I’ve Lost Inches!

Today I met with my trainer and she took my measurements. It’s been 2 weeks since I started working with her and I’m very happy so far. First of all, I’m down 6 lbs which put me at 164! Yeehaw! My body fat went down from 30% to 28.5%. I also lost 2 inches in my abs which I can definitely tell and I think 2 inches in my hips. I also lost 2 inches in my left thigh I think and maybe 1 inch in my right. I didn’t write my measurements down (trainer did) but I think those are correct. It feels great to lose this weight and I’m still super pumped & not giving up soon!

Last week my trainer gave me a recipe for a “fat flusher” and I thought I would give it a try this morning. Eek! It got all foamy on me so after taking 4-5 drinks I couldn’t do it anymore. She told me to add ice cubes next time & hopefully it won’t foam up again. Here it is in all it’s gross glory!

In case anyone wants this recipe here it is:

  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1 ripe kiwi with peel
  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla or plain protein powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 5-6 ice cubes
  • Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!  *insert sarcasm*

This evening the kids and I were outside grilling chicken and Emma noticed our double knockout roses had bloomed several roses.  Beautiful!

We have 2 pink ones too but my picture didn’t turn out that great from it.

Emma loves to walk the rocks beside them & I thought these pictures were cute.

I just realized I didn’t take any pictures of Hudson today.  ha!  He’s still coughing pretty bad and has a snotty nose so that’s why I guess.  I talked to the nurse today and we are putting him on 1o days of Augmentin now.  My poor child is always pumped full of meds!  I hate the sound of his cough though and hope it starts to get better soon.  It’s been a really rough week of him waking up several times a night.

Emma is back to school tomorrow after being out for spring break last week.  She’s so excited & it’s her day to take snack.  Then she has dance tomorrow night.  She missed last week since she had a fever but it feels good getting back to our routine.  That’s all for tonight…

Update On My Weight Loss

It has been just over 2 weeks since I started with my personal trainer.  I LOVE having a personal trainer and I wish I could afford her all the time!  Right now I have her for 10 sessions.  So far I am down 5 lbs today and my stomach feels flatter.  I had planned on doing a strength workout Friday and then skip yesterday and then do my cardio today.  Well with the kids being sick and the crazy storms on Friday I never made it to the gym.  So I had 2 whole days of no gym and I missed it.  I made up for it today by running 3.2 miles on the treadmill in about 34 minutes.  I haven’t ran in a few months so I was proud of myself.  I could’ve kept going but they were about to close so I stopped.   At my training session tomorrow we are planning on taking new measurements so I’m anxious to see if I have lost anything.

Another exciting thing from today is for the 1st time since Emma was a baby I bought size 10 capris!!!  My goal is to be a 6 but I was so pumped about fitting into a 10.  If I could lose some more belly fat from H’s pregnancy I would feel even better but in time it will go away.

Sorry no pictures tonight.  The kids are still coughing & snotty and Emma has had a really rough day behavior wise so George is already in the bed and I’m not far behind.  Good night!

Not How We Wanted to Spend Emma’s Spring Break!

Whew, this week has not been fun!  You know it started out with Hudson having strep throat last weekend and then Emma started running a fever Tuesday morning but come to find out, she does NOT have strep.  I was shocked!  Then she just kept coughing and kept us all up all.night.long last night so once again I took her back to the dr today.  Poor girl has a double ear infection and some type of viral thing and has blisters in her throat.  She got augmentin for the ears and then bromfed for her cough.

After we got home from the doctor’s office I decided to it would be fun to have a picnic outside with the kids.  Emma was so so excited so we spent probably an hour outside eating & playing.

I noticed Emma was acting strange when I let them both have popsicles (normally a fav) and right after I opened hers she decided she wasn’t hungry & was so irritable.  She looked like she was going to fall asleep right there in the garage so we all came inside to rest.  She fell asleep immediately on the couch (which is so not like her!) and about 20ish minutes later she started throwing up everywhere.  Yucky!  I rushed her to the bathroom but she continued to vomit all the way to the bathroom.  Hudson was all up in our way so I put him in the pack in play in the living room and he screamed bloody murder the entire time so it was super hectic in our house!  ha!  Then I caught the dog eating vomit and I about lost it.  Just one of those weeks!  George came home for a little bit to help out and everything calmed down again.  After about an hour Emma was playing again and for the most part, back to normal.  I talked to the nurse too and we think since she took the cough medicine on an empty stomach it just didn’t settle well with her.  I sure hope it’s not a virus!

Before all of the chaos happened I took some cute pictures of Emma blowing bubbles-

Tomorrow Emma has to go see Dr. Judy for a check up and hopefully they will decrease her asthma medicine.

In other news, one of Hudson’s favorite games is to climb up on our kitchen table, look at me and smile/giggle.  He knows he’s in trouble and he’s so cute it’s hard not to smile but he is a mess!

He also loves to play outside and LOVE this little slide!

He’s also a big fan of Braxton…

Here he is watching for Braxton-

Braxton!  I found him!

Now I’m going to terrorize him!

It’s never a dull moment at our house!

It’s late and I’m stinky from working out and need to watch the results of American Idol!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Emma’s 1st Soccer Game & A Hodgepodge of Stuff!

Look at Miss Attitude!

Emma had her 1st soccer game this past Saturday.  I had no clue how she was going to do but she did AWESOME!  I wasn’t sure who her coach was at first so I went up to him & introduced myself and Emma runs up, grabs him in a bear hug on his legs, and giggles.  Then she told him she was 4.  It was so so cute.  After that she went on the field with her team (all girls) and followed directions so well and had a great time.  The only time she gave us a sour face was when the other team would score a goal.  She would stomp her foot down and make a mad face.  It was rather funny.  I kept telling George that these little 4 & 5 year old girls were aggressive!  Much more aggressive than I thought they would be.

