Busy Week!

We have been really busy for the past couple of weeks with preparing for Christmas, George’s work appreciation party, my inlaws coming down, and of course, another stinking cold that I can’t seem to shake.  :(  I feel like we have all been sick since last summer!

Anywho, we started off our week with miss Ella’s 4th birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!  Emma & Ella were NICU neighbors for about 8 weeks and they are destined to be best friends forever!  I just love Ella’s family & seeing our miracle babies grow into mini adults.  :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

The party was tons of fun until the end of the night when miss drama queen decided to throw a major fit but she was really tired & it was time to leave.  Hudson had a blast too!

Then on Tuesday night Emma’s school had their annual Christmas program.  They had to reschedule it from the week before due to bad weather.  I wasn’t sure how Emma was going to do with such a large crowd.  She was so funny.  She got up on stage & then just sat there.  Then her hair clip fell out so she had to fiddle with it & get it back in her hair.  Then Cash was being loud or something (boy next to her) so she started bossing him around telling him to “SHHHHH!”  I thought it was rather funny but George didn’t.  The only song that she actually participated in was Jingle Bells.  At the end of the play part they put all of the kids together to sing several songs & Emma just sat down on her step while everyone else stood there & sang.  I don’t think she is the performer in public like she is at home!  But we had a blast watching her.

I think the best part of the night was when one of the directors announced there was a special guest…SANTA!  Emma’s eyes lit up & she said “Mommy, santa’s here!”  It was precious!  All fo the kids got to take turns getting their picture made Santa & telling him what they wanted.  Emma was on cloud nine!

Hudson wasn’t too sure what to think.  He just sat there & looked at Santa & then looked at us & then back at Santa.   Didn’t seem to phase him though.

Tonight I made some yummy cinnamon honey butter.  I stole the recipe & idea from one of my favorite blogs- http://www.flythroughourwindow.com

It was so so so easy to make & makes a great gift for the neighbors, teachers, friends, etc.  George and I tried some on a piece of toast & it was so incredibly good.  I want more!

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I need to unwind & get to sleep b/c tomorrow will be another busy day.  Looking forward to Christmas with my sweet babies & our family!

Go Hudson!

Hudson can FINALLY stand himself up from being on the floor without holding on to anything!  I’m so proud of him!  A minute ago he was doing it in the kitchen & I started yelling & clapping & poor thing got so tickled he kept falling back to the floor.  It was so cute!  He’s also walking really well but he still prefers to get down and crawl.  Much faster that way!

Also, Emma’s Christmas program got moved to tonight due to the bad weather last Wed so I’m super excited!!!  She had a wonderful day at school with pizza & lots of treats.  I can’t wait to share pics/video from tonight.

We have a really busy week with all of our holiday travels so I really won’t be posting much but I hope to post a few pics from tonight.

Something to Remember

This blog has ended up being Emma & Hudson’s baby book.   When I was pregnant with Emma I always swore I would do my best to keep her baby book up to date.  Well, things just don’t always work out the way you plan so lets just say that cute little baby book is still sitting rather empty on her dresser.  :)

Anywho, the other day Emma had her pulmonologist appt and she said the sweetest thing.  Dr. Judy’s NP and his other nurse were getting her stats and asked Emma what she wanted from Santa this year.  Emma tilted her head to the side and put it on her shoulder, put her little hands together and said “I just love my mommy!”  in her sweet little innocent voice.  It just melted my heart!  Of course, the nurses just ate it up & kept saying how incredibly sweet she was, etc etc.  Then they said to straight home, write this all down, and when she’s a teenager to pull this out & reread it when she’s being a booger!  It definitely made my day.

As for her appt, her lungs sounded great as usual.  Since it is the winter months we are going to continue her Symbicort 1x a day for the next 4 months and if everything goes well until then she can come off of it.  They will then put her on a steroid that starts with a “Q” and she’ll stay on it for 1 year.  If that goes well she can come off all medicines!!!  So only 1.5 more years hopefully of breathing treatments.  I really hate the thought of putting her on steroids b/c so many times people tell you they stunt your growth & whatever else, but I trust Dr. Judy & Dr. Mahesh know what they are talking about.

