Athens Kiddie Carnival & Stuff

Last Friday night we finally made it to the Athens Kiddie Carnival put on by the Lions Club every summer.  I’ve know about it for 2 or 3 years but after Hudson came along I just didn’t think much about it until this summer.  The carnival is only open in June/July and on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights and it was so busy!  Apparently it has been around for years and recently everyone in northern AL has heard about it so it has been super busy.  The greatest thing is there is no admission fee, no parking fee, and each ride is only 1 ticket which cost 50 cents.  Not too bad huh?  It’s all old school little kids ride and I almost forgot!  The BEST thing is the kids ride each ride for 5 WHOLE minutes!  Seriously, they set a timer and it was about 5 minutes long.  Crazy!  My kids had a blast and we had to drag them out of there at 9:45pm when the carnival closes at 9:30.  haha!  I can’t wait to take them back next summer as this weekend is the last weekend this summer.  Oh and they have a mean funnel cake.  I just gained 5 lbs typing it!

One of our favorite things this summer has been playing on the deck and eating popsicles.  Hudson will sit still while he eats every last bite of his popsicle.  So cute!

Both kiddos could blow/pop bubbles for days too!

I’ve been really happy with my beautiful flower bed out back.  Poor things always get neglected but they are looking great!

Last but not least, I had another measurement day with my trainer today.  I have 2 weeks left with her for now (4 sessions) and I’ve been really happy with my progress.  To date I’ve lost 16 lbs, lost 4 inches in my hips, 2 inches in my waist, 4 inches in my abs, and several other inches from other body parts.  It’s going to be really hard letting go of her but I’m still going to do at least 1 hour once a month with her and then hopefully after Christmas I’ll be able to sign up again for a little while.  I highly recommend to anyone that can spare the money to get a personal trainer even if it’s for a month.  She’s taught me so much and finally I feel comfortable with weight machines.  Weights make all the difference in the world!  I’ll be back in 2 weeks with my final update and hopefully tell you I’m in the 140’s.  I was 154 this morning so only 4 lbs…I CAN DO IT!  :)

Chopsticks, Silly Boys and Asics!

A couple of nights ago we were eating spaghetti and Emma requested her chopsticks.  She loves to eat with her chopsticks and she is actually much better with them than her mommy.  Gabby’s friend Marilyn actually bought these over in Japan last year and gave them to the grandkids for Christmas.  How sweet was that?  I just had to take pictures!  They have these cute little hands at the end that are just precious!  I need to take a picture of just the chopstick so you can see.

And for the completely unrelated part.  I caught Hudson trying to get the balloon.  Yep, he is a little climber.  That’s one thing Emma never did when she was his age.  Now she climbs everywhere but I swear Hudson was just wired to climb!  Don’t worry, I immediately got him down after a couple of pictures.

Finally, I got new running shoes a couple of weeks ago while in Cookeville.  I LOVE them!  After trying on numerous pairs I decided on Asics GT-2160.  They fit my feet so well and feel so much better than my old New Balance.  I haven’t run a whole lot in them yet b/c I’ve been trying to recover from serious lower pains so last night I gave them a good long run test.  I ran on the treadmill and it felt great!  I pumped out 7 miles with no problem and my knees are thanking me for new shoes.  So far I haven’t had hardly any knee soreness since last night which is amazing.  My knees always hurt & felt weak after a long run with my old shoes.

I got this exact color and I love it!  Now I just have 2 months until my big half-marathon!  That reminds me that I still need to pay for it.  Aah!

Baby Shower

Today Heather and I threw a baby shower for Carmen.  Baby Polpanich is due September 9th I believe but my guess is he or she will arrive the end of August.  I can’t believe that they will have a sweet little baby in 6 weeks or less!  I just love how all of our friends are finally having babies!

Since Paul & Carmen are keeping the gender a surprise Heather and I decorated in green/yellow and I had found the most adorable invites on Etsy with an owl theme.  I love me some owls!  Everything came together so nicely and I really enjoyed myself today.  I think Carmen was really happy too.  She received so many wonderful gifts!  They are going to have so much fun getting prepared now that they are in the homestretch.

I took so many pictures today and have edited just a few.  Check out the cute owl cake.  Isn’t it adorable??  It tasted so stinking good too!

Me & the mommy-to-be!

Food table…

The cake

I ordered cake cookies from Suzanne’s Bakery in Athens for guest favors.  I taste tested one yesterday and they are yummy!

I was so happy that Carmen’s mom and Memaw were able to make it from Kingston, TN.  I haven’t seen them in a long time and they always put a smile on my face.  Carmen’s memaw is just so sweet and I just want to hug her neck!

Now only 6 weeks or less and we’ll get to meet baby P!  I’m just so excited for them and they are going to be terrific parents!  :)

Time for bed for this tired mommy.  My battery is about to die on the laptop so that’s a sign I need to close it down.  Bring on Monday Funday!

Long Overdue Random Post!

Whew, this last week has been a doozy!  We started off a week ago Friday with my Granny Dunham and Uncle Arnold coming down for an overnight visit.  Much overdue, right Granny??  :)  I’m so happy they got to visit with us and our crazy kids.  Hopefully we didn’t scare them off and they’ll come back longer next time.  Love you Granny!

Hudson was not into taking pictures!  Sorry Uncle A!

I thought this was so cute!

Granny with her babies

After Granny & Arnold left on Saturday George and I got a babysitter and went on a Hash run in downtown Huntsville.  I’m not going to post much about it since George did a huge post on it on his blog I will post a couple of cute pictures though!

