A Few Pictures…

Our day has been rather boring besides attending a playdate at Tracey’s house with 3 of her 5 kiddos!  Other than that I caught up on some house work that was neglected over the weekend while the kids played.  Then we ventured out to the gym so I could pump up for an hour and headed home to dinner.  Fun times I tell ya!

I’m so excited b/c Emma starts dance tomorrow!!!  We’ve been waiting months for tomorrow and she is ecstatic.  :)  Pics will come!  Now enjoy some from today.

Emma drew this yesterday and I think it was her on a sunny day riding in a stroller.
Today she drew this picture of her and I...love all of her drawings!
And of course, Mr. H! Such a little stinker these days!

Well I’m on a Thirty-One conference call, updating the blog, sending emails, kids are asleep, George is running, and I’m about to fold towels.  Multi-tasking is my name! :)  Goodnight!

Goodbye, Goodbye…

This video was actually made about 2 months ago but I couldn’t get it to upload then so here it is now.  As I’ve mentioned previously, Miss Emma loves to perform and this is one of many videos that we have of her singing & dancing.  She’s so cute!


Just Another Lazy Sunday!

We have been so incredibly lazy today!  I think I’ve had 2 different naps today and Hudson even took over a 2 hour nap this afternoon!  George and I kept checking in on him b/c he doesn’t sleep that long.  We all just laid around and ate ice cream.  :)  Or at least that’s what I did.


It's Friday!

Look at this sweet face! Isn't she darling?

Emma starts her dance class on Tuesday and we still needed to buy her tan tap shoes so we headed over to Spell’s today.  I splurged and bought her a new pink leotard too b/c she didn’t have one and they had a 20% off coupon.  :)  Coupons make spending money fun!

We had so much fun putting on her new dance attire and she danced around all afternoon.  Let me just tell you…Emma is my big performer.  She loves to put on a show and it is so cute.  Her favorite place to go at Bridgestreet is Barnes-N-Noble b/c they have that huge stage in the kid’s section.  She likes to run back there and mommy announces her to the make-believe audience and she jumps out from behind whatever is there and puts on a song & dance.  Oh and when she first jumps out she shouts “that’s me!”  ha ha.  She’s such a character.  Maybe she will be a Broadway performer when she grows up.  I could deal with that!

Yesterday Emma was playing with her chalk board and drew a snowman! Who knows why she's drawing Frosty in 95 degree heat! I thought she did a wonderful job though.

Hudson, You Are 9 Months Today!

Waiting for Dr. D to come in!

Only 3 more months until your big birthday!  I just love and adore you to pieces little man and look forward to all the new things you are about to be doing.

So what are you up to these days, Mr. H?

  • We had your 9 month appt today and here are your stats- weight 20 lbs 15 oz (55th percentile), length 30 inches (90th) and head circumference 46 (75th)
  • You are so close to crawling and you get so frustrated b/c you can’t!
  • Recently you have started crying when mommy walks away from you or really anytime that I’m not sitting right beside you letting you stand  :)
  • You would stand all day long if I would let you!
  • Your sister is so amazing with you and you could just watch her all day.  She’s always up to something funny!
  • You eat pretty much all big people food now and tonight I made chicken stuffed croissants and you gobbled them up!  You are going to be a bread eater like your mommy!
  • Other items you eat are sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, peas, mac-n-cheese, yogurt, shredded cheese, crackers, pancakes, cheerios, veggie straws, water/apple juice mixture, and you’ve tried chicken but sometimes it is hard to swallow
  • You still sleep 11-12 hours a night!
  • Still have 6 teeth but I think more are coming soon
  • You can scoot backwards like nobody’s business and always get stuck under the table or couches
  • You babble words like dada, baba, and occasionally mama all day long
  • You said “dog” two days ago when looking at Braxton…seriously! and you attempt to say “kitty” to Lily but you end up spitting and it is so cute!
  • Size 3 diapers but soon moving to 4’s
  • 12 month clothing
  • About 3 weeks ago you started taking big boy baths with your sister and you love it.  She always wants to bathe with you too.
  • Still drinking 5-7 oz of Similac Sensitive (light orange color) formula every 3 hours and Dr. D said we can try to switch you to whole milk around 11 months

I know there’s more but mommy’s brain is fried and I’m ready to go to bed.  Mr. H, you are such a wonderful blessing and I couldn’t be happier with my two babies.  You kiddos are the BESTEST thing ever!!!  :)

Mrs. Michelle getting Hudson's length...absolutely LOVE her!
Emma LOVES to play the jump color block game when we go the dr...she cracks me up!
Oh how we love our Dr. D! We've visited her so many times over the past 3.5 years that she feels like family!