Both kids are currently napping hopefully for 1.5-2 hours so I need to clean house!  Somehow a tornado came through here!  I’ll be back with pictures later!

Sunday Hodge Podge

It is super duper cold here today!  I had a craving for Subway cookies earlier so I braved the freezing cold to drive a few miles down the road and satisfy my craving.  :)  The van said it was 24  degrees!  The things I’ll do for cookies.

Nothing else going on besides playing with the monkeys & looking forward to a busy week.  I’m most excited about Emma singing a song in her MMO Christmas program Wednesday night.  I’m so excited I can’t stand it!  I have no clue what song they are singing b/c it is a surprise.   I’ll be sure & be the crazy parent filming & taking tons of pictures!

I am so so excited to share this silly picture of Emma.  She is always coming out of her room with something crazy on & this just cracked me up!

Then since Emma had wings I had to give Hudson some too.  :)  We have too much fun in this house!

One of Hudson’s favorite things these days is climbing on the 2 step stool that is in their bathroom.  He just climbs right up & starts pointing to the tooth brushes.  We really have to try & keep the door shut b/c I’m terrified he will off & hit his head on the tile floor.  He is such a climber & I have a feeling he’s going to give me a heart attack before he’s 2!

Yesterday I drove up to Cookeville to spend the day with my Granny Scott b/c she is in the hospital with pneumonia.  :(  Emma wanted to make her a card & it was so cute!  The girl has major artistic abilities in my book!  My granny loved it!  Oh and it was so cute.  Emma said “this card is going to make Gigi so happy & feel all better” or something close to that.   She was very proud of her card!

Here’s the front-

The inside-the girl with the black hair is Gigi.  Emma asked if Gigi had long legs & we told her yes so she made them extra long!  Oh and she also made the letter “G” all by herself & she was so proud!

And the back-these are several picture frames inside each other.  Don’t know where that thought came from.

Thankfully Granny is doing much better & hopefully she will get to go home in a couple of days.

This morning I woke up to Emma drawing on her chalkboard & this was a self portrait in a frame.  I just love her artwork!

More NYC Pics!

Oh how I miss that place still!  The hussle & bussle and gobs of people!  It was a life long dream come true & I had a feeling I would miss it terribly & have the itch to go back & sure enough, I’m dying to return!  I can’t believe it’s been about a month now.  For now I”ll just have to relive the city in pictures…

I’ve always wanted to go to the Today Show so that was a must on our list!  I had always dreamed of making a sign & showing it off so everyone would know that I was in NYC.  So I was uber pumped that Ashli was just as excited as me about the Today Show.  Then the week before we went we found out that they were doing the concert in the park on that Friday & Bon Jovi was the performer!  LOVE Bon Jovi!  Unfortunately that meant gobs & gobs of people & my chance of being seen on national tv were very slim.  :(  We decided to get up early anyway (3-3:30am) and took a taxi over to Rockefellar Plaza to wait in line for a few hours.  It was so so cold that morning & the line was long but it was worth it.  It was an experience I will never forget!  My entire body ached due to the cold weather and b/c we stood up for about 7 hours!  Crazy!  My green sign that I made for my granny was seen on tv so that made me happy & then we got to be seen on the Hoda & Kathie Lee show.  That was fun!

Early in the morning waiting for the Today Show! Some guy was giving away free yucky coffee and stale bagels!

BON JOVI!!!  I know it’s hard to see him but you can see his head just to the left under the American flag!

The mortgage lady that makes guest appearnces every week on the show!

We met Dominic who is the guard man when it comes to getting into the NBC studios. He was a ladies man! ha!
Hoda & Kathie Lee
Today Show host

Even though we were exhausted by 10:30am that Friday we had a blast!  After we left the Plaza we decided to try out the Subway & head over to Greenwich village.

Waiting for the train!

