Holy 2 Year Molars!

Poor Mr. H is getting his 2 year molars on the bottom.  :(  I knew it was only a matter of time b/c he got all of his other teeth really early.  On Sunday he had started running a fever and it got to 1o1 but then came down & stayed down with Tylenol.  He was so fussy  & clingy to me so I thought he was getting sick.  He’s also been having bad diapers and a decreased appetite.  I took him to see Dr. D yesterday b/c there was a possibility of strep throat but it came back negative.  Then tonight George was brushing his teeth and he saw the first molar.  I wanted to look so after Hudson about bit my thumb off I was able to see not 1, but 2 molars.  That has got to be painful and probably the reason for everything this past week.

No pictures tonight.  I still have to do Hudson’s 21 month post.  I’ve got a hot date to run in the morning at 5:30 so I’m about to hit the sheets.  The kids have school tomorrow and then Emma starts dance!  She is so excited!  I will definitely have pictures.

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

One of my most favorite blogs is Brown Eyed Baker .  She post the most mouth watering recipes and I’ve been dying to try a few.  In fact, last Thursday I made her Jalapeno Popper Dip to take to Bunco.  One girl told me it was the best thing she had ever tasted and asked if I put crack in it!  ha ha.  It is definitely not healthy but it is great for potlucks or monthly Bunco games!

Last night I was browsing Brown Eyed Bakers top 10 list and really wanted to try her chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I’m always looking for an excuse to make cookies!  😉  So tonight after dinner I got out my baking supplies only to realize we were out of chocolate chips.  I ran down to the Dollar General and got 2 packs just so I had enough.  You can never have too many chocolate chips right?  Then I looked at my recipe and realized I needed Baking Soda, not Baking Powder.  UGH!  I was having a blonde moment.  I tried calling my neighbor/friend Christa to bum some off of her but she wasn’t answering her phone.  I went next door to another neighbor and they weren’t home.  I was starting to think this was a sign that I did not need these cookies!  I broke down and drove 2 minutes down the road to the little old grocery store and got me 2 boxes of Baking Soda!  Whew, all that work for cookies.  I’m so glad I followed through with this recipe b/c oh.my.goodness they are soooo good!  She says something about making a big ball, break in half, blah blah blah but I just made big balls of cookie dough.  At first it looked like they weren’t cooking right but they are just lighter in color.  I think mine did take 20 minutes to bake even though she said 15-18 minutes.  I can’t say enough just how yummy these cookies are!  Enjoy the recipe!

Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Organizing Emma’s Room

First off, I just noticed that I had 777 posts and this makes 778 in just over 4 years!  I originally started this blog on blogger back when Emma was in the NICU and I can’t believe I’ve kept it up this long.  I’ve really gotten bad about posting recently but I love having post about the kids to go back and read.

Now on to Emma’s room…

Emma’s room has always been a huge pain in the butt for me.  It just stays messy all.the.time and we are always bad about cleaning it at night.  So a couple of weeks ago I decided to just dive in and spend almost the entire weekend cleaning it up!

Luckily I was able to talk George into hanging a white wire shelf up above the current one in her closet.  His dad had bought the extra one a couple of years ago and it was just sitting in the garage.  I was so proud of G b/c it was his first time hanging a shelf like that and neither of us knew where to start!  I love how it turned out though and we have so much more storage in her room now.  Thanks G!

We put stuff on the top shelf that we don’t use very often like the totes that hold all of her baby/NICU keepsakes.  I can hardly reach the top without a step stool.  The bottom shelf holds puzzles, games, and all of her arts & crafts stuff.

I also took every.single.one.of.her.toys and dumped them out in her floor and sorted through them all.  It was crazy!  The kids would want to pick stuff up and play but overall they did really well while G and I worked.  I ended up putting every toy together with its parts and put lots of “sets” in ziploc baggies.  Everything in her room now goes together and every game piece has been reunited!