God Our Father, God Our Father…

We got face, We got face.  So that is supposed to read “we give thanks, we give thanks.”  That’s the little prayer that Emma sings at MDO before snacks & lunch.  Her teacher said we could work on it and the Pledge of Allegiance so I started singing it in the car that afternoon.  Well Emma informed me that “mommy, that is not right”, and her version was much better!  She sure does crack me up!  She is absolutely loving school and I love dropping her off & picking her up.  She always has the biggest smile on her face!

As for Mr. H, he is such a monkey these days.  All he wants to do is use my hands to stand up and he is so close to crawling!  He’ll get on all fours and attempt to move but falls on his belly.  Then he gets so frustrated that he can’t reach his toys and screams.  He has also started screaming and crying for me when I leave the room.  Pretty much he has to be with me at all times during the day or he is not happy.  :)  Such a stinker!  I’m excited for his 9 month appt tomorrow and NO shots!  Pics and stats to come.

So far my first month of Thirty-One is going well.  I LOVE doing this and it gives me something to work towards.  I love bringing in a few extra dollars for the family especially since I’m always spending it.  :)  Here’s a couple of tables FULL of Thirty-One products!


I just love our products and all the cutesy patterns.  :)

I’m off to snuggle with my G and drink some coffee before hitting the sack!  Pictures to come tomorrow!

Get The Sillies Out!

Last week Emma's teacher sent home a doll that we were supposed to make together that is a representation of her. I think our Emma doll turned out rather cute!
See the resemblance?
It's silly time! Emma makes silly faces & poses in every single picture.
A special father/daughter moment!


That’s the mission of my newest adventure.  I am so excited to be a part of the Thirty-One team!  And no, I am not turning 31!  When I hosted my Thirty-One party back in June everyone thought that I was turning 31!  The name Thirty-One came from Proverbs 31 in the Bible.  Just so you know, I have NOT hit 30…yet.  :)  Anywho, for those that are not familiar with Thirty-One you can check out my website to see our cute products.

http://www.mythirtyone.com/brandytitsworth/   I must also mention that in the month of August we are offering $1 embroidery!  You can’t pass that up!

So with my new adventure, Emma starting MDO, and life in general, we have been super busy the past 2 weeks.  I felt like I was going in circles last week b/c we were on the go every single day and it feels good to relax today.

Emma had the BEST time at school her 1st week.  I walked her in to class on Tuesday but went through the pick up line in the afternoon.  Her teacher came up to me and said that Emma was upset b/c she didn’t want to go home!  At least she likes it but I was still a little sad.  I mean, we have fun right?  She was very excited to tell me all about it and I love looking through her folder when we get home to see what she’s got.  On Thursday I let her go through car line and she said “mommy, I don’t want to walk in by myself.”  I explained that the teacher would walk her in and she was fine.  She said bye and was off!  Then when I picked her up she was telling me that is was Joshua’s birthday and they had cookies for him.  No wonder she likes it!

While Emma is at school Mr. H and I have been very busy.  Normally I like to go to the gym and we did Tuesday but then Thursday we had 2 play dates.  It is so fun to finally know several people with small children.  When Emma was little we didn’t have hardly any friends with kids and we had to keep her isolated anyways, so this is lots of fun.

Hudson and his buddy Dax who is 2 months younger.
On Wednesday we also had a play date with Ms. Kynsleigh who is close to 1.5.

I didn’t take any pictures at our other play date but I’m hoping we stay in touch and join their weekly group.

Also on Wednesday I took Hudson back to the doctor b/c he woke up with nasty thick snot again and sure enough, his ears are still not cleared up.  He is on 10 days of Amox-Clav this time and still snotty but we added in gross diapers too.  :(  I hate when he is on this medicine!  Hopefully he will clear up soon.

Then on Friday Emma went to see Dr. Judy.  It was just a check up and we are leaving her Symbicort the same and go back December 13th.  We always love going there and seeing the sweet nurses.  Oh and Emma has gained weight!!!  She was at 28 lbs!  I couldn’t believe it but then again, I have noticed her belly looking larger.  She has also gained 2 inches in height since her birthday six months ago and was right under 38 inches!  So hard to believe.  When Dr. Judy came in Emma started talking nonstop about everything in the world and Dr. Judy just laughed.  She is so friendly.

Can you tell we’ve had a busy busy week???

And lastly, we went to Nashville yesterday to my Aunt Marsha’s house and had a wonderful time!  My sweet Aunt Marsha turns the big 5-0 today and we had yummy food & cake.  We also enjoyed swimming & playing with Monya & Melica.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera and didn’t realize it until we were halfway there so no pics.  :(

I’m sure I’m leaving something out but I’m hungry for breakfast and I think Hudson is too.  My littlest monkey is changing everyday and only 8 more days until he is 9 months old!

8.5 months old and LOVES to stand up!
I can't say enough how amazing Emma is with her brother! She helps me tremendously and is so gentle with him.
Do you see a ghost? I think we have a ghost in our house pushing a pink shopping cart.