Halloween Par-tay!

Today Emma’s school had their Halloween Party!  She was so very excited!  They do not allow dressing up but they did get to make mask and go into the Fellowship Hall and play games & get candy.  She told me that they played a bean bag toss, put their head through the circle faces, and she couldn’t remember the other game.  All she wanted to do when I picked her up was open the candy bags!

I took this before school and of course, she had to do her signature pose!
She let me walk her in to school today! I love watching her be independant and put her backpack & lunch where they belong.
Once they put their bags up they give their blue folder to their teacher and then pull their name off the line.
So excited to show me her name!
Since school let out 30 minutes early on Tuesday (tornado warnings), they had to make their mask first thing today. She sat right down and started coloring!

Tonight I got to go help out with the Footprints Ministry again which is so much fun.  I’ve always wanted to help in any way possible since we spent so much time there & I just love going and helping.  Tonight we stuffed candy in Halloween cups and then had pizza & drinks in the waiting room for the families.  I met a few families and it was nice to hear their stories and let them talk about their babies in the NICU.  Such a wonderful experience.  Then my favorite part of the night was taking the candy cups and placing 1 beside each baby bed.  I just love being near the babies & seeing those sweet little blankets wrapped around them.  So many of them are so tiny.  They had about 50 in there tonight.  I look forward to going back next month!

And because I love looking at older pics of Emma, here are 2 from last year!

Emma painting her pumpkin Oct 28, 2009!
Oct 29, 2009 in the same sweater! She looks exactly the same!

Just Some Pics

Yesterday Aunt Margaret & Uncle Dennis sent Emma & Hudson the cutest plates!  I need to take a picture of them but here is a link so you can see.


Hudson got the boy one & Emma got the girl face.  Love them!  We had so much fun with the box and all of the peanuts too.  The kids played with them forever and Hudson really loved crawling all over them & spreading them out.  Then it was a fun game of clean up!

I stuffed her shirt full of peanuts & she just laughed!
Someone's got a belly full of peanuts!
Today I printed off several halloween pictures for us to color and then I printed off the Emma picture. I have to brag on Emma. She is such a good colorer (is that a word??) and tries so hard to stay in the lines. I'm so impressed! Her teacher at school is always impressed with how well she writes & that she can for the most part right her entire alphabet & her name, mommy, daddy, hudson, foofa, and some others. She also writes very straight & neat but of course, the more she writes it goes downhill. I'm just so proud of her!

Today is a big day for Emma at school.  They are having their Halloween party!  I know she is having a blast.  :)

Hudson at 11 Months!

11 Months Old!

Sweet baby boy Hudson, you are 11 months old!  I’m very excited for your 1st birthday and can’t wait to see you dig in to your cake!  I have a feeling you will love it!

So what are you up to these days besides NOT sleeping???  :)

  • We switched you to whole milk just over a week ago & you are doing great with it except you want it a little warm.
  • Drinking 8 ounces every 3 hours except your first morning bottle you normally only do 6 oz
  • You eat 3 meals a day with us and snack frequently
  • Size 4 diapers & I LOVE Publix diapers with you!
  • clothing is mainly 18-24 months b/c you are so long.  However you still fit into some 12-18
  • You got your 1st pair of shoes from Stride Rite and they are a 5.5!
  • For the past month your sleeping has gone down the drain.  It started back when you were working on 2 teeth and it’s just been terrible since then.  I did learn yesterday that you have your 2 top molars coming in and possibly some on the bottom.  Poor baby!  At this time you still have 8 teeth.
  • You can say “dog”, “cat”, and 2 weeks ago to the day you started saying “mamamama” over and over especially when you are tired, hurt, or want me to pick you up.  You’ll crawl after me around the house saying “mamama” in that sweet little voice!
  • Still working on a sippy cup but you prefer mommy to hold you & feed you a bottle
  • You love to clap & make noises with your mouth
  • A couple of weeks ago you found one of your sister’s pink cars that she got for her 1st Christmas and you started rolling it around the living room.  You are all boy!  You love that little car and maybe you might get your own car for Christmas that isn’t pink with flowers on it!
  • You are not walking yet but you are getting good at cruising the furniture and you can stand for several seconds.  A couple of times you have taken a step or two when I let you go but then you want to just crawl.
  • 3 weeks ago you took your first trip to the beach and LOVED the sand!
  • You also got your first gigantic goose egg above your right eye the 1st morning we were there.  :)

That’s all I have for now!  These past 11 months have flown by and we love you so much Mr. H!


Tonight we carved our pumpkins as a family and it was lots of fun!  Emma has been so excited since we got them at Tate’s Farm last Saturday and couldn’t wait to dig in.  Once she reached in and got some gunk, she said “ewww!” and was finished.  :)  So girly!  George and I slaved away on our designs for over an hour.  I think I now have arthritis in my fingers.  :)  Those designs are tough!  I think they turned out great and George is going to make pumpkin pies like he did last year.  Yum!\

Waiting patiently for the carving to begin!
I gave Hudson 2 sippy cups & a baby spoon to play with and he was content!

