CottonRow 10K!

We all got up at 5:30 this Memorial Day morning so George could run his first 10k in downtown Huntsville.  I am so proud of him!  He finished the race in 1 hour 3 minutes which is great in my book for his first one.  That included a massive hill that was hard to drive up in our van.  It was insane!  But he made it along with our friends Greg and Tracey Pollard and I couldn’t be more proud of the three of them.

Here’s some pictures from the race

George crossing the finish line…

George, Greg, & Tracey

George looking a hot mess  :)

Greg & Tracey with 1 of 5 kids.  Their oldest child, David, came to cheer them on and we enjoyed his company.  Such a sweet boy!

At the beginning of the race they handed out those hand clapper things and the kids really had fun with those.  Emma did a great job standing beside David and watching the runners cross the finish line but Hudson was a whole other story.  :)  Poor guy did NOT want me holding him for an hour and I sure was glad to see George cross the finish line.  Mommy’s arm and head couldn’t take much more.  It sure is hard being 18 months old.

After the race we came home and George had to do some work while Emma and I ran to Lowe’s & Publix.  Then we came home, cleaned the house, put mulch down in the back, I mowed the yard in 90 something degree heat, and prepared food for a cookout.  Yep, I’m tired!  We had our friends Christa, Jeff and their 3 kids over for dinner and some fun.  I had a really good time but G had to go back to work after they left.  Poor guy has been working like a mad man these past couple of weeks and I will be glad to have my husband back after this week.  At least the house is clean & the kids went to bed super fast tonight.

Yesterday we took them to the Botanical Gardens and that was a blast.  They have the Treehouses again and have added some water features.  Both kids LOVED it and Emma has asked me about 50 times “can we go back to the gardens today?”  We ended up getting a family membership for a year so we can go all the time now.  I did not take the camera so no pictures.  Sometimes it’s just nice to not have to worry about taking pics ya know?

Anywho, we have a semi busy week coming up.  Hudson has his 18 month appt on Wednesday which I’m excited about.  I’m wondering how much he weighs.  I’m guessing around 27 lbs.  Hopefully he won’t have to get any shots!

I’ll leave you with a super duper sweet picture of my monkeys!  Emma asked me to take this picture of her & Hudson.

anyone seen the NUTELLA???

Oh yeah, Hudson just dug it out of the TRASH!  ha ha!

Last year George introduced Emma to Nutella and she fell in love.  So it was no surprise that Hudson would fall head over heels in love with it too.  I swear it’s like crack for babies/toddlers.   ha!

After about the 2oth spoonful this morning I threw the container in the trash.  Hudson was running all over the house saying “more, more” and looking for the Nutella.  I kid you not, it was so funny.  In fact I’m giggling right now as I type this.  At some point I told him that it was all gone and next thing I know he’s running around the house with the empty container in his hand and saying “more! more!”  What a stinker!

He was one happy boy all hyped up on Nutella!

Yesterday was miss Emma’s last day of MMO for the summer.  I think I was more sad than she was.  I tend to get attached though.  :)

Please excuse her greasy sunscreen face.

I have been so so happy with our MMO program and I’ve just grown to love all of the staff.  I love how it’s not too big so it almost feels like a big family.  Emma has just had a blast and I am so sad that she won’t have Ms. Laureen next year.  :(  Gosh I love that lady!  She’s been really excited about being in the big kid 4 year old class though.  I know next year will be awesome for her but it’s going to be a tough year for momma.  For one, Hudson will be attending MMO too and it’ll be her last year before Kindergarten.  I already have a hard time talking about it.  :(

We are so looking forward to our summer and Emma keeps thinking we are going to the beach.  Not sure where she gets these ideas but she associates summer with beach.  Smart girl I tell ya!  Now I just need to get a job to fund our beach trip…ha!

Hudson is 18 Months Old!

Oh my goodness little man, where do I begin?  You have changed so much recently and you are acting so big these days!  You crack us up all the time and I just love watching you interact with Emma.  Especially when you body slam her on the floor and sit on her so she can’t get up.  It’s rather comical!

You are talking so much now even though not everyone can understand you.  Some of your words include:

  • momma, dada, emma
  • Braxton/dog
  • apple or more like papple!
  • more (and you sign it too)
  • snack
  • bath
  • bye bye
  • waffle (wapple)
  • nap
  • moo for cow
  • zoo
  • choo choo
  • fan
  • ball
  • I want that
  • no
  • mine

You try to say other words too but they don’t always come out very clear.  Your  vocabulary has really started to take off though.