Oh and I got those Command hooks at Target for some of her bags/backpack and I LOVE them!  They are so easy to use and not permanent.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Now here’s her room when you walk in the door.  You’ll notice the brown side table by her bed now.  I got that for like $20 from a coworker in college and have used it for the past 10 years.  My goal is to repaint it white this weekend and let Emma use it.  I got so tired of throwing her books on the floor at night and now she can have her lamp right beside the bed too.  My MIL liked it too b/c she could put her glasses on it at bedtime.

I also hung up canvas pictures that my cousin Monya painted and Emma painted the face picture.  Then I got some white floating shelves from Target for $10 each and some cheap frames to put her artwork in.  I’ve put artwork in a couple of them but I need to finish it this weekend.  Another goal is to get something to hang in the corner by the head of her bed.  I was thinking of some kind of hanging butterfly thing maybe.  Pottery Barn had some cute ideas but haven’t decided yet.

This is looking from the corner of her room beside the hutch & baby crib…

Eventually I want to paint the walls too b/c right now it’s just the blah old builder’s paint that has lots of marks on it.  Emma has been asking to paint her room for the past couple of months so one day we’ll get around to it.  So far we have kept it clean every night but she also hasn’t been playing in their much.  I think Hudson plays in her room more than she does!  She doesn’t like to play by herself very much so I guess that explains it.

Glad we finally got around to cleaning it up & organizing it.  A clean room=a happy mommy!

Personal Training Results

It has now been almost 2 weeks since I said adios to Laura, my personal trainer.  I worked with her for 15 weeks and loved almost every minute of it.  Sometimes I think she was trying to kill me and there were definitely times I wanted to cry but I survived!  Here are my results:

  • Weight went from 170-153 (17 lbs!)
  • BMI 27.4 to 25.6
  • Body fat 30% to 25.3%
  • Forearm left & right stayed same
  • Upper arm lost 1 inch on both arms
  • Lost 2 inches in left thigh and 2.5 inches in right thigh
  • 1/2 inch lost in both calves
  • Chest decreased 3 inches
  • Lost 2 inches in waist
  • Lost 3.5 inches in abs (woohoo!)
  • Hips are down 3 or 4 inches

Overall I am so happy with my results.  When I first started my “diet” was much cleaner so technically I could’ve done much better but I’m still happy.  I really love how my thighs and stomach look!  With all of my running and weights my legs are leaning out and look so much better than they did.

For now I’m continuing my strength workouts 2-3 times a week by myself and will do a refresher course with Laura probably next week.  Then I’m hoping to do another 10 sessions with her after the new year or something just to give me a boost.  Oh and I also wanted to add that I can hold a plank for OVER 3 minutes!  I’ve been able to do 1 minute planks but 3 is another story.  It’s tough but it feels so good when I do it.  :)

My running is still going great!  I have just under 5 weeks until my first half-marathon and I finally registered for it last week.  I’m so nervous and try not to think about it.  The past couple of weeks I’ve been running in Magnolia Springs and even though they have hills I love it!  Apparently my first half is FULL of hills so it’s good for me to train with them even though I hate it.  I’ve been kind of sorta following Hal Higdon’s plan and this week I’m doing 7 miles for my long run.  A couple of months ago I did 9 miles 1 time and I was fine until I hit 8.5 miles and that’s when everything went down hill fast.  I’m hoping  that won’t happen next week!

I’ve got lots to post about the kiddos and hate that I’ve been slacking on the blog but I’m just so exhausted at night after they go to bed.  One night last week I went to bed at 8:30!  It doesn’t help that I’ve been waking up at 5:00-5:45am to go run!

Hopefully I’ll get my butt in gear and do Hudson’s 21 month post and we did a major clean up of Emma’s room last week that I need to share.

Good night!

Emma & Hudson’s First Day of MMO

What a big day!  BOTH kiddos went to school today from 9-1pm and mommy got four hours of ALONE time to run errands, go to gym, Publix, etc.  I missed them a ton but it was so nice to just get out of the car and go.  :)

We got a late start to our morning b/c George and I went to bed super late so we all woke up around 7:45!  Luckily I had gotten their bags ready last night & just had to get lunches situated.  George stayed home and helped me which was really nice!  I even had time to jump in the shower.

