Hudson at 15 Months!

Sweet little Huddy turned 15 months on the 23rd.  He’s such a big boy these days!  Emma and I took him for his 15 month appointment this morning and would you believe he has grown 2 whole inches in 3 months?  That would explain why his clothes are all too short!  I swear he eats like a teenage boy too and will probably cause us to go bankrupt with his eating habits.  :)  Just kidding.

Anywho, here are his stats:

  • Weight- 24 lbs 9 oz (50th percentile)
  • Height- 32 3/4 inches (90th percentile!)
  • Head circumference-can’t remember! (75th percentile)

The doctor also went through the list of things he’s supposed to be doing and Hudson was at an 18 month level which is great!  He also had to get 2 shots and for the first time ever he hardly cried.  Mommy had so much anxiety about his shots probably because Emma got 3 just over a week ago, but it wasn’t that bad at all.  Unfortunately at his 18 month appt he will get 3!  Then he’ll be finished with shots for awhile.  Hallelujah!

So what are you up to these days Hudson?

  • I hope I don’t jinx this but after about 6 months of rough sleeping you have been doing wonderful this past week!  Mommy and Daddy love it when you sleep 12+ hours!
  • Sometimes your naps are 2 hours but lots of time I only get 30 minutes-1 hour
  • You only have 2 more teeth on the bottom and you will have all of your teeth!  (besides 2 year molars)
  • Some of your words include “mama, dada, dog, bite, bubble, pop, bye” and I swear he said “Ru-Rus” today while we were Skyping!
  • You love to be outside and will try to open the door all the time.  Then you pitch a fit when I don’t let you go out but Braxton gets too.
  • You make the funniest noises like “aaaahhhh” in a scary voice and then you just started putting your lips together and making cute noises too.
  • You wave bye bye at cars when they drive by the house and it’s so sweet!
  • Brushing your teeth is still one of your favorite activities.  Maybe that means no cavities in your future?
  • You fell off mommy and daddy’s bed for the 1st time about a week ago and I felt so bad.  I had just walked in the door and you wanted me to pick you up and I laid you on the bed to make you laugh.  Then I started to gripe at your daddy for taking down my clothes and while I wasn’t paying attention you went chasing after the cat.  It was scary but you were just fine.
  • Every night we read you 2 books before bedtime and you love it!  It’s something that we started doing with your sister when she was around the same age and it’s just precious.  You still go to bed at 7pm most of the time and mommy loves it!
  • Your favorite chores are unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming!  Seriously, it cracks me up!  Almost everyday me, you, and Emma vacuum before daddy gets home and you love to help.  We need to start a family cleaning business I think.  :)
  • Most of your clothes are 18-24 months still but they are getting short.  I promise we’ll get you longer pants soon.  Mommy is trying to hold out for summer clothes!
  • When mommy gets out our steam mop and mops the kitchen you think the steam is bubbles.  You chase the steam around the kitchen trying to catch it and laugh so hard.  I just love it!

I know I’m missing other cute things you do but mommy’s brain shuts down after 8pm so I’m running on fumes tonight.  You keep me very busy everyday by getting into everything. Seriously, I don’t ever remember your sister being such a monkey at this age but that’s okay.  You’re just keeping me young.  :)

Before I forget, I have a funny story to share.  After we left the doctor’s office today I took the kids to Chick-fil-A for an early lunch.  We had been eating for probably 5 minutes when I went to put H’s hair behind his ear.  He needs a haircut.  As I was fiddling with his long beautiful locks I felt something and immediately thought it was food.  He is always getting food stuck in his hair.  When it wouldn’t budge I looked to see just what kind of food it was and what did mommy find???



You see, I don’t handle ticks very well.  Never have never will.

I immediately dialed my mother-in-law and started sweating profusely.  No answer.

Then I remembered there was a father with his son and a grandfather in the play area.  I ran out there and probably looked a little crazy and explained my situation.  The dad walked over to Hudson and said “yep, it’s attached” like it was no big deal.  ha!  Then he told me he was a vet and that I should take him to our pediatrician’s office and let them remove it.  I explained to him that we had just left the office.