Really funny story…we were trying to buy tickets for the train & then we needed help with directions to Greenwich village.  There was an older guy that was helping us & he asked us where we were going.  So we told him in our country bumpkin accents Greenwich village.  We said it just like it is spelled, right?  He just kind of laughed at us & said it like Grenich & we said yep!  ha ha!  He told us to just call it “the village”.  It was too funny!

Greenwich village

I’ve got tons more to share but the kids are calling!

Hudson At 1 Year!

Mommy is about 2 weeks behind on this post but better late than never!  So what is my big boy up to these days??

  • You weighed 23 lbs at your 12 month appt even after the flu
  • You are 31 inches tall (you get that from your dada)
  • You point at everything & babble all day long!
  • You clap your hands, and recently started holding both hands up when I ask you where something is.  Love it!
  • You still prefer to crawl but you’ve taken steps by yourself.   This past Saturday you were just standing there not holding on to anything & you took 2 steps all by yourself!
  • Drinking more from a sippy cup but when you are tired you want a ba-ba.  It’s going to be hard to break.
  • Your sister has you OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba!  You get so excited when you see it on & love Brobee.
  • You are such a BIG eater!  Some of your favs are bananas, mandarin oranges, apples, green beans, peas, M&M’s.  :)
  • You can say mama, dada, dog, kitty, door, and you just talk all day long.
  • You got through your first big sickness-the FLU!  It was absolutely horrible but after 4 solid days of a fever & 2 scared parents you started getting better.  I hope we don’t see that for a long time!

Hudson, you are such a joy to be around & you make us all so happy.  You love your sister so much & she loves you especially when you stay out of her way.  :)  I can’t believe you are 1 and before we know it, you’ll be 2.  :(  I have a feeling you are going to keep us on our toes little man.  You are already a climber & into everything!

We love you sweet boy!

Hudson’s Birthday Pictures

I still can’t believe that Hudson is 1 already!  This past year has really been the fastest year of my life.   I feel like we are constantly on the go, cleaning, saying “no”, etc!  Our life is definitely full of craziness most days.  :)  But I love it & wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Hudson has definitely brought a balance to our family & he just fits in so nicely.  Such a little sweetheart!  Here’s some pictures from his family party on Saturday.

Emma was so excited to blow out his candles for him! He didn't care one bit.
He was definitely slower getting into this cake. He must love chocolate like his momma!

That's what I'm talking about! CAKE!
Emma getting started...
She really enjoyed making a mess with her cake too!

Graham being super cute!
My Granny Dunham & me. My granny Scott couldn't make it due to being sick and we sure did miss her!
Matt & Amy
My sweet little birthday boy!
Monya, Melica, Hudson, and me
Some of my family
Present time!

Daddy with one tired little birthday boy!
Spider Man!
George and his sister, Beth
This was actually taken the other day but it was too cute not to share!

Thanksgiving 2010!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year in Tn.  Last year I was in the hospital on Turkey day so me, George, Emma, and G’s parents sat around my hospital room and ate the cafeteria turkey & dressing which was actually good!  What a difference a year makes!  This year we went home to Gabby & Ru-Rus’s house on Wednesday night.  On Thursday we headed over to Aunt Kathy’s house for lunch and then over to Fall Creek Falls to visit with my family & stuff our faces some more.  :)  It was all so good!

On Friday I ended up doing some shopping at Belk & Old Navy but only got a few things.   New towels, waterproof mattress cover…you know, adult stuff!  I’m also a sucker for $10 jeans from ON so I was very excited to go there & it not be too crowded in the afternoon.  Then on Saturday we had Hudson’s little birthday party at Aunt Beth’s house & invited both sides of the family over for Spider-Man cake & ice cream!  The kids were super cute in their Spider Man shirts!

Here’s some pics from Thanksgiving and I’ll share more bday pics later.  My ice cream is melting!  :)

Titsworth family 2010
Cute Mr. Isaac

I guess that’s all the T-Day pics for now.  Birthday pics to come later!