Before we left I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids.  Of course they wanted nothing to do with it.

Hudson let me take one picture of him but he was doing something funky with his eyes!

Once Emma got in the van George got her to smile and she was immediately her happy bubbly self!

She kept telling Hudson how excited she was that he was going to school and telling him how much fun he was going to have.  I tell ya, she is SO good with him.  They definitely have their moments but for the most part they are so loving and sweet with each other.

When we got to school we parked downstairs since that is where Hudson’s class is.  I knew he was going to cry so I prepared myself.  I’ve already went through the crying phase at the Y daycare so it was much easier than it used to be on me.  :)  Emma and I both walked him to his room and handed him over to Ms. Nene.

My friend/neighbor Amanda signed up her 2 boys, Austin & Asher, this year too so Hudson & Asher are in the same class together.  They also go to the Y and so the kids get to play together at the gym so hopefully that helped.  Amanda is in the pink shirt.

It broke my heart to see him so upset but he I know he was in great hands and after I took Emma to her class and went back downstairs he was not crying.  On his 1st day he got to play in the gym, color, music class with Ms. Joy, and play.  Ms. NeNe said he did great and occasionally he would start crying but would calm down.  When I picked him up he had a big tear on his face and it was so pitiful!  I brought him home and he went straight down for a nap!

Emma on the other hand, was all smiles and had a wonderful first day.  She’s been dying for school to start so it was great.  I walked her upstairs to her Ms. Lisa’s room and she led the way.  We found her cubby and put her new pottery barn packback in her cubby and she went right on in.  She asked me to come in with her for a second and I took some pictures.  She just smiled and was so incredibly sweet.

Several of her friends from last year are in her class so she liked that.  Our friends, Greg & Tracey’s son Logan is in her class too.  :)

When I picked her up she just started rambling on about what they did and how much fun she had.  She said they played outside, had music with Ms. Joy and played “hot potato” and her friend Faery won and Faery was line leader.  She went on to tell me that maybe next time she’ll win but she doesn’t know what game they will play and so on and so on.  It was so funny!  Then she also told me that in only 3 days she’ll get to go back.  I’m so happy she loves it so much.  Now she’s watching a show, eating a snack, and having quiet time while brother sleeps.

So that’s our day!  The house is mostly clean so I’m looking forward to a lazy fun evening at home!

Where Did These Children Come From??

Let me start by saying that I promise I feed these monkeys!  A couple of days ago I walked into the living room and found Hudson sucking on his toes.  Just for fun.  Who doesn’t just sit around and suck their toes right?  Strange kid.

Of course I had to grab my camera and then Emma wanted in on the fun.  GROSS!  Who knows where those feet have been!  At least we don’t live in NYC!

I also wanted to remember something Hudson has started saying.  He repeats so much right now especially everything that Emma says.  So last week I think Emma had said this first & then H started in.  He’ll be eating something or sitting in his carseat and say “Look at me!”  and it is sooo incredibly adorable!  I just love it that he’s starting to talk more.  Oh and instead of saying “thank you” he’ll blow you a kiss!  We were at Publix last week and when the kids got a free cookie he started blowing kisses to the deli girls.  Of course they just ate it up.  Then at checkout we were saying bye & thanks & H started blowing the young guy kisses.  He didn’t know what to think and it was so funny.

Recently Emma has been going through a growth spurt.  She is at 32 lbs!!!  I can’t believe it.  Today she’s had a ton to eat including 4 or 5 chick-fil-a nuggets, 6 ritz crackers with cream cheese and several other things.  A friend mentioned last week how her kids devoured cream cheese so I thought I would try it with my kids.  Emma LOVES it!  I gave her some on a english muffin yesterday for breakfast and she just licked it off!  She is not a bread eater (crazy kid) but the girl loves her some cream cheese.