So after only eating half of our lunch and tackling Emma out of the play area we were on our way back to the doctor.  I called them almost hysterical and they were so wonderful.  We walked in and they took us right back to a room.  That’s when I really thought I might have a panic attack.  Michelle, the nurse, offered to hold Hudson as I started crying and Dr. D removed all of the tick.  She tried to show it to me but I refused to get near that bad boy.  Yuck!  She said it was a dog tick and he should be fine.  I had them check both kids for more ticks but luckily didn’t find any.  Whew, what a day!  I had to treat myself to a Starbucks latte after that!  Tomorrow we plan to treat Braxton with stuff and probably spray our yard.  We have been outside almost everyday for the past week so he could have easily gotten one.  I just wasn’t expecting it!  Glad it’s over and we never experience that again.

This mommy is about to fall over at any minute and I might just get lost in our crazy messy house.  It is really bad.  I’m also suffering from icky yucky heartburn so I’m going to park my hind parts on the couch for some 20/20 love.  Have a great Friday night and wonderful weekend!  I’ll throw in 2 more pictures just because I’m in such a good mood!  :)

Footprints Ministry-Valentine Cups

Earlier this month we had our bag stuffing and we also filled cute little Valentine cups for all of the parents with babies in the NICU at Huntsville Hospital.  I absolutely love getting to help out with this wonderful group of ladies and sharing stories of our little ones that were in the NICU.  One thing I realized at this last meeting was that the majority of the ladies that volunteer didn’t even have babies in the NICU!  That just blew me away!  It means so much to me that they take time away from their families and other activities to support families in need.   We always have such a wonderful time socializing while we work in assembly lines and it’s just such a blessing to me.

At this last bag stuffing we filled 60 or 65 bags that included burp cloths with cute little footprints, baby hats, disposable cameras, magazines, hand sanitizer, kleenex, pens, candy/gum, Chick-fil-A cards, and other items.

Here is a close-up of a bag that will go to a family with a baby boy…

Then we tie a cute ribbon around the top and put a Footprints Ministry sticker on the front.  I just love them!

Tonight we are having our first ever “make your baby a hat” night and we are hoping to have 10-15 moms attend.  Someone (definitely not me!) will teach the moms how to crochet a tiny little hat for their NICU baby and we’ll provide drinks & snacks.  I’ll be attending for support and Emma and I are about to bake brownies to take.  Any chance to eat a brownie and I’m there!  :)  Hopefully we will have a great turnout and the moms will enjoy it.  I know I would have loved to have had something like this when Emma was in the NICU.  I always felt so helpless when she was in the hospital and I think that’s a fun way to do something!

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any input/suggestions for our parent goody bags or any ideas for our parent nights.  If I remember correctly we will be stuffing goody bags every other month and hosting parent nights once a month.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!

This post is only a week late!  :)  Emma’s birthday week was very busy so I’ve been recovering.

I can’t believe my little princess is 4!  She’s gone from a 1 lb miracle to a 28 lb feisty booger!  ha!  I am so proud of her and how smart she is (I’m biased, I know) and it kills me that she is begging to go to kindergarten already.  *sigh*  Oh and the other day she told me in her sweet little voice that she wished she could be 29 just like her mommy.  It was so cute!  I love all of the things that she comes up with these days and wish I could stop time.

I need to take a deep breath…aaahhhh. Okay, on to her actual birthday and pictures…

Well you know we celebrated her birthday with her cousins the weekend before at Chuck-E-Cheese.  Then on Tuesday night Gabby & Ru-Rus came down to help out while Hudson got his tubes in on Wednesday morning.  They had to leave Wednesday afternoon so she got to open all of her gifts from them before they left.

