Redneck Water Slide

The kids LOVE to play on the deck in the kiddie pool and with the water table.  This morning it was around 9am and Hudson was begging to go outside so I said why not and they got their suits on.  It was already so hot but Emma wanted to have a breakfast picnic and it was a perfect morning.

I decided to snap a few pictures of them while sliding and Hudson immediately said “cheese” without me prompting him!  ha ha.  It was so stinkin cute and he did 3 or 4 times and would actually pose for me.  Oh he’s growing so fast!  I just love this little guy!


This afternoon I took the kids to Bridgestreet to play in the fountains while we waited for Daddy to get off of work.  Then we headed over to Tommy’s Pizza for dinner.  I love Tommy’s!

While we were waiting for our pizza the kids wanted to ride the carousel.  Emma was in the teacup and I was holding on to Hudson on the tiger.  Well little man has turned into a big boy overnight.  He looked at me and then my left hand on his leg and he said “no” and moved my hand off of his leg.  Then he realized I had my other arm around his waist and once again he said “no no” and moved my arm away!  Once he realized I was NOT touching him in any way he was happy.

Where is my baby???

Hudson is such a momma’s boy and that about broke my heart.  He is just so cuddly and loving and normally loves for mommy to hold & love him but apparently those days will be coming to an end soon.  :(  He’s growing up way too fast!

His vocabulary is also growing.  He has several words now and he has one of those sweet little voices like his sister that I just love.  I’ll have to post some of his newest things soon.  Time to get these monkeys to bed!  Mommy has some tv to watch.  :)

Yesterday’s Long Run

Cute picture huh?  That’s exactly how I feel and look like right now.  It seems like working out and running have taken over my life!

I am proud to report that yesterday I ran 9  (yes I said 9!) MILES!  I’m so so happy and proud of myself and it just makes me want to run more.  Strange I know.  The exciting part was that it wasn’t bad at all until around 8.5 miles and my abs started burning like no tomorrow.  Thankfully I was able to push out the other .5 mile to meet my goal.  I’m super happy with my time too.  The first 6 miles were completed in 57 minutes and then I slowed down a bit for the last and did it in 29 minutes.  I thought that was a good pace.  Now I just need to run outside a little more.  Last week I did most of my runs outside which made my legs sore and it stinks to have to wake up at 5am just to run but it is so incredibly hot in the evenings and then I want to spend time with George and the kids so I have to get up.  I really prefer the treadmill at this point but maybe every other week I can get a long run in outdoors.

The best thing about running (besides stress relief) is seeing the numbers on the scale go down down down.  Running along with my strength training just melts the pounds away and my legs and stomach are looking so much better.  I love it!

My trainer completely kicked my butt today with a hour long lower body workout and it was intense.  I’m planning on doing a short run tomorrow followed by a full body circuit Friday and a short run over the weekend.  When I say short run I mean 3-5 miles.  Then for the next 2 weeks my trainer is on vacation so I’m going to have to really keep myself motivated and do the workouts she’s given me.  I want to make her proud when she comes back!

In case anyone out there is looking to run a half marathon like me here is the training program I’m using.  It’s by Hal Higdon.

Oh and I think there is a Chick-fil-A 5k in Athens this weekend and hopefully I can run it.  I need to double check the dates and everything.  I’ll run anywhere for some free chicken biscuits!  :)

Little man is now awake thanks to my barking dog!  Happy running!

Weight Loss/Half-Marathon Training Update!

I’m still just chugging away at this whole weight loss thing!  I just signed up today for my 3rd set of 10 sessions with my trainer Laura.  She has been a huge help in the past few months with getting this weight off and my muscles are starting to show!  Last Wednesday we took measurements and I was planning to share them all in this post but I didn’t copy everything down so I’ll post them later.  I can tell you that I’m down approximately 15 lbs and I’ve lost 3.5 inches in my abs!!!  When I started with Laura I said “GET RID OF THIS BABY STOMACH!” It’s amazing how much my stomach has flattened but it sure hasn’t been easy.  I still have a good 15-20 lbs to go to reach my goal range but I’m ecstatic with the progress I’ve made so far.  My clothes are fitting loose and I’m easily in a size 10.  Hopefully I will be in a 8 soon.

