Happy Halloween!

We all had such a great time trick-or-treating and the kids got so much candy!  Emma has been so excited all day and even ate almost all of her spaghetti at dinner.  It was really cute!

We started off around 6pm in our neighborhood and hit up 5 houses around us.  We stopped at Tammy’s house first…

Poor Hudson was just a little slow but he had a blast going with his sister and saying “trick-or-treat.”

I love this one of Hudson and George!

Emma was so cute peeking in the window!  She was such a doll all night tonight.  She said “trick-or-treat” at every house and said “thank you” to everyone.  So proud of her!  If she thought they didn’t hear her, she would repeat “thank you” just to be sure.  So precious!

The kids really loved going next door to our favorite neighbor’s house-Van & Margaret!  We just love them like family and the kid’s faces always light up when they see them.  Hudson face is so sweet in the pictures and I love how his hands are behind his back.  :)

After our neighborhood we headed across the street to Magnolia Springs b/c there are tons of houses.  There were so many kids!  We met up with our friends and visited a few houses.  We were there for probably 15 minutes and Emma was ready to go home.  She was dying to hand out candy!  That was fine with us b/c it was rather chilly.  Then I forgot that we had to go visit Tracy & Barbra so we headed down the road to their house.  Somehow I forgot to take pictures.  They had a fire pit so we made smores and visited for a bit.  Hudson was so tired and Emma had to get home to hand out candy so we came home around 8pm.  Unfortunately, we only had 2 trick-or-treaters stop by at that point so Emma was a little disappointed.  She kept checking out the door and separating the candy out.  It was so cute.

Now Emma’s class has their Halloween party tomorrow and she’ll be really sugared up!  I wonder how much candy I can eat while they are in school tomorrow???

Brownies & Potato Soup!

As usual, we have had a really busy yet fun week.  Thursday was probably the craziest.  After dropping the kids off at school, I ran with my friend/neighbor Amanda for 12 miles.  She fed me pizza for lunch and then I rushed home to shower before picking the kids up.  At some point I realized my rear driver side tire was very low.  I tried airing it up but it seemed to be losing air.  So after a quick shower I was off to pick the monkeys up and we headed to Big 10 tires where an 1.5 hours later they found a huge nail in my tire.  The kids were really good for the most part but started to get very antsy & tired.  Once the tire was patched up we headed to Daddy’s work to drop off his badge and phone.  Then I stopped for some much needed caffeine on the way home.  We got home and the kids helped me make brownies.  Really they just made a huge mess!  :)

Then I had to wrap up a Thirty-One order that didn’t get finished until later.  In the midst of that I realized we were going to be late to dance!  I rushed around to get us all ready and we were out the door.  Somehow we made it on time.  Daddy met me at dance after his running club around 6pm and I ditched him & the kids to go play Bunco with my mom’s group.  I was so tired at this point but it felt great to be out of the house and have some much needed laughs from other moms.  :)

Bunco was over with around 9pm and I dragged my friend Christa to Publix b/c I was scared to go alone.  We closed Publix down at 10pm!  Once I got home I had to finally finish my 31 order and then I started watching tv and didn’t get to bed until 1am!  Whew, what a day!  I don’t know when we got so busy but this past year has really gotten busy for us.  So now you know why I’m so tired.  On top of my running schedule, kids, house, husband, etc I am worn out everyday and have a very messy house 99% of the time.  :)

On to my newest favorite food-POTATO SOUP!

With the cold weather arriving I’ve been craving some good ol’ soup.  A friend posted on Facebook the other day that she had made a yummy potato soup so I had to have some.  I ended up and found an amazing recipe here.  I left out the ham and used chicken broth instead of bouillon cubes.  This recipe is the easiest, cheapest, and tastiest potato soup ever!  I think everyone should try it.  Now.  :)

I meant to take a picture with shredded cheese and crumbled bacon on top but after I consumed 2 massive bowls, I forgot.  It was that good.  I think I’ve had a total of 4 bowls since Friday night.  Seriously.