Of course Emma had to pick out the hardest design for Daddy to do!
She did a great job helping Mommy with our Trick or Treat design!
Final design on the front porch. Awesome!

Oh and yes, Hudson did turn 11 months old on Saturday but I haven’t had time to take his 11 month picture yet so that will happen tomorrow.  I’m debating on whether or not to take them both to the pediatrician tomorrow too.  Probably will!  I’m so ready for them to be over this cold.  :(

Yay For Packages & Cute Little Buckets!

Today we got a nice surprise from our mailman!  I always complain that our mailman is not so nice but today he brought us a fun box filled with cute halloween buckets & chocolate!  My stepmom Betsy made the kids cute little orange buckets with their names on them and filled them with chocolate, Starbucks (really it was Starburst but Emma calls them Starbucks!) and some stickers and activity books.  We were just finishing up lunch so it was perfect timing.

Thank you so much Betsy for the treats!  There’s nothing like receiving a surprise package on a lazy Saturday!

Emma was waiting patiently to open the bag!
Doesn't take much to make Hudson happy!

Hudson’s 1st Haircut at 11 Months Old!

Today we took Hudson to see Anna who cuts our hair.  She cut Emma’s hair earlier this year so it seems strange to cut Hudson’s so soon but he has lots of hair!  He did such a great job & it doesn’t look too different.  Basically she cut around the ears and some from the back.  Now he’s all ready for his 1st birthday in 1 more month!  Tomorrow he will be 11 months old.  My baby is getting so big!

Being such a good boy!
Gotta trim those sides! His hair was so long over his ears. Drove me crazy!
Hudson with sweet Anna! We all LOVE Anna!
I really like this one! Hudson wasn't sure who the red head was that was holding him. Not his mommy apparently!

Some Florida Pics

I can’t believe I still have blogged about our recent trip to Destin, FL with Beth & the boys but we’ve just been busy.  Then at night once the kids go down I am exhausted & usually just go straight to bed or watch tv for a few minutes.  Plus with Hudson not sleeping for the past month it has been really bad.  George and I are exhausted most days so I’m just slacking with the blog!  Here’s a few pictures though.  Enjoy!  Oh and Hudson is getting his 1st HAIRCUT today!!!

Yep, they are wearing jackets at the beach! The first couple of days were chilly especially with the wind but it warmed up and was perfect by mid week!
Hudson had some crazy hair probably from sunscreen!
Emma loved to relax with me in the beach chair and snack.
The boys LOVED the ocean!
Our last night in town we ate at the Back Porch. While waiting for our table the kids shared some love!
Graham playing in the sand
He's lost in deep thought! Love this one!

Hudson got his first pair of real shoes at the Stride Rite Outlet while we were there!
Group shot at the Back Porch before dinner. :)

Lots to share about our trip.  It was rather crazy at times with 4 kids but we had so much fun!  Gotta run b/c Hudson is waking up!

Liz Hurley 5K Ribbon Run

Our family after George's race and before mine started.

Saturday, October 16th, was the 7th annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run which benefits the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund in Huntsville.  George and I have been wanting to run a 5k for awhile now and I’m so proud of us both for completing it.  It was harder than I imagined it would be and that last hill almost did me in!  I seriously thought I might break down and cry but all of the bystanders cheering us on kept me motivated.

The morning started out really cold but by the time my race started at 9am it had gotten warmer and I was so so hot in my 2 layers of cotton!  Plus my capris kept falling down during the first mile so next time I’ll be prepared with tighter pants.  :)

Our friends Greg, Tracey, and Jeremy joined us in the run and my friend Ashli came to support us.  It was so neat seeing over 4800 people supporting the cause and I’m hoping to participate in the run next year.  Here’s some pictures from our day!

Hudson was fueling up before the festivities!
Emma making it very clear that she did NOT want her picture taken!
George, Greg, and Jeremy
George did awesome and finished in 28:51
I finished in 34:01 which wasn't too bad for me considering I stopped to walk 3 different times! I was so exhausted!
While I was running, Ashli took Emma to the slide. Don't tell the doctor!
Tracey and I after the race all hot & sweaty! Tracey did great with a finishing time of 28 minutes and so many seconds.

I’m so proud of myself and George for completing our very first 5k and we are already thinking about signing up for our next one.  I really need to start training so I can get a faster time.   Before this race I had only completed 3 miles once and I hadn’t ran in probably 6 weeks!  Plus Hudson had kept us up a good portion of the night so we were extra tired.

After the race we took the kids and my friend Ashli to Tate’s Farm so I have pictures from that too.  It was a fun and busy weekend!