Both kids are starting MMO Thursday!!!  We are ALL excited.  Summer has gone by so fast but it has been great.  We’ve stayed super busy but it’s nice to start back up with school, soccer, and dance.  Tomorrow we go to open house and meet both teachers/helpers for each class.  This is going to be a BIG year for the princess since she’ll be starting kindergarten next fall.  Oh my.  :)

I’m already planning all of my great adventures while I’m kid-free for 8 hours a week.  First on my list-massage.  Second on my list-CLEAN out TOYS!  We have tons of baby toys from both kids and I’ve got some major purging to do.  Even if we do ever have a 3rd child (haha) we still wouldn’t need all of these toys.  What in the world am I going to do with them?  The toys I mean.

Finally, last night George gave the kiddos a bath while I cleaned the kitchen.  I just love me a clean baby!

Soccer & Urgent Care Visit!

On Saturday morning Emma had her 1st soccer game of the fall season.  I love her little team this year!  I think there are 5 girls and on Saturday only 3 played at a time.  Emma ended up playing almost the entire time though.  She ended up scoring 2 of the 3 goals her team made and while she was happy she did start crying after the game b/c she wanted to score 3 goals.  Poor little thing is so competitive and she couldn’t stand it when the other team kept scoring.  They had a big girl on the team that was really good and she kept dominating the game.  It was really funny!  We just have to keep on working on not always winning but keeping a positive attitude.  :)  Here she is before the game…

Doesn’t she look so big??

We had a rather interesting night last night.  We spent most of the day yesterday cleaning our master bedroom and after 5 years of being in this house we decided to finally hang some pictures.  Well while we were deciding which picture to hang next Emma starts screaming and I realized her finger is being smashed by the cedar chest that we had just moved.  George was next to me and closer so I told him to get her.  Poor thing just kept screaming and her thumb swelled up, was red, and she had a cut that wasn’t bleeding.  We thought it was broken so we wanted to take her in.  For the first time ever I started to panic b/c it was rather scary so George and Hudson jumped in the van with us.  Our lasagna was just finishing up in the oven at the same time so I turned the oven off and just ran.  I think we thought her finger was going to fall off!

Turns out the thumb was NOT broken and she did NOT need stitches.  Thank goodness!  They put a bandaid on it and a froggy splint.  I’m so thankful we have that urgent care just 5 minutes down the road but unfortunately the last 3 times I’ve been there it has been the same doctor on Sunday night.  I don’t think she remembered us though!

On a positive note we have a really clean uncluttered master bedroom right now.  :)

Emma’s 1st Visit to the Dentist!

Last week Emma had her 1st dental visit.  We had talked about it beforehand and she was really excited.  George met us there so he could help out with Hudson and I could go back with Emma for her cleaning and both kids loved the huge playroom!  It was so nice!  They had a large waiting room with multiple televisions and then they had a separate playroom with a 65″ inch tv, slides, and playstation.

When the sweet girl came to get Emma she took her picture first.  At the end of the appt she gave us the picture in a cute magnet frame to hang on our refrigerator.  Then we went back to a large room with several bed like things to lay on and Denise (I think) started explaining and showing Emma everything.  Of course Emma was really scared at first and wouldn’t let her do anything but I kind of suspected she would.  I told the hygenist that it normally takes her some time to relax and that was except they have appointments lined up every 30 minutes.  So for the first visit I ended up and brushed her teeth and then she did let the hygenist look in her mouth with the mirror before the doctor came over.

Before the doctor came over they let her pick out some toys for being so good and she got two cool ribbons and two stickers-one for Hudson adn for her.  She was so happy!

Then the doctor had her lay down which she didn’t want to do at first but I let her hold her ribbon and she was just fine.  He said her teeth looked great and the only potential problem in the future could be braces b/c her mouth is so small and her teeth are close together.  He also said we need to really take care of them by brushing & flossing so she doesn’t get cavities.  So we finally started flossing that night.  She loves to floss!  I think we’ve flossed every night since that appointment last week.  ha!  I’m really bad about flossing for myself.