Here’s the recipe-

Delicious Ham and Potato Soup


  • 3 1/2 cups peeled and diced potatoes
  • 1/3 cup diced celery
  • 1/3 cup finely chopped onion
  • 3/4 cup diced cooked ham
  • 3 1/4 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons chicken bouillon granules
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste
  • 1 teaspoon ground white or black pepper, or to taste
  • 5 tablespoons butter
  • 5 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups milk


  1. Combine the potatoes, celery, onion, ham and water in a stockpot. Bring to a boil, then cook over medium heat until potatoes are tender, about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir in the chicken bouillon, salt and pepper.
  2. In a separate saucepan, melt butter over medium-low heat. Whisk in flour with a fork, and cook, stirring constantly until thick, about 1 minute. Slowly stir in milk as not to allow lumps to form until all of the milk has been added. Continue stirring over medium-low heat until thick, 4 to 5 minutes.
  3. Stir the milk mixture into the stockpot, and cook soup until heated through. Serve immediately.

While I was prepping my potatoes for the soup, I noticed that Hudson was being extremely quiet.  I knew he was up to something so I sent Emma to look for him.  She kept hollering his name but no answer.  Then she told me to “hang on” and went into my bedroom.  I thought she was going potty or something and then a minute later she comes out and says “I had to watch something really quick on my show!”  I about died.  The girl loves her tv.  Anywho, at this point I was getting worried about Hudson so as I was going into the living room to look for him Emma found him.  He was just laying on the couch with his blankie under a pillow the whole time.  What a stinker.  He never made a sound!

Then that night we were about to put the kids to bed when Emma and Hudson got all silly acting.  Emma’s giggle box has been turned on recently and she giggles and giggles.  Somehow they had the bright idea to empty all of her drawers full of pants, skirts, panties, socks, pjs, etc and dump them on me.  I was cringing but couldn’t help but laugh.

Where’d Mommy go?

Excuse the crazy face please.  We were having too much fun!

It definitely wasn’t much fun cleaning up the clothes though.  :)

Saturday morning Emma had her last soccer game.  She scored 2 goals and they all played really well.  We loved our team and had a great fall season.  She’s already asking when she gets to play again!

Time to go get miss priss in the bed.  She’s fighting bed time tonight.  You would think tomorrow was Halloween or something.  :)

Training Update

This past week has been an okay running week.  I’ve switched up my long run days so I think that has me out of whack.  I still got in all of my scheduled runs except for 1 four miler which is okay.  I will say that after my 16 miler last Sunday, my legs were so tired on Monday and Tuesday.  I did weights on that Monday so when I went to run Tuesday morning I about died.  I’m meeting with my trainer in the morning and she’s going to get me on a good strength plan for the next 4 weeks.  Turns out I’ve been doing heavier weights while I need to be doing less weight, more reps.  I’m excited to meet with Laura again even if it is for only 1 hour.  She will kick my butt!

Here’s what I did this past week-

Monday-1 hour strength workout (full body)

Tuesday-ran 5 hard miles with Tracey at 5:30am in 52:13

Wednesday-1 hour upper body strength and abs

Thursday-ran 12 good miles total.  Ran about 9.5 with Amanda and finished by myself.  Total time 1:52

Friday-REST (meant to do strength at gym but it was so yucky outside the kids and I stayed home!)

Saturday-REST (on the go all.day.long)

Sunday-ran 8.11 miles with Tracey at 5:30am in 1:16.

This next week is going to be hard b/c I have a long run of 18 miles!  We have a super crazy week but I’m hoping I can get a babysitter or something so I can run Friday morning with friends for my long run.