Emma actually opened this one present Tuesday night.  One of the things she kept asking for was Angelina Ballerina pajamas.  Of course, they were nowhere to be found!  So Gabby’s dear talented friend Marilyn offered to sew her some sweet Angelina Ballerina pajamas and they turned out adorable!  Thank you so much Marilyn!  She wants to wear them all the time!

Emma and Gabby always take the BEST pictures!

I love the outfit from Aunt Kathy!  The skirt is just too cute!

One of her favorite birthday gifts was her new cash register!  This thing is awesome!  We always love to go pretend shopping at Publix or wherever and this machine is so cool.  Hudson loves it too.  GREAT gift!

We are also so excited to have a new DVD player for the van!  This new one is a Sony & it seems like great quality.  We really needed it!  Thank you Gabby & Ru-Rus!

Then we were blessed with snow on her actual birthday so her school was canceled.  I was a little relieved because after spending so much time on her Hello Kitty cake a few days before I was not in the mood to make more buttercream icing.  It worked out great for me.  We spent the day at home and then we let her pick her favorite place to eat for dinner-Tommy’s Pizza at Bridgestreet!  We all love Tommy’s pizza and it was nice to get out.

After we had pizza we took her to the cookie store and we all got cookies.  That was Mommy’s favorite part!  Then we came home, opened presents, played for awhile and it was bedtime.

Opening some presents…

And of course, one of Hudson!

Happy Birthday sweet Emma!!!

Hudson’s Surgery

Two years to the day Hudson had almost the same surgery as Emma with Dr. Castillo (ENT).  He had tubes inserted in his ears and they removed his adenoids.  Poor little guy has been on so many antibiotics since the fall and has had 5 double ear infections and 4 additional sinus infections on top of that.  Along with the flu (type A) and RSV, he is due for a break!

Everything went really well at the Surgery Center.  We had to arrive at 6:30am and they took him back around 7:45am.  It only lasted about 20 or so minutes and then we were taken to a quiet dark room.  Dr. Castillo and a nurse talked to us and after about 15 minutes they brought Hudson in the room.  Poor little thing was wimpering and then would cry the most pitiful cry.  :(  So hard for a mommy to see.  Once he was in my arms and I cuddled him for a  minute he was just fine and started drinking his apple juice.  Then the nurse took his IV out and he had a bite of banana before getting in the car to come home.

Once we got home he ate a little more and then fell asleep with his Ru-Rus!

He slept for probably 2 or 3 hours and then he woke up happy and ready to eat!  He had a nice lunch of applesauce, mandarin oranges, and some noodles from chicken noodle soup.  Such a sweetie!

Gabby and Ru-Rus ended up going home that afternoon so Emma got to open her birthday presents a day early (another post to come) and Hudson got to open a present too.  We LOVE his new Spider Man hat & mittens!  That made him feel all better!

We are so happy to have this surgery behind us!  He is doing just fine now and is on amoxicillan for 10 days.

Now we just have to get through Emma’s 4 year old checkup with Dr. Dudley today.  She is supposed to get 3 S-H-O-T-S!  I talked about it with her this morning and she doesn’t want to go but I told her we could take blankie and play at Chick-fil-A for lunch so maybe that will help.  :)  I don’t mind bribing!

Emma also had a wonderful birthday yesterday and I’ll blog about that later.  Off to play!

It’s Emma’s Birthday! We’re So Excited!

Someone (ahem, me) had the bright idea to take Emma to Chuck-e-Cheese for her 4th birthday Saturday night. what was I thinking?  There was a crazy amount of children there!  I have never seen so much craziness!  I had called ahead last week just to get a grip on the Saturday situation for about 10 people and the guy informed me that they are swamped on the weekends & to arrive at 7pm when it slowed down.  All of you mothers out there know that you can’t take small children out to eat at Chuck-e-Cheese at 7pm so we arrived at 4:30.  That seems logical, right?  NOPE.  ha ha!  Luckily we got a table in a back room that I didn’t know existed.  The only problem was they kicked us out after 45 minutes.  Then the game madness began.  Luckily we didn’t have any meltdowns when it was time to leave and all of the kids were very well behaved.  Now for the fun part-pictures!