Overall it was a great first experience and next time Hudson is going to get his teeth cleaned too.  :)

Weekend Recap

So let me start by saying that we have NOT had internet since yesterday around lunch time and it has been so hard!  I felt so disconnected from the world and then I wondered what ever did I do before computers?  :)  I told George that I need to start shutting the computer down everyday b/c I get more done without it!

On to our BUSY weekend!  We headed up to Cookeville Thursday night really late (10pm) b/c I had a Thirty-One meeting in Fayetteville.  We thought it might be easier to drive up after the meeting and then have all day Friday to relax and eat some of my favorite pizza at World Foods which recently reopened!  Both kids did great on the drive up so I was happy with our decision.

On Friday I got my pizza fix and now I’m dying to go back!  It’s a good thing they are 3 hours away!  Then we ran a couple of errands and went home to prepare for our first 8k race.  George and I both ran the After Dark-Race for the Park 8k and it we both had great times.  The race started at 8:58pm and the weather wasn’t too bad.  For the first 3 miles or so my mouth was so incredibly dry that I couldn’t stand it but after drenching my face & nose with water I was good.  :)  Somehow for the first time ever I managed to keep up with George’s pace so we ran almost the entire race together.  It was really sweet.  I ended up with my best time thus far with a time of 44:34 and all of our miles were in the 8 minute range with mile 3-4 in the 9 minute range.  Mile 1 was 8:12!  I still can’t believe it!  There were also 4 huge hills that really slowed me down and almost made me cry but I still kicked butt.  :)  If I remember correctly I finished 125th out of 379 people .  In my age group of 19-29 year olds I was 7th out of 40 (I think).  George’s time was 44:45 or something like that and he finished 128th.  Here we are in all of our sweaty glory!

OH I almost forgot the other picture that I took!  Hudson is obsessed with lawn mowers right now so Ru-Rus rode him around on his on Friday.  Hudson loved it!  He was a very happy boy!

On Saturday we got up early and headed to Nashville for a wedding reception.  We went with Gabby & Ru-Rus, Aunt Beth and her family and we all stayed at the Hyatt Place.  We got there around lunch and took Aunt Beth out  for her birthday and then went back to the hotel to rest and let the kids swim for a bit.  The reception didn’t start until 7pm and we went for just a little bit but it was just too hectic with Hudson.  Poor guy was so tired and needed to run around and play.  We left around 8pm and found a Chick-fil-A with a great play area so both kids got to run around like crazy.  Our hotel was really nice and the beds were so comfortable.  As soon as we returned Hudson and I both fell asleep while the two night owls (George and Emma) stayed up and partied!  I did take my camera but never took any pictures!

On Sunday we all woke up around 8am and had breakfast at the hotel.  We had talked about going to the Pancake Pantry and decided to try it out with the kids.  I think we waited about 45 minutes for a table and while we waited I let Hudson run around on the sidewalks so he wouldn’t go stir crazy.  He did really well until we got seated & had to wait for food.  It was 11:30ish and he was so tired and ready for a nap and our service was so so slow.  I definitely don’t want to take them back for awhile!  Then we didn’t pay for parking so we had a $15 parking fee on our windshield.  ha ha.  My sweet potato pancakes were really good though!

Both kids fell asleep almost immediately after we left and we stopped at Cool Springs b/c I wanted to try & get some shoes for Hudson at Stride Rite.  Somehow he managed to stay asleep the entire time I tried on 2 pairs of shoes and slept until we pulled into our driveway!  Poor guy was exhausted!  Emma slept until we reached our exit so it was a nice easy ride home.

We’ve had a busy week too and Emma even had her 1st dentist visit on Tuesday!  More on that tomorrow and my last personal trainer session today.  As usual I’m tired & I have a hot date with a show on MTV.  :)

The Monkeys

Recently Emma has gotten really good at the hula hoop.  She practices several times a day and she can go for about a minute.  She has a small hula hoop but after lots of practicing I can do it too!  I keep telling her that I’m going to get a big girl hula hoop b/c it is great exercise.  Remember Field Day at school when you were little?  We always had a hula hooping contest at Field Day and I usually won.  I think that’s one good thing I’ve passed on to Emma.  ha ha.

