My Babies

Yesterday evening Emma was so tired (she doesn’t nap anymore) and she fell asleep on the floor. I carried her to the couch and set her down & she ended up this way…

Isn’t this too funny? It was around 5pm and we can’t let her nap that late b/c otherwise she will NEVER go to sleep at night so I tried to wake her up. She was snoring and impossible to wake up until I asked her if she wanted M&Ms. Seriously, she woke up so fast! ha!

For Christmas our friends Paul & Carmen got Emma the Melissa & Doug art easel. She spent all night last night using the dry erase markers and this morning we painted. She is in love with her new easel!

Don’t worry she was wearing panties even though it doesn’t look like it.

Today we took Hudson to the doctor b/c he’s been choking during feedings and other random times. We had to see Dr. Meadows since Dr. Dudley was out but she is so nice too. I was thinking he probably had reflux issues and he probably does but we are also doing a Barium test tomorrow to see if his esophagus is narrow as it goes down. Not looking forward to it but they want to rule it out so we have to be at W&C at 7:30am on my birthday tomorrow! He can’t eat after 5:30am so we will feed him around 5 and then he’ll have to drink that yummy stuff before the test. He won’t be in any pain or sedated and we will hear from the doctor hopefully by lunch time. We are going to go ahead and start him on Zantac for the reflux and we are going to elevate his crib mattress.

We also found out that Mr. Chunky Pants is 9 lbs 11.5 oz! Wowzers! I think Emma was a year old before she weighed 9 lbs! It’s so exciting to have a baby that grows normally and by the time he is 1 year old he will out weigh his 3.5 year old sister I’m sure. She hasn’t gained any weight in several months! But I love her and all of her petiteness. :)

Merry Christmas 2009!

What a big day! I can’t believe it’s already 3:30pm and it feels like we all just woke up a few minutes ago. We didn’t get alot of sleep last night b/c Hudson was having a hard time so I after we opened gifts this morning I went back to sleep for about 4 hours and now George is napping. I guess that’s a perk to staying home for Christmas. :)

Emma woke up around 7am this morning and it was so cute watching her get so excited and she kept saying “it’s almost time for Santa to come!” and I kept saying “he came last night Emma.” She just didn’t get it! First, she saw her doll house that Santa brought her and then after playing with it for a few minutes we opened our stockings. Hudson slept through the entire thing and finally woke up after all of the presents! Emma helped him with his gifts. Now we are just watching Emma’s new Barney DVDs on repeat, yes I said repeat and I’m ready to turn it off. She’s probably watched it 10 times already! Now for some pictures. Merry Christmas everyone!

Cheesing it up with Santa’s cookies last night…

And Santa’s milk…

Santa brought her a doll house! It is much taller than her. Super cute though!

A very happy little girl!

Stocking time! She was so excited about the M&Ms. I think we should have just filled it with those…well and her new toothbrush. :)

Our Christmas gifts! Besides my Jason Aldean tickets. Notice my Shark Steam Mop? I’m so excited to mop tonight! I told George I would try it out tonight and then mop again either tomorrow or Sunday. I’m a happy Mommy!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well just a little bit longer and it will be Christmas! Emma is having a hard time containing her excitement! Tomorrow morning is going to be lots of fun! :)

Remember the Advent puzzle I mentioned in a previous post from Aunt Margaret & Uncle Dennis? Well Emma has had SO MUCH fun opening the boxes every morning. She would ask several times a day if it was time to open another one. Well today was the last one and I had to snap some pics of her opening it. In the 24th box was a $100 dollar bill & some chocolate. She loved the boxes with chocolate! Mommy liked the boxes with money. :) Don’t worry the money went straight to her piggy bank.

Showing me her money! She’s holding on to the chocolate bell for dear life. Just like her momma!

Had to add in a messy hair close-up!

