Hudson, You Are 14 Months Old!

**edited to add-please excuse the colorful snot in the picture!  Hudson has an appointment with the ENT today. **

As usual, I can’t believe it has been 2 months since your 1st birthday!  You are growing & changing so much these days.  I love it though and we have so much fun with you.

So what are you up to these days?

  • You finally have all 4 molars!  Unfortunately you are working on more teeth & that is no fun.
  • You are a great eater & snack all day long!  some favorites include yogurt melts, gold fish, spaghetti, carrots, peas, mac-n-cheese, chocolate milk (just like your sister), apple juice
  • I let you try a juice box a month or so ago and you loved it.
  • Sleep is still not always great anymore but we do have a few nights a week where you sleep 11-12 hours.  Other nights you are up anywhere from 15 min-2 hours.  :(  *sigh*
  • 18 month clothing but some of those are getting too short
  • 5.5-6 in shoes
  • You can say “bite” for eat, “drink”, “all done” and I swear you are saying “want that” which is so cute!
  • I can ask you to get a diaper and you’ll go to your room and point to the door that holds the diapers.
  • We started reading 2 bedtime stories to you just like we do for Emma and you love it!  Yesterday you brought me your favorite monkey book and threw it at me on the couch!  ha!  You wanted to read.
  • Bedtime is mainly at 7pm
  • Brushing your teeth & standing on the stool in the bathroom are your favorite things to do!
  • Your sister’s obsession with Yo Gabba Gabba has carried over to you.  You constantly take the remote control and point it at the tv b/c you want me to turn YGG on!  It’s funny yet sad.  If one remote doesn’t work you start going through all of them pointing each at the tv.  Crazy kid!  You would think we watch a lot of tv around here.  :)
  • You love playing ring around the rosie!

You are definitely a joy to have in our family.  We love you sweet Hudson!!!

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Jennifer Bader from Coupon Centsation for being the winner of a Thirty-One Thermal Tote!!!  Jennifer is the busy mom to 3 year old twins and a cute little baby girl.  She’s going to love toting bottles, sippy cups and snacks around town in her fashionable tote.

In other news, we’ve had a very exciting weekend!  Remember how my in-laws came down on Friday and were going to keep the kids so we could celebrate our anniversary in Nashville??  As usual, someone had to get sick…GEORGE!  Poor guy came home from work early Friday with a yucky stomach virus and spent all day Saturday in bed too.  He feels much better today and luckily (knock on wood) we’ve all been fine too.  I still went to Nashville b/c I had a regional Thirty-One meeting all day but came on home after and was exhausted.  But I got lots of good sleep last night so I’m much better today!

Hudson with his Ru-Rus
The other night Hudson ate an entire cup of applesauce all by himself with a spoon! He did so well & I was so proud!

Emma was invited to a birthday party at The Little Gym today for a little girl in her MDO class.  Since we were in town I ended up taking her and she had a blast!  We love birthday parties!

Mommy making her smile before she could play. I'm so mean I know. :)
Chowing down on her cupcake...actually just the icing!

Oh and I almost forgot that Hudson is 14 months old today!  I need to do a post for that maybe tomorrow.  He’s doing so many things these days and is so much fun.  Funny story-the other day someone was asking me how old Hudson was and I said he’ll be 14 months on the 23rd, or wait, maybe the 24th?  I couldn’t remember his birthday!  I felt so bad & kept trying to think “when is his birthday?” but couldn’t for the life of me.  Total mommy brain!  I asked my MIL last night and she said the 23rd so now I know & will hopefully remember next time someone ask.  ha!  I’ve also realized that I have NO CLUE what time Hudson was born or how long he was at birth.  I knew for the first week I guess but then it just left me.  Poor 2nd kid syndrom!  Okay, enough bad mommy moments for now.

In Honor of My Anniversary, Let’s Have A Giveaway!

Tomorrow is my 6th wedding anniversary and I’m mega excited to go to Nashville with the hubby to celebrate!  My wonderfully amazing in-laws are coming down today to keep our little monkeys.  Let’s hope they behave!  :)

Now for the giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a Thirty-One Thermal Tote with personalization for FREE!

Thermal Totes are one of our best sellers at Thirty-One.  This month they are the special and it is awesome!  (see below)  I love that we have so many different patterns to choose from and you can personalize them with your name, initials, or just a cute little phrase.  They also make wonderful gifts!

There are 3 ways to enter.

1.  Subscribe to my blog either by email or RSS feed and leave me a comment saying that you did.  If you are already a subscriber just tell me so & that’s great too.

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It’s as easy as that!  I’ll pick a random winner Sunday evening.  Good luck!

Now for a sneak peek from our new Spring/Summer 2011 catalog!  The new catalog is available starting February 1st and we have some beautiful patterns and new products!  Check out these 2 products!

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Stop Me, I’m Outta Control!

Image Via:

I made it to the gym for the 3rd day in a row!!  Watch out!  Today I decided to do the Arc Trainer which is similar to the elliptical which burns a ton of calories.  I love that machine!

Tomorrow I plan to run 2 miles again and if I get crazy enough I might do The Shred tonight but we’ll see.  My thighs are burning from yesterdays run so maybe I should take it slow & eat the remaining cookie dough that has been calling my name.  I told George last night that it’s not as bad for you if it hasn’t been cooked.  :)  He had to pry the cookie dough out of my hands.  I need a 12 step program for eating raw cookie dough.