A couple of weeks ago your daddy got you on an awesome bedtime/nap routine.   It only took a night or two and now you just go right to sleep so easily!  We normally read you 2 books, turn off the lamp, and put you in the crib with your favorite blue blanket and your sound asleep.  Emma never did that!  It even works perfect at naptime.  I’ll say “Hudson is it time to take a nap and go night night?” and you’ll nod your head yes and grab your blanket!  Now if only we could get Emma to get in the bed like that.  ha ha!

You absolutely love to play outside and anything that involves water.   I think you could live outside and be happy.  It must be a boy thing.  :)

You are still a good eater and you LOVE fruit.  Apples are your favorite and strawberries, bananas, grapes, mango, you name it, you’ll  eat it.   I make smoothies all the time that are healthy and you will scream at me until I give you some.  It’s so funny.

Speaking of screaming, someone knows just how to burst your eardrum!  You and your sister will get into high pitch screaming matches and it KILLS me!  I just ignore you b/c if I say “no” you’ll just laugh and continue to scream.

Life is definitely more wild and crazy with you but I love it.  I’m not sure what we ever did before you and your just such a blessing.  I love how when you wake up in the mornings you’ll  say “momma? momma?” until I get you.  It’s so cute!  Most mornings you have a big smile on your face and your ready to get a diaper out of the cabinet.  It’s just so hard to believe your 1.5 now.  Sometimes it feels like Emma was just this age and other days it’s hard to remember her at this age.

I know I’m forgetting some things that I want to remember but this mommy is T.I.R.E.D!  We’ve got a really busy day tomorrow too so I must hit the sheets!  Here’s one more picture of my sweet little man from tonight while you were eating a popsicle.  I LOVE YOU little Huddy!

Training For A Half-Marathon

Courtesy of

Yep, I have the running bug.  I’ve never been much of a runner but completed my first 5k last October.  It was tough.  I said I never wanted to do that again!  ha!  Since then I would run a couple of miles every now and then but it just didn’t excite me.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  George told me I should set a goal like a 10k for later this year.  I wanted nothing to do with that.  It’s just one more thing to add to my daily list of to-dos.  Then out of nowhere I guess about 2 weeks ago I started running at the gym again.  I would just do 2-3 miles and was able to complete 3 miles in 30 minutes.  I was so proud of myself and started thinking maybe I could get up to 4 miles.  Last Monday after George got home I wanted to run outside and told him I would be back in just a few minutes b/c I wasn’t going to run long.  Well after an hour passed he started looking for me!  Once I started running I couldn’t stop and somehow managed to run 5.5 miles!  My legs were floating when I stopped but it felt so great.  Then yesterday (Thursday) I loaded the kids up and headed to the gym b/c I was dying to run.  Strange I know.  Somehow I ran 6 MILES in just over an hour!  I could have kept going too but it was almost dinner time and I knew the kids were probably getting antsy but it was a huge rush.  I’ve always wanted to run more than 2 miles consistently and never thought I would get there.  I’m so proud of myself and I’m ready to keep going.  I feel such a rush when I run especially when I think about getting on the scale in the mornings.  I am very excited to say that in the past 6 weeks I have dropped 10 lbs!  Woo-hoo!  I’ve lost several inches in different places and over 4% body fat.  My personal training sessions have done wonders for me and I’m ready to push forward to meet my goals.  I’ve got a good 20-25 lbs more to lose and I really want to try training for a half.

Who is on board with me???  :)

Luckily my wonderful George has taken up running too and on Memorial Day weekend he’ll do his first 10k race.  I’m so excited for him!  He’s also planning to do a half marathon in November so I think we will do it together.  Wish us luck!  :)

Emma’s End of Year Program

We have completed our first year of Mother’s Morning Out at Good Shepherd!  We have really enjoyed all of the teachers/directors and they kind of feel like family.  Emma’s teacher, Ms. Laureen is just so sweet and takes great care of her class.  I’m actually really sad that the year is over but I am overly emotional so maybe that’s why.  :)

The older 2’s and 3 year old classes put on a little program for the parents this morning followed by pizza and other yummy food.  The kids were all so cute!  They sang & danced to The Chicken Dance, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, and a couple of other songs.  Emma actually participated in all of the songs this time!  Remember at her Christmas program how she just stood there with a sour look on her face?  Not this time!   She did so well and we were very proud of her.  What a difference a few months makes!  Here’s a few pictures from the program…

Emma with our friend Tracy and her son Logan.