One thing that has really helped with my weight loss recently has been running.  I decided a few weeks ago I wanted to give a half-marathon a try in September and I’m so excited.  I can’t believe I have 3 months to go!  Two Thursdays ago I actually ran 8 MILES without stopping!  I still can’t believe it.  I get such a rush and am so proud of myself after my runs & it just feels great.  Well my legs/knees don’t always feel great but you know what I mean.  :)  It really takes a toll on my body for a day after I run 6+ miles but hopefully that’s just my body adjusting.  I’ve also decided to just take my training slow since I have 3 months until my race.  My training schedule says that once you get to 10 miles you should be able to do 13.1 off of adrenaline so I’m almost there!

Leave me a comment with some motivation if you want.  :)  Anyone  ever run a half-marathon and have some advice???  I need to get some new shoes at some point but will probably wait until August to get them.  I thought I might go to Fleet Feet just to see what they say.  Alrighty, while Hudson is napping I’m going to be l.a.z.y instead of doing laundry.  :)

Kelsey’s Wedding

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve updated the blog!  Life has been really busy as usual and then I couldn’t find my camera charger.  Luckily George found it in the computer drawer (the only time he’s ever found anything, trust me) and now we are back in action!

I’ve got lots to update about but we just got home from TN a few hours ago.  My younger cousin Kelsey got married yesterday and both kiddos were in the wedding.  Everything was absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy for Kelsey and Daniel and their new life together.  He is a lucky guy!  Kelsey is going to make a wonderful wife and mother someday.

For now I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the kids from this weekend and then I’m off to bed!

Swim Lessons

Last week Emma took swim lessons from Ms. Masi again and loved it.  Ms. Masi lives about 6-7 minutes from us and there house is so beautiful especially their landscape.  I always say that I could just sit in their backyard by the pool all day.  It really reminds me of my Granny Scott’s pool except they have alot more plants/trees.  So peaceful!  Unfortunately I don’t get to float around while Emma’s learning but I would pay to do that!  ha ha.

This year was MUCH more difficult with Hudson being so active.  He didn’t quite understand that it wasn’t his turn to swim and I was exhausted after every class and a hot sweaty mess I might add.  It was so blazing hot everyday especially chasing little man around!  Even though we really enjoyed the lessons I’m so thankful that last week is over with b/c I was about to go crazy.  On three days (I think) we had to go straight to they Y so I could do my 1 hour of personal training sessions.  I seriously felt like I had already had a full workout at the pool and then I was really exhausted after my real workouts!  Then throw in errands and VBS every night…wowzers!

Anywho, Emma is still a little fish and I can’t wait to go swimming at my Granny’s house and Aunt Marsha’s.  *hint hint*  :)

Here’s Emma making her belly look like Santa’s (floating on her back)

Blowing bubbles and “Monster” arms

Deep end jump

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


Time for a movie with my almost BIRTHDAY BOY and a weightloss update is coming soon!  G’s birthday is tomorrow.  Yay!

It’s Pandamania at VBS!

Emma really enjoyed her first year of VBS!  It was from Sunday-Thursday.  I think she’s really missing school already too b/c she keeps asking me how many days until August.  :)  I’m so thankful that she loves school so much!

Each night she came home from VBS with a different craft.  I only took a picture one night of her rainbow scroll.  Love it!

Good Shepherd really goes all out for VBS and I kept saying that I wanted to stay for it but Emma kicked me out the door.  When I dropped her off they all met in the auditorium where they had music and everyone was dancing.  It was a big fun party!  Then when I picked her up they were doing the same thing and on the last night kids were able to buy whipped cream pies and throw them in the pastor’s face and some of the other adults.  It was hilarious!  Emma always wanted to stay until the music stopped.  Then on the last night she said watch this & started showing me how she could dance to the songs.  It was so cute!