So check out G’s blog post about hashing!  It was!  Well, running fun that is and we hope to do the next one in August!

Sunday the kids and I loaded up and headed to Cookeville.  My dear friend Tammy lost her mother to cancer on July 4th and I just couldn’t bear not going and giving her some support during such a difficult time.  My heart is broken for her and all of her siblings and I can’t imagine what they are going through.  Very sad.

We ended up staying until Wednesday and even made a trip down to Granny Scott’s for some swimming.  Kelsey joined us which was a huge help.  It’s almost impossible for me to take both monkeys swimming by myself b/c Hudson wants me to hold him the entire time or he just wants to jump in by himself.  It makes for one very tired mommy!  Here’s some pics from our visit…

As soon as we got home Wednesday we got the house ready b/c Aunt Beth, Graham, and Isaac came down from Thursday to Sunday.  Boy oh boy did we have fun!  Let me just say that I think this past week has been the busiest week of our summer!  Just reading about all of this is making me tired and it doesn’t even include all of housework and running I’ve been doing.  No wonder I want to sleep for a week straight!  ha ha.  We had so much fun with our cousins and we took them to Earlyworks Museum, Phil Sandoval’s, Sci-Quest, Bridgestreet, and to the Von Braun Center on Saturday night for some ROLLER DERBY!  So funny!  If you’ve never heard of Roller Derby girls you should totally check it out.  We’ve gone twice now here in Huntsville and it is so neat.  They actually have a large crowd and it beats going to a movie/dinner for a date!

One of my favorite moments with all of the kids was Friday night.  We had spaghetti, very tasty brownies and watched a special Spongebob movie.  If I remember correctly, each child had 2, yes I said TWO brownies at about 7:30 and then went wild.  George was showing them parkour and then they decided to try it.  They were jumping off the couches, doing flips, and all kinds of craziness at 8:30 and we laughed so hard.  They had so much fun together and it really makes me miss living away from them.

Graham & Emma had fun decorating our toys before dinner and I loved Graham’s “lightning bolt” dinosaur.

Family movie night with some good ‘ol Spongebob Squarepants!

Look at this sweetheart!

Time for the party!  **Gabby/Grammy you may want to SKIP over these next pictures and scroll to the bottom.  :)  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Gabby’s Christmas card for next year!  ha ha ha.

Oh what fun we had!  So Aunt Beth and the boys left Sunday morning and then we loaded up and headed to Nashville almost immediately after!  See, I told you we have been busy.

Our friends from college, Brad and Sara, had baby boy Kellen 2 weeks ago and I was just dying to go love on him.  He is so so so precious and I loved holding him and just watching him move.  It seems like yesterday Hudson was that small.  He seemed like a giant next to Kellen!  Emma couldn’t get enough of him either but I don’t think she wants anyone else stealing her toys anytime soon.  :)

Sweet Kellen

Emma checking out Kellen.  She kept wanting to touch him.  So sweet!

New daddy Brad with his little boy

After we left Brad and Sara’s house we headed downtown to the Nashville Children’s Theater for a wedding reception.  One of George’s childhood friends, Matt, got married in a private ceremony on Saturday and then had the reception on Sunday.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures b/c the kids were rather wild and I might have been too busy stuffing mini cupcakes in my mouth.  :)  Let me tell you about these cupcakes.  They were from a bakery in Knoxville and I can’t remember the name but they were oh so good.  I had a chocolate one, red velvet, caramel, and I think that’s it.  I’m a huge fan of mini cupcakes even though I eat so many I probably take in more calories.  ha!  But don’t worry, it’s okay b/c I ran today.  As long as I run at least 1x a month I can ingest hundreds of mini cupcakes.  (joking)

Now on to this week!

After taking a 2 week vacation I am back in a relationship with my personal trainer!  She sure made me work hard after all those cupcakes Sunday!  My arms, mainly my triceps and shoulders, are killing me today.  I did run 4.2 miles today too but then came home and stuffed my face with homemade pizza.  Was it worth it?  Oh yeah!  Well, maybe not so worth it after my trainer finds out tomorrow.  I’m supposed to be hitting it hardcore b/c I only have 1 month left with her.  No more pizza for me!  :)

Today Emma started summer camp at church and where she attends MMO.  It’s only 3 days and for ages 4-7 but she loved it!  Today they made name tags, stick people, painted a self-portrait on canvas, played in sprinklers, and made popsicles.  I want to attend summer camp!  It took her a few minutes to warm up but then she was blowing me kisses and telling me bye.  Poor girl is so excited for MMO to start in just 3 short weeks but hopefully this will give her a school fix for the time being.

One last thing tonight on my longest post ever.  Hudson has become fascinated with shoes recently.  I can’t tell you how many times I catch him putting everyone’s shoes on his feet.  It’s just so cute and makes me smile.

Mommy’s flip flops

Daddy’s shoes

Emma’s flip flops today

Okay, I’m completely exhausted now from this crazy long post!  The next couple of days shouldn’t be too crazy so hopefully I’ll update more often this week.  Peace.OUT!

Our Little Artist

Emma has always amazed me with her artistic skills or maybe I’m just biased.  Nah, she’s just good.  :)

The other day she was coloring and handed me this picture.  She did it  Wow is all I can say.  Too cute!

**Please ignore the quality of the picture.  It was taken with G’s phone.