Gabby bought the kiddos these super cute matching Santa outfits before Hudson was born. Since he is so chunky these days his actually fits him! I swear in 6 months he will weigh more than Emma. :) Anywho, we were trying to get a perfect picture to frame for a few Christmas gifts and while I’m not ready to share the winner yet, here are some cute and funny outtakes. Yes, I was freaking out the entire time Emma was holding H because I was so scared he would slide off her and straight to the floor. George kept laughing at me. Enjoy!

He was getting rather hungry so it looks like he was trying to eat Emma’s face! I told you he likes to eat. Are those outfits not the cutest?

Emma looks ferocious and H looks like a ragdoll.

And Miss Emma by herself. The lighting was off in this one but it was funny. I can’t wait to show the picture we chose. Coming soon!

Here are some outtakes from Hudson’s 1 month photo shoot…we got some funny ones!

This pose had me laughing for hours!

My poor baby!

Merry Christmas to everyone! We are for the first time staying here in AL and all of our family is coming to us over the next couple of weeks. It’s just too hard to travel 3 hours with a newborn right now. We are so looking forward to the company! :)

Hudson is 1 month old today!

I can’t believe my little handsome man is already 1 month old! He is just such a sweet little blessing and I’m enjoying every minute with him. Here are a few facts about him…

  • He usually eats 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours
  • He’s wearing 0-3 month clothes most of the time now b/c his NB clothes are getting too small
  • Size 1 diapers
  • As of right now all breastmilk through pumping & occasionally breastfeeding
  • Sleeps most of the day still but the past few days he has been more awake
  • Only cries when he’s hungry or when we change his diaper for the most part
  • Two nights ago he only woke up at 2am to eat! He was fed at 1opm, 2am, and then 6am
  • Not a big fan of bath time yet…
  • He constantly has boogers in his nose! I forgot that he also cries when we clean his nose out…or when Emma hits him in the head. :)
  • His neck/head is super strong! From the time he was in the NICU he has always been able to lift his head up for several seconds and look around.
  • Overall he’s such a happy content little baby!
  • Oh and lastly, he is a great eater! He’s getting chunky!

What We've Been Up To!

I’ve really been slacking on updating the blog since Hudson came home. My days just go by so fast and when I’m not feeding, pumping, washing, cleaning, playing with Emma, or dozing on the couch, I’m daydreaming of sleep! :) Not really but things are much busier especially with Christmas around the corner. Emma is so stinking excited about Santa this year and I’m afraid she won’t to sleep on Christmas Eve b/c of it! It will definitely be a wonderful Christmas this year with her around. :)

So yesterday my 2 youngest brothers Hunter & Chandler came into town and spent the night. They are the ones that live in Houston. I only get to see them once or twice a year now so it is very exciting when they come up. We didn’t do anything but sit around the house but they are always so fun to be around. Emma really took to Hunter b/c he played with her so much and this morning when she woke up they were gone & she was so sad! She said “oh no, Hunter & Chan Chan are gone!” Then she asked me later if we were going to their house and I had to tell her no. Luckily they are coming back this evening to stay the night again so she will pumped when they show up!

Today Hudson is officially 4 weeks old! I can’t believe it! So to celebrate here are several pictures…

Mr. H getting a bath last night. He isn’t too keen on bathtime. Betsy was very nice to snap a couple of pics of him. We haven’t had a chance to take any pics of him during bath time yet so I was happy!

I think this was taken on Saturday. Emma let H sleep with Pooh & her Zoe in the swing. Oh and her favorite blanket. She must have been in the Christmas spirit that day b/c her blanket & Zoe are her fav things! She doesn’t normally share those.

I think he was tired of her babies…

Uncle Chan Chan holding H while I gave Emma a bath. Both boys did a great job holding him. I’m sure a lot of grown men won’t hold a small baby but they did in a heartbeat!

Betsy holding H. He was wide awake last night. Can’t you tell he is chunking up? His little face is getting so full & round. Little man loves to eat!

Uncle Hunter with Emma Bemma!