On Monday Emma had her 1st fall soccer practice.  We are playing in Madison through AYSO again.  Let me just say that I think Emma is going to be a professional soccer player.  The girl has some skills!  Also, I’m not sure if this means anything or not but when her new coach met her the other night he said “so your the famous Emma we’ve heard about!”  George and I both raised our eyebrows but I think her coach from the spring must have said something.  Her old coach had told me that she was the toughest little girl on the team even though she was the smallest so he must have mentioned that to her new coach.  I’m very proud of her athletic abilities.  George and I were played one year of soccer I think when we were little and neither of us was good!  Oh and I also need to mention that Emma loves her coaches.  With both of her coaches she has ran up to them and given them big ol hugs!  She gets so excited about practice and her games and it is so funny.

I also want to remember something sweet Emma said last week.  As you know we’ve been attending church where Emma goes to school and she also attended VBS there.  She is all the time telling me things about how God made stuff and so on.  Well we were snuggling on the couch last week and she starts telling me about God and that he is in her life and heart.  Then she went on to say that he keeps her safe and he keeps the yucky icky germs away.  :)  She makes it all sound so simple.  Love her so much!

Then a couple of days later we were on our way to the Y.  We saw a guy picking up trash at CVS and I was explaining to her that we don’t litter and so on.  Her response “mommy, when I get big and get done being a space explorer I’m going to be a trash girl.”  It was so matter of fact.  Then she said maybe Hudson would want to be a trash boy with her.  :)

Oh Mr. H.  These kids have been a handful this week!  Hudson has had a snotty nose and they’ve just been fighting more than usual.  I think we all need a vaca!

One thing Hudson started doing a couple of months ago is SCREAMING at the top of his lungs in a high pitch.  It is horrendous.  Emma has always done that too and I just know he’s picked it up from her.  I have no clue how to stop it either.  Sometimes my ears even get stopped up temporarily when he screams so loud.  It’s kind of scary.

Oh and he also likes to take a bite of his food, chew it up, and then spit it all out.  Yuck!  He does this all.the.stinkin.time!  It’s not that he doesn’t like his food but sometimes he wants a drink so he just spits it out to get a drink or whatever.  I’m about over it!

With that being said, Hudson is still the sweetest most adorable little boy ever.  He is such a doll.  Right now he is obsessed with tractors, lawnmowers, motorcycles, and big trucks.  When we drive down the road he’ll yell “mom mower!”  or “mo mo” and it is hilarious!  He repeats lots of things right now which is so cute.  I think doodlebug is one of my favorite things he says.  He also loves belly buttons and loves to pull my shirt up in public to find my belly button.  What a monkey!

In two weeks both monkeys will be in MMO 2 days a week.  Surprisingly I’m not that sad about Hudson going this year.  I think I’m just ready to have a few hours to myself on those days to clean, shop, run errands, etc!  I have lots of projects planned!

We have a super busy weekend so this might be my last post until next week.  Oh and I have to add that yesterday morning I woke up with the birds at 5am to run on Hughes Rd.  I ended up doing 6 miles and had my best time ever!  I completed it in 55 minutes with several stops due to my playlist messing up on George’s phone.  I averaged a 9:13 mile most of the time.  The run was fairly easy except for the one hill on Hughes and I about died.  I hate hills.  I hate hills.  I hate hills.  :)  I actually walked it for a few seconds b/c I was so over it.  It was way too early for that hill.  Oh and next week is my LAST week with my personal trainer Laura.  :(  She has been so incredibly awesome and I’ve had such great results.  I’m hoping to keep it up myself so I can get to my goal weight soon.  If only I didn’t love cookies and Tommy’s Pizza so much.  :)