Also, I’m realizing just how hard it is to run in 30 degree weather.  My body hurts when I run early in the cold.  I really need to get some cold running gear like a jacket or thermal shirt and I have picked out a beanie I want for my head.  http://www.saucony.com/store/SiteController/saucony/productdetails?productId=4-107640&skuId=***4****90282-BKPAU00000&showDefaultOption=true

A fellow blogger/runner highly recommends this hat and it’s only $20 so I need to just order it.  I also need some gloves and running tights.  This morning my capris just weren’t cutting it!

Oh and I signed up for the Huntsville Half-Marathon in 2 weeks!  George & my friend Tracey are running it (their 1st half!) and it falls on my 14 mile week so why not?  Unfortunately it falls on the same day that we are hosting a couples baby shower at our house so I am going to be super tired!  Hopefully George and I won’t collapse at the party!  :)

Our Big Girl and Spidey!

A few days ago Emma announced to me that she wanted to take off her training wheels!  I was so excited but figured she would change her mind once I took them off.  That was not the case.  We practiced several times and of course, never left her side.  I was terrified she would fall off and never ride her bike again!  I’m so proud of her for trying and more than once she did it by herself for a few seconds.

Last night she asked me to put them back on so she could just ride by herself but she’s excited to keep on trying.  :)  I feel like she’s really growing up now!  I remember taking my training wheels off when I was about her age at my granny Dunham’s house and running into a clothes pole.  :)  I’ve always been a bit clumsy!  Hopefully in a week or two she’ll get the hang of it.  So so proud of my big girl!

Emma is so excited for Halloween this year and told me several weeks ago that she wanted to be a pretty kitty cat.  That’s got to be the easiest, cheapest outfit around so I was very happy!  I had no clue for Hudson though.  At this age he doesn’t care so I didn’t want to put to much work into it, ya know?  Well the other day I was searching Target.com and came across a Spider-Man costume on sale for $14.65!  Hudson loves “Spidey” as he calls him and so does George.   George was more than happy to stop by Target on his lunch break to search for a 2T and luckily he found one and it is perfect!  Hudson & Emma loved it!

Isn’t he just adorable?!  Now we just need some candy!

Warrior Dash 2011

First off, I just realized this is post 801!  Wow!

Second, I don’t think I ever posted about George’s Warrior Dash race back in September!  What a bad wife I am!

The Warrior Dash was the week before my half-marathon so I didn’t participate since I didn’t want to get hurt.  Our friend Greg joined George for the fun though and the kids and I cheered them on.

The Warrior Dash was held in Manchester, TN which is 1.5 hours away and it was at the Bonnaroo field.  There were so many people that showed up.  I read somewhere they were expecting 30,000-50,000 people.  It was really crazy.  The day ended up being rather hot and there wasn’t any shade.  The kids did really well until the end of the race when George and Greg went to wash off the mud.  Emma had a major meltdown which was difficult with hundreds of people covered in mud walking around you and your kid is screaming.  I was so glad when they came back all rinsed off!

I think both boys really enjoyed themselves and while I can’t remember their exact time, it was somewhere around 33 minutes or 35 minutes.  Most of the obstacles weren’t too hard but I think they were tired at the end.  They started the race at 11:30 I think and the sun was really hot at that point.

Greg and George ready to race!

We met a few other Huntsvillians!

The big tent thingy…not sure what you call it!

Me and the hubs before he got dirty!  I wanted nothing to do with him all muddy and yucky!

Daddy and his princess

Hudson was very quiet most of the time and just relaxed in his stroller.  Such a hard life I tell ya!

George was excited to get the party started!

Have I mentioned all of the crazy (sometimes inappropriate) costumes??  Oh.my.gosh they were funny!  Some of them were not appropriate for children.  Don’t worry, I shielded their eyes.  :)

Where’s Waldo?  The kids and I had fun finding him.

I thought this couple was cute!  Holding hands and running through the finish line.  Aww!

The last obstacle was jumping over fire and then climbing under barbwire in lots of mud and rocks.  George’s knees and legs were all cut up from the rocks.  He’s on the left side of the picture.