And holding Hudson…

Yesterday we also went to Ella Grace’s 3rd birthday party! Miss Ella was Emma’s 1st little friend in the NICU and we have kept in touch over the past 3 years. I can’t believe that our little girls are growing up! We are very fortunate to have their family as friends and I look forward to watching our little miracles grow into big girls in the years to come. :)

Hudson's 1st Outing!

On Wednesday night our wonderful friends Paul & Carmen had everyone over for spaghetti. This was Hudson’s first time to meet most of our friends and it was fun to see everyone. I just realized today that I haven’t been out of the house since last Saturday besides going to their house for dinner. Mommy needs to get out more before I go crazy! Lucky me gets to tackle the crazy Madison traffic tomorrow though to finish up Christmas shopping…oh and Toys R Us! I really despise that place but for some reason I’m going. I don’t even know what I’m going for! :) Anyways, on to some pics…

Hudson had just had a bath and got all dressed up before dinner. His hair was sticking up everywhere b/c I didn’t brush it after the bath. He’s so cute!

Close up!

Then today my friend Ashli came over to bring the kiddos their Christmas presents. Emma was so excited! Christmas is going to be so fun this year for her. Luckily she has tons of stuff to open…if I manage to wrap it all. :)

Princess shoes! Emma LOVES dress up shoes so much and her other ones actually broke a few months ago so this was the perfect gift! THANKS Ashli & BJ!

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up with Christmas shopping, wrapping, Ella’s 3rd birthday party on Sunday and my 2 youngest brothers coming up from Texas on Sunday. I’m so excited!!! Oh and hopefully I can manage to take a nap at some point. Sleep is hard to come by these days and I doubt we’ll have time for a nap but I can always dream right? He’s so worth it though!

So Much Sweetness!

After dinner tonight Emma wanted to lay down with baby Hudson and take a nap. Well she didn’t really take a nap but she pretended. :) They were talking about sleeping and taking naps on Yo Gabba Gabba. Anywho, she loves her baby brother so much and I thought these pictures were just so cute of the two of them.

I love H’s little grin on his face! I wish I knew what he was thinking.

Don’t you just love the spaghetti face? My 2 sleeping angels. :)

In other news H is 3 weeks old today! I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks already and I know time will continue to fly by. He is just too precious for words!

My Babies!

Mr. H was sleeping so sound and cute last night! He always looks so peaceful!

My beautiful princess! Today Emma and Mommy went shopping together and she sported her new Christmas jacket that Gabby bought her. I LOVE this picture but it makes her look so grown up.

Everything is going good in our little world. I survived my first full day alone with both kids on Friday. It wasn’t bad at all! Hudson still sleeps the majority of the day so he isn’t very high maintenance yet. Right now we are just trying to get ready for Christmas and looking forward to Daddy being off work that week!


So Aunt Margaret sent Emma a Wooden Advent Puzzle that is super cool and she has really enjoyed opening each box everyday. Well today’s item was princess tattoos! Emma has never had those before so she kept calling them boo boos. As of right now she has a Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Tinkerbell on her and Mommy is wearing a Tinkerbell on my hand too. :) She loves these things!

Attempting to show off her tattoo for me…

And of course, Mr. H sleeping as usual. Last night he had a rough night…probably the worst night since we’ve been home but he’s all worth it. :)

“Mom, enough with the pictures!” Emma used to always give me the hand in face look too.

Baking Cookies With Gabby!

Gabby is known for her famous M&M cookies and Mommy has tried to make them but they just don’t work out for me for some reason. So Gabby said she would let Emma help her make them tonight. Emma LOVES cookies and really LOVES M&Ms! Here are a few pics of Emma helping Gabby make the cookies.

I walked in the kitchen and they were both eating brown sugar!

Pouring in the vanilla…

Go mixer go! We want cookies!

Can you tell that we are all having so much fun with Gabby here? Tonight she made us a yummy dinner of minute steak, mashed potatoes, peas, and Sister Schubert rolls! Now we are going to have cookies! She sure is spoiling us. :)