Hudson, You Are 10 Months Old! (a few days late)

Wow, I can’t believe that in only 2 short months we will be celebrating your 1st birthday!  You 1st birthday is 2 days before Thanksgiving this year.  We’ll have to take a break from turkey & dressing to eat some cake & ice cream.  :)

So what are you up to these days sweet boy?

  • You probably weigh over 22 lbs by now
  • Wearing 12-18 & 18-24 month clothes
  • Still in size 3 diapers but about to be in size 4
  • You eat like a horse! You’ve been eating all table food for probably 1.5 now and you will not eat baby food!  We had spaghetti last night and you loved it!  You eat lots of veggies like peas, green beans, corn, carrots, chicken, macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese, and whatever I put on your tray.
  • Not much luck with the sippy cup yet but I usually only try once a day.  You’ll drink some juice/water but not much.
  • Still drinking 6-8 oz of formula every 3 hours but plan to switch to whole milk at 11 months.
  • You started clapping the other day!
  • You try to wave bye bye and it’s so cute
  • Already have 8 teeth!  4 on top and 4 on bottom
  • You started crawling at 9.5 months and you are so fast!  You love going into your sister’s room and dumping all of her kitchen toys on the floor!
  • You are pulling up on everything and even cruising the furniture sometimes.  I love to watch you.
  • We had to lower your crib mattress b/c I was afraid you would tumble out!
  • I’ve been noticing you rolling over to your belly after I put you down at night and I think that’s what is causing you to wake up.  You’ve definitely been waking up alot in the night the past 2 weeks!
  • About 2 months ago you started taking baths with Emma and only once since then have you taken a bath by yourself.  Your sister loves splashing with you!
  • Most of the time you still take short naps at home but sometimes I can get an hour of you.
  • You are just such a happy baby & I love your big smile!  :)

Busy Little Bees!

Our family has been so busy and I think we will be going non-stop until after the new year!  I’ve got several Thirty-One parties coming up and a couple of them are in Nashville.  I’ve also got to go to Murfreesboro this week for a Thirty-One meeting.  I absolutely LOVE my new job and I’m very excited for my first home party this Saturday with an old friend.

I remember back when Emma was a baby and how we had to keep her isolated from the outside world and would only get out for doctor’s appts that first year.  My how times have changed.  It seems that our weeks are full of school, dance class, lots of playgroups, gym for mommy, and other things thrown into our week.  I feel like we are just going going going!  I love it though and I’m very excited for some really fun things coming up in the next couple of weeks that I will share about later.

In other news, Hudson turned 10 months on the 23rd!  Only 2 more months until the big birthday!  He’s growing so much and such a blessing.  I don’t know what I ever did without him.  I am constantly telling George that I feel like Hudson just completes our family.  There is nothing better than watching those sweet little monkeys play together.

Friday night I went to Nashville with my friend Sam and we went to Chelsea Handler at the Bridgestone Arena.  I love me some Chelsea & it was a good show.  I was very upset though b/c she always announces that she will sign everybody’s book.  So I make sure and take her last book that came out and carried it to dinner and then to the show.  I actually ran into a friend from high school and he said his wife went to a Greenhill’s bookstore earlier that day and she was doing autographs.  I thought I had missed out.  Then during the show she mentions that after the show she would be doing autographs so I got really excited again.  My friend and I go get in line which was crazy long (probably 200 people or more) and someone tells us that the only way to get a signature was to buy the book there and they would give you an armband and a sticky note inside the book.  What?????  So we finally asked someone else and they confirmed it.  I would not be getting an autograph unless I bought the same exact book from their booth and got back in line.  Grrrr!  I was so upset.  I’ve been waiting like 5 months or so for this night.  We ended up leaving and eventually I got over it but I’m still a little bummed.  Why can’t they announce that ahead of time??  Whatever.

My sweet husband took Emma & Hudson too Cookeville on Saturday morning and let me have the weekend to myself.  I didn’t get home from Nashville until 3pm on Saturday.  Who is familiar with the Pancake Pantry?? it was DELICIOUS!  We had to stand in line in the sun for exactly 1 hour but it was so worth it.  I told George that he’ll have to go with me next time.  My friend Sam got their sweet potato pancakes & they were awesome!

Okay, I’m ready for bed so here are some pictures from the past week!

I took Emma & Hudson to Dublin maybe 2 weeks ago and it was so fun! Hudson LOVES to swing just like his sister!
I set up a table at Kidventure last Monday for Thirty-one and I made fruit pizza and cupcakes for the kiddos and their mommys.