Greg is on the right side of this picture after tackling the mud!

I hated that Greg’s picture came out blurry!  It all happened so fast.  Oh well, next year!

Daddy finally made it through to the finish line!  Boy, was he yucky!

Lots and lots of mud floating around.  People would accidentally bump into me and I ended up with mud on my arms and legs.  Yucky yucky yucky!

Our friend Sarah, from Cookeville, came down with another friend (Jessie) to race.  Somehow she found me and I almost gave her a hug and then remembered she was covered in mud!

The boys AFTER they rinsed off.  Luckily we had lots of towels and a change of clothes waiting for them in the van.

It sure was a fun adventure but it was so nice to come home and shower off all of the dirt and grime.  The boys got their awesome hats and huge beer mugs at the race.  They were like 2 kids on Christmas!

And of course, I couldn’t resist this picture of Hudson!  This was taken as soon as we got home that day.  :)

Overall it was a really cool race and I’ll probably run it with them next year.  We’ll have to do the 9am start time though b/c it was just too hot for me.  We will also try to find a babysitter for the little monkeys too.  They were really good but sometimes at big events like that it’s just easier to not have to worry with a stroller and 2 kids with thousands of people.  :)

So who is ready to get muddy at next year’s Warrior Dash???


I have had a great week of training and I think I ran the most miles ever in a week!  Surprisingly my runs were not very hard but after today’s long run my legs are really hurting.  I ran a long run of almost 16 miles in 2 hrs 19 minutes at the Greenway.  I was dreading it so much b/c the most I’ve ever ran was 13.5 four weeks ago.  Yesterday I kept telling myself how hard it was going to be and that I would never finish and I had to put thoughts far away once I started running.  As usual, the first few miles were hard but then I felt great until the end.  The last 2-3 miles felt so incredibly slow and I knew I would make it but my hips, toes, legs were just burning like the devil!  When I stopped running my whole body felt so tight and it was hard to stretch.  Then I felt like crying.  :)  Now that I’m home, had lunch, and showered I’m doing much better.

Oh and I should mention that my marathon training plan called for a 16 mile long run this week but the silly GPS on Runkeeper was not liking the Greenway so that’s why I was just under 16 miles.  So frustrating b/c I hate cutting my runs short especially the long ones.  But it was maybe .30 under so not too bad.

Now that I’m getting into high mileage training weeks I thought I would keep track of them.

  1. Sunday Oct. 16th- ran 10.09 miles in 1:35
  2. Monday Oct. 17th-ran 4.12 in 38:54
  3. Tuesday Oct. 18th- REST
  4. Wednesday Oct. 19th-ran 5.17 with Tracey in 49:03 and then ran 2.93 in 26:01 by myself to make 8 miles
  5. Thursday Oct. 20th- REST
  6. Friday Oct. 21st- ran 3.33 in 30:06 and I was FREEZING!
  7. Saturday Oct. 22nd- REST
  8. Sunday Oct. 23rd- ran 15.70 in 2:19

Total Mileage= 41.34  HOLY COW!

These next few weeks will be high mileage weeks too until I taper down before the marathon.  So far I feel great though and I’m really excited about the marathon!

Our Week

Last Friday night I had the privilege of babysitting baby Rose while her mommy and daddy celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary.  I was so excited to hang out with a newborn!  It feels like forever since Hudson was a newborn but we had a good night being lazy on the couch.  :)  Of course I had to snap a few pictures of her too.