Here she was warming up and dribbling the ball into the goal-

Each game last an hour with the first 30 minutes being team practice.  Then the play 4 quarters ( I think) and they take little breaks in between to get water and a snack.

The most exciting part of the game was when Emma scored her 1st GOAL at the end of the game!  You would have thought she won the lottery!  I have a video of it & will upload it later.  I was so excited I almost started crying.  ha ha.  Oh and she kicked the ball into the correct goal.  During the beginning of the game she kept going for the wrong goal which it really doesn’t matter b/c they don’t actually keep score at this age but it was so funny.  We had to keep telling her to go the other way.  I also loved how she kept her hands on her hips when she wasn’t playing.  She is so girly!  We put pigtails in her hair and then she wanted to wear her headband with a flower b/c it’s cute and she was just so dainty looking.  :)

She has another game this Saturday and everday she ask if it’s Saturday yet!

After the game we headed over to George’s employer for the annual Easter Egg hunt.  Hudson had woke up with a low fever Saturday morning but since I had already mentioned the egg hunt to Emma we thought we would check it out.  You can tell in the pictures that Hudson doesn’t feel too great.  We had fun though even though Emma didn’t get the golden egg.  She was so so upset b/c at this age she is so competitive and wants to win everything and she just doesn’t understand that it’s okay to not win.  So she had a game plan that she was going to run and find that golden egg.  When they blew the whistle she took off and did not pick up 1 egg until she realized she couldn’t find the golden egg and then it was too late and she only got 2 eggs.  She was so upset.  It is so tough being 4!

Here are the kids with the Easter bunny.  Hudson was not a fan!

Hudson’s egg hunt-

We went on home after the egg hunt and Hudson’s fever had increased so we canceled our plans for the night and stayed home.  Then on Sunday he really just wasn’t feeling any better and kept screaming when he would try to drink and wasn’t eating much.  After he woke up from his nap he was in major pain so I took him to Urgent Care.  Turns out they had a 4 hour wait so we called our peds office & they said just wait until Monday morning & bring him in.  He seemed to perk up a bit after he got more Tylenol but then at dinner he was in so much pain and then we saw his tonsils/throat covered in white blisters and his throat was so swollen.  Once again we headed back to Urgent Care & sure enough, he has strep throat.  He was quite pitiful and even threw up all over himself and me when the dr swabbed his throat.  Yep, it was disgusting!  But we got a dose of Amoxicillin in him that night and he was much better Monday morning.

Emma started running a fever Tuesday morning so I took her to the dr that afternoon.  Surprisingly the strep test came back negative but they said it could’ve been too early so they were growing it overnight and they are supposed to call me sometime today with the results.   She continued to run a fever last night and in the middle of the night but so far this morning she’s been fine.  This is not how we wanted to spend her spring break!

On Monday the kids were playing while I was folding clothes and I came back in the room to find this-

Yep, Emma is under the clothes basket!

Please excuse Hudson & his messy shirt.  I had given him a popsicle and hadn’t changed him yet.

Then yesterday while Emma was resting  Hudson wanted to rest with her and it was so cute!

These monkeys are just so cute!  They love each other so much and my heart just fills with love when I see them together.

Lastly, here’s the newest addition to our backyard.  Last year we had put the rocks down and now this year we’ve added a new crape myrtle tree (Tonto) and 4 double knockout roses.  LOVE them!  I can’t wait to see them all with roses!  Check it out!


With Tonto-

With Tonto and his double knockouts-

I’ve got to run jump in the shower b/c today is my training session at the gym but I will be back to post video from Em’s soccer game and more pictures!

You Can Do It!

I could’t resist the hamster picture.  It definitely made me laugh!

I know I haven’t blogged about my weight loss recently but I’ve been at a standstill.  Still at the same weight plus or minus a couple of pounds.  Originally I had wanted to be in great shape by the end of December which is my 3oth birthday and then I realized today that we are already in April!  Holy Moly Batman!  I really have to kick it in gear if I want see some changes this year.  On that note I have officially taken on a personal trainer for the next couple of months.  We recently switched gyms and are now members at the YMCA.  So far I love it except it is definitely busier.  They have two really big and fun kid play areas which was a huge plus.

Back to my new trainer…

Her name is Laura and I think I’m going to like her.  I have a friend who has actually been using her since the beginning of the year and she has had great success and loves her.  Today we had our first session and she set me up on FitLinxx so we did all machines today.  She said normally she doesn’t use machines that much so on Friday when I go back it will be completely different.  As long as I stay strong with my clean eating she said I should start seeing results in a couple of weeks!  I think I did rather good for my first day.

So right now the plan is to meet with my personal trainer on Monday/Wednesday and then I’m supposed to do cardio 4-5 times a week by myself.  Right now I’m pumped up and ready to shed some pounds and gain some definition.  I’ll try to keep my progress updated weekly if I can remember.  Wish me luck over the next couple of months!

Ballerina in Training

Emma started taking dance this year and she’s in the Stage Arts 1 class.  I wasn’t sure how well she would do at first but she has surprised me.  She LOVES dance and gets so excited about doing her recital piece.  She keeps asking me if it is time for recital & I keep reminding her it’s not until May.  :)

On Tuesday night I took a little video of their recital piece and you’ll notice her getting a little distracted at times.  The teacher had them face the parents to get used to people watching them.  I am so proud of her and hope she continues to dance for years to come.

**Oh and please don’t pay any attention to the yellow color from my camera.  It does strange things sometimes!  I was also holding Hudson on my left hip so sometimes my hand gets a little shaky.