I made her a Hello Kitty cake and it turned out amazing!  It tasted so incredibly good!

Emma LOVES blowing out candles!  She picked the candles out all by herself and was so proud.

She had a mouth full of cake!  For once she actually preferred the “brown stuff” as she called it b/c it had chunks of chocolate in it.  That’s how we roll!

I think Isaac approved too…

Didn’t manage to get a picture of Graham scarfing down cake but I love this one!  He always takes the best pictures!

Present time!

Ella and Lucas got her this Dora bathtime castle and it has been a HUGE hit with both kids!

Mrs. Tracy and Barbra got Emma her very 1st Barbie!  I was a major Barbie girl growing up and I hope Emma likes them just as much.

Tomorrow is her official birthday!  I was so excited because we were going to make cupcakes to take to school but it is snowing & I’m sure school will be closed.  At least I get out of baking tonight!  :)  Looking forward to tomorrow and spending a fun filled day with our precious miracle.

Birthday Week!

It’s so hard to believe that next Thursday, February 10th, my precious little micropreemie will be 4 years old!  She is so excited!

Tonight my sister-in-law Beth and her family are coming down to celebrate with us.  We are very brave women b/c tomorrow we are taking the kids (along with our husbands) to Chuck-E-Cheese!   Yep, we are crazy!  I’m hoping that everyone else cancelled their birthday parties for tomorrow and we will have the place to ourselves.  I am delusional too.  :)  Wish us luck!

The kids and I are on our way back to Publix for the 2nd time today.  Somehow in our crazy drama filled trip earlier (Emma pulled her pants & panties down in front of the chicken) I completely forgot to buy 3 boxes of cake mix.  It was one of those trips.  So now we are going back & also hoping to avoid the free cookies.  We’ve had enough cake batter today to last a lifetime!

Happy Friday!

31 Uses for Thirty-One Gifts #1: Cleaning Supply Organizer

One thing I love about Thirty-One is how cute yet functional our products are.  Our products are great for organizing items in your home and car.  I need all the help I can get with organizing!  So I’m starting a new series of posts that will highlight 31 ways in which I am using Thirty-One products to organize and spice up my life!

For the first post in the series, I thought I would focus on one of the less glorious, but absolutely necessary parts of our days: cleaning.  More directly, our cleaning supplies.

I used to have my cleaning supplies in a red basket above the dryer in our laundry room.  Every time I needed to scrub a bathroom (which is often with two messy kids :)), I would have to stretch out and grab the whole basket & sometimes stuff would fall on my head.  :)

Please ignore our laundry room.  We are planning on a laundry room makeover very soon!

Once I got the cleaning supplies down, they were all jumbled up and disorganized. The basket was too ackward to carry from room to room, so I would just grab what I needed and load up my hands and arms as I went around the house (inevitably having to make a trip back across the house when I realized I forgot something).

Now, I know this wasn’t an awful method, but I knew it could be better! So I said no more clunky red basket and disorganized cleaning supplies! I started by laying everything out to see what all I had.

After I laid it out I realized I had a lot of stuff to keep up with, but I had the perfect solution: My Thirty One Mini-Organizer bag!

Thirty-One Mini Organizer

All it took was a few minutes and I had all of my cleaning supplies organized in a perfect little bag. And more importantly it is portable!

See, my cat Lily even likes it!  I couldn’t get her to stay away from it!

Another great thing about the form factor of the bag is that it now fit perfectly into its new location under my front loader washer in my fancy schmancy drawer.  Love those drawers!

It is so much easier to just grab my mini organizer by the handles & carry it around from room to room while I clean.  Everything I need fits in it perfectly. I’m a happy girl!

I would love to hear what you would do with a Thirty-One mini organizer.
Would you use it for cleaning supplies like me?
Would you use it for something totally different?

Let me know!

And remember to check back for more ideas and uses for Thirty-One gifts in future posts.