The other day I heard Hudson in Emma's room and walked in to find this. He loves her kitchen and he will dump everything into the floor and just sit there and play.
Snow White posing for a picture!
Our friend Adam is making these drums called Om Box ( I think) and he gave George one and we are sending him pictures of Emma playing one. She loves to feel the beat!
Spaghetti night at our house was a success! Hudson LOVES it! He went straight into the bath after that!

Footprints Ministry

Hudson's face is so funny in this picture! He had been blowing bubbles.

Silly face #1
Silly painful face #2
She looks so sweet! I sat down at the computer and looked over at her and she was sprawled out on the coffee table watching her shows before bedtime.

So tonight I finally got to go help out with Footprints Ministry at the hospital.  It originated in Montgomery, AL and it started up in our hospital about 1.5 years ago.

This is taken from the Footprints Ministry website…

The Footprints Ministry is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that began in August of 2007 at Heritage Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL.  We began serving Baptist South hospital in Montgomery. In December of 2007 we expanded our ministry to Baptist East hospital in Montgomery. And we’ve recently expanded to serving St. Vincent’s Hospital  in Birmingham, Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville and Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster, Alabama. Footprints Ministry distributes gift bags to parents who have a baby admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Baptist East and Baptist South hospitals serve 800 babies per year from 20 surrounding counties. St. Vincent’s hospital serves around 350 babies per year. We have distributed over 1500 bags since August of 2007. In 2010, we will distribute over 2,700 Footprints bags!

Each Footprints bags contains a Bible, disposable camera(for the nurses to take pictures when the parents can’t be there), gift card to local restaurants and stores, burp cloth monogrammed with footprints, a scent blankie with poem attached for the mother to sleep with and return to the baby, travel necessities such as toothbrushes, a prayer request card, klennex, baby magazine, and pens and notepads. Each of these items are very important as most babies are premature and the families are not prepared when the baby arrives. We also do seasonal events like our Santa, Easter Bunny and Mother’s Day visit.

This ministry has touched the lives of so many families! We’ve had opportunities to meet with these families and pray with them. We’ve also made many friends through this ministry. Our prayer is that we will share the love of Christ with these families and provide comfort and encouragement to them during the most exciting and difficult time in their life

I’ve always wanted to help out but it seems that life always gets in the way.  So I was very very excited to actually make it to a bag delivery tonight!  I could not believe all of the items that were donated!  We had parenting magazines, hand sanitizer, wipes, kleenex, candy, pens, stationery, sticky notes, baby hats, swaddle blankets, burp cloths with embroidery, McDonald’s & Chic-fil-A gift cards, and other items that I just can’t remember.  It was awesome!  We made 100 bags tonight and those will go so fast.  There were 50 babies in the NICU tonight.  :(

I did meet some wonderful sweet women and it was so much fun to socialize and share our stories.  I always feel a bond with other micropreemie moms.  I really hope I can start making it to all of the meetings.  They are held once a month on a Thursday.  So if anyone has anything they would like to donate for the bags or even a monetary donation for us to purchase the items just let me know.  My email is

I think I’m ready for bed!  I was up at 4:30am the night before so I could hit the gym and then last night fell asleep around 10:15 but Mr. H woke up at 1:55am and kept me up until 3am!  His new teeth have been hurting him so bad and he was super fussy all day today.  I’m ready to kick back and relax.  Luckily tomorrow is Friday!


Yesterday Hudson discovered  that he could crawl between the loveseat and coffee table which is something Emma used to do all the time.  It surprised me when he tried it the first time and poor thing got stuck, and then he hit his head.  But a few minutes later he was successful!

I was trying to get him when he was between the loveseat and table but he is too fast for my camera to focus!

He also does the funny crawl when he gets to the hardwood & tile.  He will put one leg up in the air and crawl with one leg.  It is so goofy!  I don’t know if it hurts his knees or what but it is so funny looking.

And one more just b/c he’s cute!

I took these while Emma was at school yesterday and I didn’t take any of her.  I did get a video of her at dance last night and she actually participated when all of the parents came in to watch!  I was so proud!  I think she gets a little shy sometimes with everyone watching so that was a huge step.

Monday, Woohoo!

We had a great day just playing at the house and enjoying this beautiful weather.  After lunch the kids and I went for a walk outside.  Emma rode her tricycle the entire time while I pushed Hudson in the pink car.  :)  You know what I really need?  One of those red wagons that fits two kids.