For now we have to wait until next year for VBS again but only until August for school.  I wonder how many times she’s going to ask me about August???  :)

Here’s a picture of the kitchen area from the last night…

Ru-Rus’s 60th Birthday!

We have had the busiest week and a half!

It all started with us driving up to Cookeville last Wednesday and then taking the kids to Lake Winnie on Friday.  We had taken Emma last Memorial Day and called it her “special day” so she was super pumped when we told her we were going back.  I love me some Lake Winnie!  But I will say that the next time we go we will wait until the temperature is under 100 degrees.  It was so stinking hot that we were all drenched in sweat from the moment we stepped out of the van.  In fact, when we loaded up to go home that afternoon the van said it was 105 outside.  It took several minutes and it slowly went down to like 98 or something but it was crazy hot.  Luckily noone got sunburnt!

On Saturday morning George and I headed over to Algood Elementary because we had noticed a sign for a 5k.  We had planned on running anyways so why not help out a good cause?  This was only my 2nd 5k race and since I’ve been running alot recently, I was hoping to have a better time.  Somehow I got my best time ever-3.26 miles in 29:10!  I was absolutely thrilled!  After the race they told us the course was a little longer than a 5k so I was even happier with my time.  George finished with his best time too at 27:34.  It was a great way to start our morning.  My newest goal is to run the Women’s Half Marathon in September in Nashville.  I’m really nervous about training and completing it but I really want to do it.

After the 5k we went to watch Isaac play soccer and then we went down to the country to celebrate Ru-Rus’s 60th birthday!  George and I started dating the year he turned 50 which is so hard to believe!

It was so peaceful at the country (except for the snake incident) and all of the grandkids had a blast.  Emma just loves the country house and was ready to go back the next day.  Here’s some pictures…

One of the kid’s favorite things was being pulled by the lawnmower!  Aunt Beth and George rode them around the property several times and they all just loved it.  So sweet!

For Ru-Rus’s birthday Aunt Beth found these cute kid chairs at Lowe’s that match the chairs at the country.  We got him 4 of his favorite things-honey buns, chips ahoy, fudge sticks, and a pack of Dr. Pepper and each kid held one.

The kids loved helping Ru-Rus open his presents!

As usual it is impossible to get all of them to look at the camera at the same time.  I LOVE Isaac’s expression though!

Here’s all 4 sweet little cousins!

Gabby made Ru-Rus’s favorite dessert-Striped Delight and it was wonderful!

Happy Birthday Ru-Rus!  We enjoyed spending your birthday at the country!

We’ve had a really busy week since coming home.  Emma has been taking swimming lessons with Ms. Masi and she’s also been attending VBS at school.  Throw in my personal training sessions/gym time and I have been exhausted! I’ve been making Emma nap in the afternoons since VBS is from 6-8:30 and that’s given me some quiet relaxing time.  She’s been loving VBS and I’m sure she’ll be sad when it’s over tomorrow.  She’s such a big girl when we drop her off too.  Since she goes to school there she’s used to the building and knows some of the volunteers which has made it easy.  She just goes right in and is ready for me to leave.  It makes me happy in a way to see her adjust so easily but it also makes me sad to see her growing up.  I’m already having a hard time knowing her 5th birthday is quickly approaching and before I know it she’ll be in Kindergarten.  :(

Here’s one last picture for the night.  The other day I jumped in the shower for 2 seconds and normally I put Hudson in his pack n play or high chair but since I was just rinsing off really quick I just let him play in my bedroom with Emma.  Right after I got in the shower I heard Emma yell that he had gotten up on something.  I got out and noticed he had climbed up onto our massive bed and he was snuggling with Emma watching cartoons.  I had to grab the camera because they were so cute.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them interacting together.  He has started biting & pulling her hair at times but for the most part they get along so well and he just adores his big sister.  Gosh I just love them!