Hudson’s New Shiner

Hudson had a rough afternoon.  He got into a fight with our coffee table & guess who won?  Not Hudson.  It was so pitiful and I immediately thought he might need stitches.  It was such a loud thump that I expected his mouth to be bleeding but he started crying red tears.  Never seen red tears before (except in vampire movies!)  Turns out he has a good little cut right above his extraordinary long eyelashes and his eyeball is still in tact.  It swelled up fairly well too but hopefully it won’t look too bad tomorrow.

I couldn’t leave out Emma.  She had fun being a butterfly princess this afternoon!

Hudson is sleeping already and Emma is on her way so I’m ready to relax and watch a movie.  Tomorrow Emma has school so we have to get up & get moving early!

On The Road to 30

First off, do you like the new blog layout??  George has slaved away the whole weekend trying to perfect it just for me & I love it!  I have to admit, I’m not the easiest person to work with sometimes and we both frustrate each other, but I think he did a fantastic job!  Thanks honey!  It’s not completely finished yet but hopefully I’ll get it done this week.

For those that know my really well you know that I’ve always struggled with my weight.  Back in high school/college I was happy with my weight for the most part especially when I was a size 4.  Well, it’s been a LONG time since I was a size 4 and at this point I would be thrilled to be a size 10!  A little something called FOOOOD always seems to get in my way!

This year I’m turning 30.  Yep, I said it.  The big 3-0.  I used to always cringe at the thought of it but I’ve decided to embrace it b/c there’s nothing I can do about it.  So with that being said, my big goal is to be in the best shape of my life at the end of the year.  My birthday is December 31st so I have just under a full year to work on it.  People do this everyday so why can’t I?  I love to work out but I need to work on my sugar addiction.  I’m the worlds worst when it comes to a chocolate or Dr. Pepper craving.  I get all grumpy pants & irritable until I fulfill that craving.  It’s bad.  But I’m going to work on it b/c  I. am.determined. to get this weight off & be macho woman!  :)

Last week with the snow I didn’t get to the gym except maybe once?  Can’t remember.  Also, with the kids being so sick recently that has put a crimp on my gym time.  Now that everyone is healthy (and will remain healthy!) I’m ready to kick it into high gear!  I went last night and did 30 minutes on the arc trainer.  I LOVE that thing!  It said I burned around 550 calories which I know those are usually high estimates but still, I was happy!  Then this morning the kids and I went & I ran 2 miles UNDER 20 minutes!  I was pumped!  That’s my best time so far.  After I ran I walked on an incline of 5 or so for 15 minutes & felt great.  My goal is to keep it up through Friday with running on Wednesday & Friday.  Two miles is actually easy for me these days and I can run 3 miles but I start getting tired at the end.

So there you have it!  I guess I should post my embarrassing stats:

Height-5 ft 6 inches

Weight-as of this morning 168 lbs.

There, I said it.  It’s for everyone to know now.  I have no shame!  I always think back to when I was about to deliver Hudson last year and I was at 235ish so that makes me feel better.

I also want the kids to grow up thinking about being active and knowing that you have to exercise to be healthy.  Emma loves when we go to the gym & she always exercises in the kid room.  They have a little kid treadmill & elliptical & she loves to tell me about her workout when we leave.  Makes me happy!  She also has started asking if certain food/drink items are healthy which I think is important.  I don’t want her to obsess about it by any means but I want her to be aware.

It’s time to get motivated!  I can do this!

8 Inches of S-N-O-W!!!

I can’t believe that we got around 8 inches! It is such a beautiful fluffy snow too! Emma loves it. We just came in from playing for about 20ish minutes and Hudson fell right asleep. He wasn’t too fond of it probably b/c snot kept dripping out of his nose. Gross, I know!

Here’s the monkeys playing in the biggest snow since 1993!

Exciting News & Havoc Game

First, for the egg-citing news!

Hudson is officially a FULL TIME WALKER!  I thought it was never going to happen!  He’s been walking more for the past week and then over the last couple of days he has just taken off.  So cool!

Last night was the annual Melissa George night at the Huntsville Havoc hockey game.  Since Emma was 11 months old we’ve been going every year and meeting our friends Kylie & Ella.  It’s my favorite tradition!

The other day one of George’s coworkers emailed him asking if we wanted to use their season pass tickets to go to the game.  She was giving them to us for FREE so we took them.  Turns out they were awesome seats!  I couldn’t believe it.  We were directly behind the goalie.  Every time a puck would hit the glass I would jump out of my seat!  They ended up & let Kylie & Ella share a seat beside us so it was the perfect setup.  The girls behaved so well & we had a wonderful time.

Also, before the game started the players were warming up & out of nowhere a worker walked over to Emma & handed her one of the pucks that the players had used.  We were so excited!  Then later on in the game the boys had come out to throw t-shirts to the crowd & this young boy walked up to Emma & handed her a t-shirt.  It pays to take small children to the games!

We also got to see some of the nurses from the NICU & sweet Amy George.  This year we did not stay for the jersey auction b/c both girls were so tired but I’m anxious to hear how much money was raised for our NICU.

Pics to come later!  Our camera battery has been dead all week but it is charging.  We are supposed to get the biggest snow in like 23 years today & tomorrow so we are all super duper excited!