Sweet Sweet Cousins On Thanksgiving!

Hudson, Graham, Emma & Isaac

I don’t have much time to post right now but will be back with more pictures too.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting our family & eating way too much food!  On Saturday we also celebrated Hudson’s 1st birthday with the family so I have several pictures from that.  For now I have to go rescue my kleenex box that Hudson just destroyed!

I Miss You New York!

I am missing that place so much!  I feel like we got there, ran around like crazy tourist, got very little sleep, and came home.  Then of course my sweet little baby had to get sick so that just makes it worse.  I am dying to go back!  I want to go back & walk around in Central Park some more & just feel the fast pace.  There was such an energy and I really liked it.  Even with all of the horn honking, middle fingers, and the locals yelling at us to get out of the way!  :)  I’m so glad that I went with 2 of my favorite girls & we really had such a wonderful time.  I couldn’t have asked for a better trip & I hope they feel the same way.  Here’s a few of my 350 pictures that I took!

I LOVE all of the tall buildings in the city. When we ventured out of the city to Greenwich village I actually missed all of the buildings & the crazy amount of people.
My wonderful friends Christy & Ashli!
Oh Central Park, how I love you. That was one of the most beautiful places.
Humongous rock in Central Park

I loved being silly with these girls. I felt like I could be my crazy self & we all three just clicked together.
Thank goodness for Ashli & her IPHONE! We would have been lost without that thing especially in the subway!

Two pretty ladies heading out on the town our very 1st night!
Rockefellar Plaza
Went to Top of the Rock our very first night & it was the most amazing view ever! It was so cold & windy & I think it was around 850 feet high but I could be wrong. Absolutely gorgeous!

We had a blast in this sensor/movement room & acted really silly trying to get the lights to go off. It was fun!
Thumbs up!
Our feet were so tired & it was cold so we wanted to catch a cab back to our room. No such luck. But Bohan gave us a fun filled ride in his pedicab! He was so funny. We weren't sure he was going to make it for awhile with all 3 of us in the back. I laughed so hard I started crying & thought I might wet my pants. Such good memories!

I’ve got lots more to share but I’ll save those for later.  Tomorrow is Hudson’s 1st birthday so there will definitely be pics of the birthday boy!  He is finally doing much better & the fever is all gone.  :)  Emma has had a sore throat, dry cough & is hoarse but luckily no fever so hopefully she won’t get the flu.  For now we are just keeping an eye on her.

Guess Who Is Perking Up???

Yep, you guessed it!  Hudson is starting to feel better but he is still not 100%.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a new day for him!  Earlier today after his nap he woke up feeling better so he wanted to play.  Normally he would try to eat Emma’s chalk but today he actually put it to the chalk board & scribbled some!  I was so excited & snapped a few pictures.

And only 2 more days until his 1st birthday!!!  Emma is so excited and keep asking what day his party is on!  Hopefully everyone will be healthy in our household so we can celebrate!

I had to snap Em’s pic today too & I thought this was too cute.  I love her little cheese face!

Alrighty, that’s all I’ve got for tonight.  I’m tired & ready to relax but I have a conference call in a few minutes.  Looking forward to a much better week!

Mr. Puny Pants

Yesterday was day 4 of nonstop fever for Hudson.  He has been so pitiful & we are all so eager for him to get this flu out of his system.  It has been rather crazy in our house.  Hudson cries ALL.THE.TIME and you can just tell he doesn’t feel good.  Then he’ll just lay on you like he’s asleep but he’s not.  He’s just out of it.  I had a Thirty-One show last night in Nashville that I didn’t cancel and I snapped this picture right before I left.

This morning he actually woke up with NO FEVER for the first time in 5 days!  He also slept from about 10pm-6am which is awesome considering he’s been up several times a night this past week.  He has still been super fussy though, crying constantly, and just out of it.  Although he has smiled more today so that makes me happy.  I also noticed a rash on his back & chest this morning & I googled it & lots of people had mentioned their kids getting rashes like this when the infection is almost over so that gives me hope.  His eyes are still really gooky today too & he still has tons of drainage/coughing & George thinks his eyes are swollen.  I’ve just never seen a baby so pitiful before & it just breaks our heart.

The best news besides the fever being gone is he has been drinking alot more since yesterday.  He’s been drinking 4-5 oz of milk at a time and drinking pedialyte.  Yay!

In other news George is about to go do the Jingle Bell Run 5k.  He hasn’t ran since our last 5k a month ago but he thinks he can handle it.  I hate that we can’t be there to cheer him on but we’ll have friends there & I’m sure no one wants our germies!

The Flu Is Gonna Get Us!

