What A Big Day!

Today has been a day that I’ve dreaded for a long time. For the first couple of years after Emma was born I thought that I could never go through pregnancy again b/c I was so scared of what might happen. After almost losing Emma it’s so hard to think about putting another baby at risk and of course, myself. Then the 2 year mark hit and I was itching for a baby. :) Once I got pregnant though all of the stress started and as the weeks went on I dreaded the thought of how my body was going to react to this pregnancy. After all, my body had already rejected Emma and I had 2 early miscarriages so what would make this pregnancy different? All I could do was have hope and be positive.

So now I’m at the day-26 weeks 5 days-which is when Emma was born. My doctor said he would be so happy if I could even make it 4 weeks longer than I did with Emma and I’m determined to make it to at least 36 weeks. It is still really scary and being at this point I find myself really overwhelmed at times with the thought of giving birth again. Emma’s birth was all so scary and hard especially looking back on it. At the time I did what had to be done and somehow was super positive about all of it but now it freaks me out. With Emma I had 3 months to recover from my c-section and get the best sleep of my life while she was in the NICU but this time I hope to walk out the door with a newborn and a toddler…what am I gonna do? I was in so much pain after Emma and I’m terrified of how it’s all going to work. I know I’ll be okay but it just gets so overwhelming. But then I think that if I could handle Emma and her oxygen for 6 months then surely I can handle a “normal” baby.

Anyways, enough with the rambling. :) I’m so excited to have made it this far with no complications and I look forward to the day that I get to walk out the hospital doors in a wheelchair holding my baby boy. It’ll be a super sweet day!

My sweet princess blessed me with such a wonderful day and we played so hard. She’s gone potty about 8 times today and not had one single accident. How awesome is that?! Love the princess!

Baby Love

I mentioned yesterday that Emma has been fascinated with her “new” babies even though they are not new at all. Every couple of weeks she rediscovers them and thinks they are new. :) So she spent all day and night playing with them and they even slept beside her in the bed. She was so excited about them it took her forever to go to sleep. I had to keep threatening to take them out of the room b/c she was so wound up about them. What a character!

The sticker club! They were all being so good that we put stickers on them and Emma wanted to line up with them.

Laying down with her babies :)

And so far this morning we are having a wonderful potty experience! When we woke up this morning I asked her if she wanted to go and she said yes. So we hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom and it only took her 2 seconds to pee pee. She was so excited probably b/c I gave her 5 M&Ms but anyways, it worked. BTW, she did end up eating yogurt after her M&Ms and drinking milk. :)

Awesome Potty Day Today!

Well folks, today has been one awesome day for Emma on the potty. It’s amazing what will put you in the best mood when you have a 2 year old! I’m seriously on cloud nine and hopefully tomorrow will be just as wonderful.

First off, Emma held her pee for approximately 12 hours today and didn’t go potty until 12:30pm! I couldn’t believe it. But thankfully when she did go pee pee it was in the potty! Yippee skippeeeee! Then about an hour later she went potty again! Then about 30 minutes after that she had a poopy accident but that was okay with me. We were on a great roll and I was determined to stay positive. Surprisingly around 4:30 we were about to leave to go have dinner at G’s work so I wanted her to potty before we left and SHE DID! Oh my goodness can you believe it??? So…then we get home a little while ago and she goes potty for the 4th time today on her potty! (inserts screaming time here) I just can’t believe it. It has taken a handful of M&Ms each time but hey she is her momma’s girl. I just couldn’t be happier right now. Now tomorrow is a different story but I’m going to be positive. :) So far this has been our best potty day and maybe, just maybe we are on a roll. Go Emma!

Okay here is the potty princess on our way to daddy’s work. We had to take her blanket, Zoe, and Abby. She’s been cracking me up today with her babies. We have the entire Sesame Street collection of plush dolls and all of the Disney plush characters. Well we’ve been carrying them ALL around today from room to room. It’s so funny to see her try and pick them all up. There’s probably 15 of those things. She would have taken them all with us to daddy’s work if I would’ve let her. Silly girl!

Is My House Too Cold??

The past few days Emma has been wearing her winter hat and gloves in the house. She keeps talking about wearing them in the snow. Surely it’s not that cold in our house! But then again, I am pregnant. :) Oh and check out her new fall outfit. I bought her some jeans and fall shirts back in the summer and I finally got around to washing them all over the weekend. I figured within another month she might need some long sleeves so we are ready!

She kept saying “mommy it is so bright!” talking about the camera flash.

As for the whole potty thing today has been not good. This girl can hold her pee pee for hours and I mean hours. Sometimes she will say she has to go and does and sometimes she will say she has to go, sit on the potty, hop down, and then go pee pee on the floor. That’s the most frustrating thing b/c she knows good and well when she has to go. I just don’t understand. Then she will laugh. AAAAAHHHH! Yes, it drives me bonkers. She is playing games with me I believe and raising my blood pressure. So far we are on day 5 of panties and I’m just not sure what to do. I don’t want to go back to pull ups but how do I truly know if she’s ready? Sometimes she loves to go and others she just refuses. Any advice? Just knowing she understands when she has to go makes me think I should keep pushing the potty but I’m sick and tired of smelling urine. This has got to be the hardest part of parenting so far. Anyone want to volunteer to come train her for me? I’ll pay you. Seriously. :)

Potty Training Update

Well so far it isn’t that bad! Yesterday we didn’t have any success but only 2 accidents b/c she held it all day long. I woke up this morning not sure what to expect but having George home to help is much easier. Emma ended up going potty 3 times I believe and had 2 accidents. Once was while she was playing and dancing and then at bathtime. But she does know when she has to go b/c at one point she went to the potty and went all by herself without us in there! I was so shocked I had to fight back the tears. I want her potty trained so bad mainly b/c diapers are so expensive but she seems like such a big girl these days. Especially with this being my 26th week of this pregnancy it is really hitting me hard. But I’m excited thinking that we won’t have to buy any diapers for a few months. Maybe with the money we will be saving I could buy a mini van with it! ha ha! So wish us luck over the next couple of days with the potty training. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as smoothe. :)

Gigi's Cupcakes!

