. :(

We took her last Friday for another chest x-ray to see if there was improvement in her lungs. There was improvement but she still had several spots of atelectasis (sp?) so we went yesterday (Monday) to see Dr. Mahesh. LOVE Dr. Mahesh and all of the sweet nurses. He is not too concerned since there was improvement and we get to switch back to her Symbicort inhaler which makes me very happy. So hopefully little miss priss will stay healthy for a long time. So far she’s been perfect since coming out of daycare. Fingers crossed! Oh and she’s finally back up to 24 lbs even! Her eating has picked back up and I’m super ecstatic about that.

Pics to come later…I’ve been rather lazy this week after our busy weekend but I promise to get on it soon. :)

2009 Swim For Melissa!

It was an awesome day! We had such a great time this year and there was such an amazing turnout. Last night George and I attended the Miracle Bash at the Davidson Space Center and let me tell you guys, there were SO MANY people! I have no clue how many people were there but it was packed and I loved the building. There is a huge rocket that extends all the way down the building and it is just so cool. The food was great too and we even made friends. This year we didn’t take our camera so no pics from last night but Emma’s picture was on some tables again and then they also had a projector set up that showed pics of several babies that were in the NICU. I think I could stare at the pics all night and be happy. Such a wonderful evening.

For the swim our awesome friends Kylie, Ella Grace, and Lucas met us at Hampton Cove pool and we always love to see them. Ella is destined to be Emma’s best friend for life and I’ve talked about her before. She was also a 1 pounder and during our first week being neighbors in the NICU, Kylie and I became friends. We share such a special bond and I will always love her for all of the support she provided and for being such a sweet person. Love me some Kylie! She now has a 15 month old boy, Lucas, who is just a doll. She made it to 36 weeks with him and that gives me lots of hope for our little boy. :)

The girls had a blast swimming and Emma was so worn out. Normally her nap time is 1pm and today around 12:30 Emma said “mommy, I’m all done swimming!” She was wiped out from the sun and all that kicking. So glad Daddy got to see her swim. He was amazed at how well she does. Next summer we are definitely enrolling her in swimming lessons!

I don’t know the total amount raised for the event this year but when we left the Swim it was over $138,000! Can you believe that? Our community has been so generous and it just amazes me to think that all of the proceeds go to our NICU and helping those sweet little babies. I’m just overjoyed with happiness that people are so willing to help. :)

Now on to the pics…

Mommy & Emma swimming! It was the PERFECT day for the Swim!

My two little 1 pounders that are now 23-24 lbs!!! Such sweet little miracles!

Check out this hug! I could just eat them up.

This year they had XS kids shirts so of course Emma had to have one!

My little miracle :) LOVE her to death!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made the Bash & Swim a success and Amy, Chris, Ann Catherine, Lily, and Melissa George for putting so much time and effort into helping babies like Emma. I can’t say enough things about this family. They work so hard all year long to prepare for this event and we are so thankful for them and all of the other families that make it all happen. Looking forward to next year and soon Emma and Ella will be able to swim. Woohoo for our miracles!

What A Day!

I’ve been slacking this week in the blog department but I feel like we’ve been so busy. Our weekend is going to be rather crazy too so I hope to get some pics up tonight and then hopefully some on Sunday.

This morning I woke at 4:45am unable to sleep so mommy is a little tired. I waited for my other babies to wake up and then Emma and I headed off to Sparta, TN to visit my granny Scott & Pa and my Granny Dunham. Gigi (Granny Scott) is having a yard sale tomorrow and Saturday so I wanted to try and sell some clothes & stuff with the hopes of making a few extra dollars. :) Gigi also has a pool so Emma got to be a fish today. My little stinker amazes me in the water. Today was her first time with water wings and she just took off all the way across the pool! She did not want my help at all! Then after we took the water wings off she wanted to swim by herself and she just didn’t understand that she really couldn’t swim! How funny is that? She would jump off the bottom step and of course go under the water but came up smiling so big. She is such a doll! I’m looking forward to showing daddy her swimming skills on Saturday at the 4th annual Swim For Melissa! Emma is not actively swimming but we can swim on the other side of the pool. I’m so excited to attend and see some of our preemie NICU friends. Ms. Ella Grace and her mommy Kylie will be there too so we will have a blast!!! In case you haven’t made your donation you can visit Emma’s webpage and make a donation-

We came home today and found out we had met our goal of $1000! It means so much to our family that so many people are willing to help out. Thank you so very much for all of your donations and support.

So tomorrow night George and I plan on attending the Miracle Bash and then on Saturday the Swim for Melissa! If you are in the area head on over to Hampton Cove b/c there will be lots of fun things for the kiddos to do. Check back on Sunday for pics from the swim!

Guess What I Just Bought???

A Best Chair Glider and ottoman! I’m so excited b/c I’ve always wanted a rocker for Emma and never got one but this time around I did it! Who knew rockers could be so exciting? :) That is the one and only piece of furniture we are buying this time around. It was so hard deciding and after Friday I thought I wanted a recliner but then I got to thinking “what if I want to rock with my feet propped up?” So I switched back to a glider! Today I stopped back by the baby store to test out my glider again and had to choose a fabric color. That was tough! They have probably 50 samples to choose from and if you know me well, you know I don’t make decisions! But I ended up with a new model that only comes in Espresso which is PERFECT for our house and I went with chocolate plain fabric that is so incredibly soft. I seriously could sit in this glider for hours and not move. So I hope I love it when it comes in in about 4 weeks. Those gliders are definitely not cheap! Pictures are sure to come. Now little bean has 3 boxes of diapers and a chair for mommy to snuggle her 2 precious babies in. :)