Not much else to report other than Hudson is keeping me so busy!  He is into everything especially Emma’s chalk.  It reminds me of this show I watched on discovery health or something where the pregnant girl craved chalk and her mom would bring her tons of chalk so she could eat it.  The thought of it grosses me out but people seriously can crave chalk.  I don’t want to move the chalkboard from the living/dining room area b/c Emma plays with it all the time everyday but how in the world do I keep him out of it???  Silly boy!

I’m very tired tonight and ready to fall asleep so enjoy a few pictures from today.

Got drool? He was trying to get into the water bowl but I beat him to it!

Hudson got his 1st goose egg today. It's on the upper right side looking at him. He was sitting right beside me on the floor and just fell flat down on the hardwood. It hurt. Poor thing cried so hard and it was such a loud thump!

More Teeth!

I don’t have any pictures to share tonight but for my records I wanted to post that Hudson has tooth #7!  I thought he was working on another one and sure enough, I saw and felt it today.  Poor baby!  I think #8 will be making an appearance very soon but it’s so hard to look into his mouth these days.  He is so bad at biting and I know he doesn’t mean to, but it really hurts.  When we are rocking him to sleep he loves to bite on our clothes and occasionally gets some shoulder skin.  Ouch!

I also want to mention that he is all over the place!  He crawls so fast and has to pull up on everything.  He LOVES to crawl over to Em’s chalkboard and eat chalk…dog water & food bowl…dog toy basket…and anything other than his toys.  :)  He’s so fun though and Emma is loving this stage.  I just love to watch them interact together and he could watch Emma play for hours.  She is just the best big sister and is so gentle and loving with him.  Makes me a happy mommy!

Not much to report from our weekend.  We finally got the yard mowed today and the house cleaned up besides our bedroom.  Feels good!  We’ve also got some ugly allergies attacking our house and I think Hudson will be my allergy baby like his daddy.  He woke up after being asleep for 1.5 hours with a runny nose and he was rubbing his eyes and nose.  Pitiful.  George and I have been sneezing and I still have a scratchy throat from last weekend.  Go away allergies!  Oh but on a positive note, we opened up our windows today all day long!  It said it was 80 degrees in our house but it actually felt great!  I’m so ready for fall!


Yesterday the kids and I just stayed around the house and I *attempted* to clean. When George came home I told him it feels like I’m going in circles on a daily basis b/c it is so hard to keep the house clean or really even try to clean it up and I feel like we are living in a tornado most days. I’m usually fine with it for a day or so and then I start going crazy. But I guess as long as no one stops by unannounced we are okay. :) Here’s a couple of pictures from our lazy Friday.

We were in the bedroom cleaning and Emma started putting my new headbands on Hudson. It did not phase him one bit and he was so cute!
He was so proud of himself for pulling up on the tv stand.
Oh sweet Emma and her silly faces!

Both kiddos are already sound asleep and I’m going to relax (and not clean house) and drink some coffee.  I should clean since they are in bed so early but it’s nice to let the mind unwind and do nothing.  :)

I do have a funny story.  Last week the kids and I went to the gym and while I work out they go to the gym play area.  Well all of the workers just love Emma and Hudson and get really excited to see them.  There was a new girl this particular day and as we were leaving Emma got mad b/c I wouldn’t let her have goldfish while we were walking to the van.  So right beside the front desk she decides to lay down in the floor and throw a fit.  Now let me remind you that I had just done a 1 hour bodypump class and my muscles were so so tired and I was holding Hudson.  I was not in the mood to listen to a tantrum.  So I started saying “get up now” and then started counting to three.  Then this super happy high school aged girl bops on over to me and says “oh my gosh, I just had to tell you that you have THE most adorable little kids that I’ve ever seen  and oh I just love his eyes…I’ve never seen eyelashes so long”, etc.  Ha!  She was standing behind the desk and couldn’t see Emma on the floor.  I just smiled and said “thank you” and finally got Emma up and ran out the door.  I thought it was kind of funny!

My How Things Changed Quickly!

While we were in TN Hudson would take 1 or 2 little crawls but then he could reach whatever it was he was going after so he would just fall on his belly.  Well when we came home last night (Sept 6th, 9.5 months) he just went to town.  Then today he has crawled non stop and is pulling up to standing position on everything.  The only bad thing is he still doesn’t have the best balance so sometimes he just falls over which can be bad.  He’s so cute and already getting faster.  Also, when he goes from the carpet to the tile or hardwood, I guess he can tell the difference and isn’t so sure about it b/c he will get on his legs & hands and push his bottom up in the air!  It’s really funny.

Little man is in need of a haircut! Look at that mop!
This look wins me over!
Pure sweetness!
Standing up on the time out chair-position 1
Yay, he made it! Position 2
Playing so well together
My loves!