I almost forgot that on Thursday I finally tried Gigi’s cupcakes here in Huntsville! I had heard about them from another blog (where all my info comes from b/c I have no life) and just had to try them out. I waited over a week and finally had an excuse on Thursday to go to the hospital foundation and then hop on over to Gigi’s.


Those babies are good! The girls were so so nice when we walked in and I was in heaven. One of the girls asked me if I wanted a list or if she could go over the different cupcakes with me and I had to tell her “no, I’ve already done my research!” She laughed at me. I ended up with 2-one with nothing but chocolate and a wedding cake cupcake. Deeeelicious! I just hate to know how many calories are in one of those sweet things! :)

I actually came home and ate the chocolate one all by myself. Emma had stressed me out with a crazy bad temper tantrum in public and when I get stressed, I EAT! I even had horrible heartburn but I was determined to enjoy my cupcake while she was napping. I shared the wedding cake one with G and Emma after dinner that night and G thought it had too much icing. You definitely have to eat them with a fork. I was very pleased with the taste and will be going back for more BUT not all the time. For one, it is all the way across town and two, those have got to be bad for me. :) Maybe after I pass my glucose test I can have another one…

If you haven’t checked them out you should all head over there b/c they come in cute little boxes too. They are near the hospital on Whitesburg near the Steak Out. You won’t be disappointed!

Yummy! (Link to Recipes)

So today on one of my favorite blogs everyone is sharing a recipe. I don’t know about ya’ll but I am always looking for something new to cook. The easier the better! I seem to always do the same things-grilled chicken, roast, cereal!, taco soup in the fall, etc. Weeeeeell, thanks to today’s post over at Kelly’s Korner I have lots of new yummy recipes to choose from! I just had to share. So hop on over there and check out what people are making. I’m already making a casserole for tonight that I’ve been dying to make but I’ve got lots of chicken breast in the freezer just waiting for next weeks meals. :)

In other news, I am now at 26 weeks!!! Can you believe it? In case you don’t know Emma was born at 26 weeks and even though she is growing like a weed and healthy, it is still such a hard week for me. I’ve been looking forward to/dreading this week my whole pregnancy and now it is here. It’s all I can seem to think about right now and at times it gets me all emotional and I do the ugly cry. :) But as of right now this pregnancy is going great and there is no reason I can’t make it to 38 wks and get big & plump. :) I go back to the doctor in 1.5 weeks and I’m thinking about asking for an ultrasound just so I can check on Mr. Hudson and make sure he isn’t partying too hard in my tummy. Sometimes with all of his crazy kicking I think he’s having too much fun in there. Last week I started noticing when he kicks really hard that my whole belly moves! I LOVE IT! I could sit and stare at my belly for hours. Oh and according to the baby websites Hudson should be somewhere around 2 lbs now. With Emma only being 1 lb it just blows me away to think he’s already 2 lbs! I keep saying I going for a 10 lber this time!

Sorry no pics right now. Emma and I actually went home to TN Sunday through Wednesday and even though I took my camera we did not take one picture! Maybe this weekend I’ll get some new ones. This weekend is actually one of our 1st weekends in a long time that we have absolutely nothing to do. It feels good! So in honor of it today Emma is in her big girl Zoe panties and we are attempting the whole potty training thing again. At least Daddy will be home tomorrow & Sunday to help. Wish us luck!

Sesame Street Live!

Last night was our night out to see Elmo and all of his friends. We had great seats in the 2nd row on the floor! Lots of the characters would come out and interact with the kids and Emma liked that. She did great throughout the show until the very end. Zoe (who is her fav!) was coming out into the crowd and dancing with the kids in front of us. Well Emma thought it was her turn to go play with Zoe and got really upset when she couldn’t go up to her and say hi/play. It was rather pitiful! I think she remembers at Disney/Universal that we got to go up to the characters and hug them and take a picture so she didn’t understand that we couldn’t do that last night. Although other kids did run up to them we didn’t let Emma so she ended up and threw a major fit. She cried as we walked out of the Von Braun and George was carrying her. She then started screaming crying saying she wanted her mommy but I couldn’t carry her all the way to the car. So I tried my best to ignore her while George wrestled her and of course we felt like everyone was staring at us. :) When we got to the car G said he was never going to another Sesame Street show until Emma was 18. :) Emma calmed down for a few minutes and then she was so tired that she cried for Mommy while halfway asleep in her carseat for most of the ride home. Poor thing needed mommy to hold her and put her to bed. But we still had fun! We managed to get through the show without having to buy any balloons or cotton candy so that was awesome. She never even asked for it.

Daddy and Emma before the show.

Mommy and Emma

Emma’s favorite Zoe!

Zoe and the little girl in front of us were dancing. So cute!