Unfortunately, my sweet little Hudson has the flu.  :(  I took him back to the pediatrician today after having a non stop fever over 30 hours & right before we walked out the door they decided to do a flu test since he’s had high fever.  Came back positive with the Type A strain.  Now he’s still on Omnicef & Tamiflu 2 times a day.  He’s been absolutely pitiful and it breaks my heart b/c I can’t do anything to fix it.  I hold him quite a bit but you can tell that he hurts.  The Motrin & Tylenol don’t really help much either.

I’m also kicking myself b/c Emma & I have not had our flu shot yet this year so more than likely we will be sharing the flu.  I’ve been meaning to get them but then both kids were sick 2 weeks ago & on antibiotics & then Hudson got sick again earlier this week so it just keeps getting pushed back.  We did go out this afternoon & get them but apparently it takes about 2 weeks for them to be effective!  Thanks to Gabby, I got some gatorade, chicken soup, chicken broth, and a few other things at Publix today just in case.  George is going to run out in a bit & get Sprite & Saltines too.  We are going to be ahead of the flu!  :)

Hopefully soon I can share NYC pics.  I really miss the city & can’t believe it’s been a week ago already since we went.  Time to watch Grey’s and then hit the sack.  Hudson hasn’t been sleeping with all of this so I’ve been very tired!

700 Post & A Sick Baby

I can’t believe I’m already at 700 post in just  3.5 years!  Crazy!  Unfortunately, Mr. H is sick & he’s breaking my heart.  I took him to the dr yesterday b/c he’s been having green snot, green gook in his eyes, coughing, and just very fussy.  Turns out he has a double ear infection so we got 14 days of Omnicef this time.  Then at 1am last night he woke up with a 101 fever and stayed up for 1.5 hours.  Poor thing just couldn’t get comfortable.  This morning he woke up around 7:30 and still had a temp so I gave him Motrin.  That kicked in and while he didn’t feel good, he didn’t have a fever.  Then just before 1pm today his fever shot up to 102.1.  :(  He was hurting & started grunting.   He doesn’t want to eat but is drinking so that’s good.  I talked to the nurse and she said if he is still like this through the night tonight then he’ll have to come back in in the morning.  I told him he has to get better b/c his 1st birthday is Tuesday and the he has lots of turkey & dressing to eat next Thursday!

So we’ve just been lounging around today all covered in snot.  :)  Here’s some pics I snapped not too long ago.  Oh and his nose constantly drips in case you see it in the picture!

He LOVES Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba & will carry around this DVD with his picture on it!

On another note Miss Emma has been having fun playing doctor & fixing her “broken” toys.  :)  She was being very quiet in her room this morning so I opened the door and found her putting a “cast” on all kinds of toys.  So silly!

I also realize that I haven’t posted any pics from NYC on here but it’s been busy since I got home.  Plus I’ve been exhausted!  I had a blast & I’m so ready to go back!  Pics to come sometime in the next few days.

Watch Out Big Apple, Here I Come!

I’m so excited!  In less than 24 hours I’ll be a little girl in the big city with a goofy grin on my face I’m sure.  :)  This has always been a dream of mine & I’m so thankful that my wonderful husband is allowing me to fulfill this dream.

The only downside to this trip is I’m going to be absolutely completely exhausted when I come home.  I have to wake up at 3am in the morning to leave by around 4am to drive to the Nashville airport.  Our plane is supposed to land at La Guardia at 12:40 Eastern time.  Then on Friday morning we are going to brave the crowds and wake up around 4am to head over to the Today Show where Bon Jovi is performing.  It’s going to be a long day.  Then on Saturday morning we are going to Rockefellar to wait in line & try to get SNL tickets.  I really hope we get those!  I know it’s going to be an amazing trip with 2 other amazing girls & I’m already thinking about when I can go back.  :)  I know I’m going to fall in love.

Don’t worry, my sweet kiddos will be in terrific hands with their daddy!  We’ve talked to Emma about me leaving for a few days and she’ll plainly tell you that mommy is getting on a big ol plane and going to New York City.  She’s so cute!  I’m sure I’ll miss them more than they’ll miss me.  ha!

Now I’ve just got to pack & get in the bed early.  Super early!  And no, I haven’t even started packing yet.  We’ve been gone all day long.  Maybe the packing fairy will just magically appear?  :)

Parents Night at Dance!

Last night we got to go watch Emma’s stage arts class!  I was worried that she might freeze up with all of the people watching her but she did so great.  I was very proud!  She loves dance & does a great job following the directions.  Now I’m really excited for recital next May!  Enjoy some pictures!

The Cast is OFF!

We are all so excited to have the cast off & it was so funny yesterday at the doctor b/c Emma did NOT want to bring the cast home. It was so funny!
Her wrist is looking good although it has a slight bend to it. He said that is normal & if you take an xray in 8 months you probably won’t be able to tell it was ever broken.
Her arm has been a little sore which is to be expected but not bad. Her arm is really red & the skin is really irritated but it is already looking better. Last night she got to take a bath with Hudson again & get her arm wet! Very exciting!