Rose was so good and only had a minor crying spell.  I think she could tell that I was not her momma.  Hopefully they’ll ask me to babysit again soon!  She is such a dollface and I loved holding her all night.  :)

A couple of months ago I joined a moms club in my area.  The moms are so nice and I’ve enjoyed monthly girl’s night out, Bunco, and playdates.  I also joined the Secret Sister game and have had fun thinking of inexpensive gifts each month.  Since this month is Halloween I had to do a candy theme.  I found this super cute Frankenstein candy bowl in the $1 section of Target (actually it was 2.50) and I filled it with Halloween themed Hershey Kisses and wrapped a black bow around it.  I had bought some really cute $1 Halloween bags last year at Target too and so I put it in there & left it on her doorstep.  I thought it was so cute!  She ended up posting about it on FB and turns out it was the perfect day for her to receive chocolate.  Cute, huh?

On Saturday we had to wake up at the crack of dawn for Emma’s soccer pictures & game.  I’m not a fan of 8am pictures.  That’s way too early for this momma.  The game was great though & Emma played really well.  I can’t believe she only has 2 games left.  She has really enjoyed soccer this past year and excels at it.

Emma and her buddy Reagan.   Reagan started MMO with Emma this year but they are in different classes.  They get along so well.  Reagan has got to be the happiest, smiliest little girl I’ve ever met.  She is too cute!

After the game George had to complete his 9 mile long run for the week so he ran home from the soccer game.  It was really funny to think of him running home but I’m so proud of him for doing it.  That was his longest run so far!  In less than 1 month he’ll complete his 1st half-marathon and I can’t wait.

Once George made it home and we ate lunch we ventured out to Tate’s Farm.  We love going to the Pumpkin patch and both kids had such a great time.  This year they added a pillow jumper and it was a huge hit!

Hudson loved the tractor with the slide attached…

And of course, Emma loved the cotton jump!

The kids each picked out a small pumpkin and Emma couldn’t wait to get home and paint it.  I kept telling her we were out of paint but she didn’t care.  We ended up with brown and white paint and she was happy.  It was also Hudson’s first time painting!

On Sunday we stayed around the house and I did my 10 mile long run.  It was really easy for once and I felt great afterwards.  I’m so glad my legs/body are adjusting to running long distances.  Now I have to get through a 16 mile run this Sunday.  I’m a little nervous about it but I’ll survive.  :)

I had planned to take the kids to Cookeville on Monday b/c they are on Fall Break but Hudson was sick.  He actually started coughing after he went to bed Thursday night and on Friday it was a nasty deep cough that was constant.  I kept thinking I had heard that cough before but it didn’t hit me until Saturday afternoon.  It sounded just like his RSV cough that he had last winter.  He was still playing like normal even though at times he would act sick.  So I called first thing Monday morning and took him to see Dr. D.  I told her that it sounded like his RSV cough and sure enough, momma was right!  Poor guy has been hit with everything in the past year.  He ended up with a breathing treatment in the office and did 3 days of steroids.  Dr. D advised us to stay home this week so that’s what we’ve done.  We’ve gone to the store a couple of times but that’s it.   Hudson’s cough and congestion is finally starting to clear up but it is still there.  Unfortunately, Emma started coughing 2 nights ago.  Poor thing has hacked her head off yesterday & today.  Her cough is not deep like H’s but it is a hard cough.  I debated on whether or not she should go to dance tonight but she ended up going.  There was another little girl coughing in her class so I didn’t feel quite as bad.  Her teacher said she didn’t cough much during class either which was good.

I snapped a few pictures before we left for dance.  Emma was determined to learn how to jump rope today and it was cracking me up.

Emma wanted to take pictures so she snapped this one of Hudson and me.

We have another busy weekend coming up!  Hudson is getting a much needed hair cut tomorrow.  Then Emma has a soccer game Saturday morning, I’m going to Spring Hill for a Thirty-One party, and we have a babysitter coming.  Then I have my big 16 miler on Sunday.  I might just be wiped out come Monday!

Off to bed in a few!

More Beach Pictures

These are long overdue.  I’ve got more pictures to look through but here are a handful out of about 400!

This was Emma on our 1st morning to the ocean.  The ocean was so calm the first day and the kids had a blast!