Sweet little Gracie!  She’s just 2 months older than Hudson and she is so stinkin cute!

Emma and Logan

Me with my little monkeys

Ms. Laureen got the class little buckets/shovels and had some little goodies in them.  There was also a mini photo album that had pictures of Emma throughout the school year and she brought home her alphabet folder which is so precious.

Emma and Ms. Laureen

Yesterday I got Ms. Laureen and Ms. Lupe (assistant teacher) flowers from Reseda nursery.  I actually got Ms. Laureen a hen & chicken plant and Ms. Lupe got flowers.  They were both beautiful and I took pictures of them but guess what?  I deleted them.  Yep, I am so mad at myself for deleting all of my pictures yesterday which included a playdate with the Bader twins & Josie.  Not sure what I was thinking but oh well.  I also forgot to charge my camcorder battery so George had to record the program on his phone.  ha!  Hopefully it turned out ok.  I think I would probably lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body.  That’s what 2 kids will do to you!

We have a really busy weekend coming up and I have got to go plant my flowers my H is napping.  Thank goodness is a beautiful day!

Emma’s First Dance Recital

Miss Emma finally got to dance on a real stage this past weekend at the VBC.  You see, Emma is always wanting to go to B&N so she can put on a show back in the kid area.  It’s quite funny actually.  So when she got to perform on a real stage Saturday she loved it!  I’m so incredibly proud of her.  She has really enjoyed her first year of dance and she tries so hard to perfect each step.  Her Stage Arts I class performed to the Tinkerbell song “Fly to Your Heart” by Selena Gomez.  They were all so precious!  She’s already looking forward to dance in the fall and she’ll be in Stage Arts II.

Another plus of the weekend-Gabby, Ru-Rus, Aunt Beth, Uncle Rob, Graham, and Isaac came down Friday evening and spend the whole weekend with us!  It was so much fun having everyone here and it’s been so quiet since they all went home this afternoon.

Here’s the kiddos going to see Emma after the show.  I love how the boys grabbed Hudson’s hands and Emma was thrilled to see them.

Sweet cousins!  I just love them all to death!

Our family

Me and my princess

On another note, while everyone was here we showed them some of the tornado devastation in our area.   I still need to post my pics and video.  It’s just so hard to look at and it still feels like a bad dream.  Maybe this week I’ll get around to posting pics.   It’s been about 2 weeks now but there is still so much clean up to be done.  :(

Hudson is also turning 18 months in a few days!  Oh my goodness he is growing so fast and is really trying to talk.  He’s so much fun these days and wants to copy everything Emma does.  He definitely keeps me on my toes!  ha!  Tonight as I was reading his book before bed “Peek A…” I got to the first page where it says “peek a…moo!” and Hudson said “moo” for the cow.  I was so shocked b/c I haven’t heard him say “moo” yet.  He kept going back to that page and saying moo in his cute little voice.  The funnies thing is to hear him say balloon.  Maybe I can get it on video.  It’s really funny!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve had such a wonderful Mother’s Day all because of these 2 precious little monkeys and their sweet amazingly thoughtful daddy!

The kids and I made it home around 1pm today from TN and George had the yard mowed, house cleaned and this (well most of it) waiting for me on our kitchen table.

The flowers are actually from our yard and they are beautiful.  He did such a wonderful job and I just love my card from Emma.  She made it Friday night while we were at Gabby’s house and she was so proud.  I just love that little girl!

We ended up going to Bridgestreet for an early dinner at Cantina Laredo.  I’ve been craving it for about a month now and now I have it out of my system!  After that we took the kids for a couple of rides on the carousel before heading home.

I just love this picture of Emma and Hudson.  Hudson looks up to his sister so much & copies everything from her.  They play so well together and I just melt when I see them like this.

We ended up coming home and letting the kids play outside for awhile and they both went to sleep easily!  It feels so good to have us all home together after the tornadoes and I’m looking forward to getting back to our routines.  I’ve got lots to share from the storms and the past 2 weeks and hope to post more this week.

I want to end this post with a picture from my very 1st Mother’s Day.  Sweet little Emma came home from the NICU exactly 1 week before Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 6th, 2007.  I remember that 1st Mother’s Day like it was yesterday and I was just so happy to have my sweet angel at home and doing well.  I can’t believe it has been 4 whole years!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms and grandmothers!  We have the BEST job in the world!