Daddy and Hudson enjoying the view

Emma wanted to be buried in the sand and it was so funny!

I bought this truck and shovel set off of Amazon for about $10 and the kids all loved it.  Great purchase!

Sweet cousins playing so well together.  Love spending time with them!

I snapped this one night on the balcony and Hudson was saying “cheese!”  Love this little guy so much!

Emma is still a fish in the water.  The girl could swim all day!  I bought them both Puddle Jumpers on Amazon and they worked out perfectly.  I wish I had bought them sooner!

One afternoon Emma and Isaac took these boogie boards to the beach and we had told Emma about the under current being strong.  Poor thing was so worried about she kept getting upset.  It was funny and sad at the same time!

One of our favorite restaurants in Destin is the Back Porch.  I think that was the only place we went to eat that week besides the Donut Hole.  I had a fried Mahi-Mahi sandwich and it was delicious!  I can’t wait to go back! (Emma did not want her picture taken)

That night after the Back Porch we went across the street to the Track.  Emma got to ride with me in the go carts for the first time and she loved it!  We all had a great time and I loved this picture of Hudson and Graham.  He’s such a great big cousin!

I’ve got to sort through more pictures but hopefully I’ll get them posted later this week.  Time to watch some Dexter and get in the bed!

I’m Running A MARATHON!!!

I actually did it.  I registered for the 2011 Rocket City Marathon.  I still can’t believe I actually followed through and paid for it.  Now I only have 8 short weeks to get my butt in gear and RUN!

To be honest, I have taken a small break from running since my half-marathon 3 weeks ago.  We were only home a week after it before we went to FL and then last week I was just so tired from the trip.  I have been running just not as much.  On Sunday I busted out 10 miles that were actually easy and my legs were not sore after.  I felt great and really enjoyed it.

Last night after I registered I looked up Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 training plan and I think I’ll follow it.  He has the long run max out at 20 miles 3 weeks before the race and then I taper those last 3 weeks.  So with that being said, I need to run 16 miles this week for my long run.  Wow.  I know I can do it but it is going to be hard.  Wish me luck!

New Pajamas!

Does anyone else get as excited as me over new pajamas??  While we were in Destin we headed across the street to the outlet mall.  I love the stores at the outlet mall and always end up at Carter’s and Stride Rite.  We got the kids several pieces of clothing but mostly winter pajamas.  Poor Hudson has grown a few inches since last winter so his old pjs were way too small.  Here’s Hudson’s new firetruck pjs that he loves!

Yes, he is still obsessed with Emma’s necklaces and bracelets and his daddy hates it!  He piles on the jewelry constantly and walks around saying “pretty” and “my necklace”.  I think it is adorable!

By the way, please ignore my bookcase full of dirty hand prints.  I don’t have time to clean.  :)

Also, I looked in H’s mouth last night b/c I just knew he was working on his top 2 year molars and sure enough they are coming in.  Poor guy was all out of whack and I’m hoping he’ll feel better later this week.  At least he’s almost done with all of his teeth until age 6.  Whew!

Oh and he was giving me his fake smile in the picture above.  He’ll say “cheese” and it melts my heart!  He’s such a doll.

Now for Miss Emma.  The pajamas she’s wearing are new ones from Gabby that are so cute & soft!  We love Hello Kitty!  Thank you Gabby!

We let her pick out her very own pajamas this year and she was so cute deciding what to get.  I love letting her make some of her own choices about clothing.  She’s getting so big!

You might notice some face paint on her cheek too.  On Sunday she went with George to a 5k/Fun Run at Providence and they ran the 1 mile Fun Run together.  It was her second race and she beat her previous time by 1 whole minute with a new 1 mile time of 11:58!  I’m so proud of her!  George has some pictures of her but they are on his phone so I need to get those.  My little runner.  :)

Time to go get the munchkins and then head to see the ENT!  Hopefully we’ll find something out today with her stones.  :(