Hudson’s 2nd Birthday!

I can’t believe my little baby boy is now a 2 year old toddler!  I feel like he’s changed so much recently.  He talks so much and repeats almost everything I ask.  He’s so loving too and loves to love on his sister and occasionally tackle her.  :)

We are definitely at a fun stage with both kiddos and it makes me so happy to see them playing together.  Hudson is always saying “Emma, Emma, Emma” and she’ll say “what Hudson!” and he’ll just keep repeating her name.  It drives her crazy!  Today she said “stop copying me Hudson” in a whiny voice and then ran up to me (with H right behind) and said “he won’t stop copying me!”  It’s never a dull moment!

Since H’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year, I was busy packing and making his cake that morning.  I had baked the chocolate cake the day before and then made the chocolate buttercream icing that morning.  I was so happy with how the cake turned out.  I had found a picture online of what I wanted to do and it was so easy to decorate once we got to Cookeville.

The Wheeler clan came over not long after we arrived and Gabby had a super cute activity for the kids.  They had a blast making turkeys out of Oreos, Whoppers, red hots, and candy corn.

Gobble, Gobble!

Aunt Kathy and Amy joined us for dinner and then we had monster truck birthday cake!!!

Hudson was not smiling in any of our pictures and he almost looked terrified!  He loved his cake though. :)

The big kids were anxiously awaiting the candles…

Me and the birthday boy!

Present time!

The boy racked up on some monster trucks and trucks.  He is all boy when it comes to vehicles.  Cracks me up!

I think Huddy had a great birthday.  He was so happy to be at his Gabby & Ru-Rus’s house with his cousins.  We had so much fun visiting family and shopping and both kids did NOT want to come home!  ha ha!

Now we are back home though and apparently we are supposed to get up to 1 inch of snow tonight.  How awesome is that?!  Maybe this means we’ll have lots of snow this winter.  :)

Check back later this week for Thanksgiving pictures.

Only 1.5 weeks until my first marathon too-Rocket City, here I come!

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!

Little man woke up not long ago and as you can tell in the picture, he is enjoying a Reese cup for his breakfast!  When I got him out of his crib I said “Happy Birthday” and he said “no, mommy birthday!”.  Then he said “emma birthday!”.  It was rather cute.

Now he’s watching his favorite show-Monster trucks!

We’ve got a very busy day of making chocolate icing and then traveling for Turkey day!

Check back over the weekend for a birthday post involving monster truck cake and family pictures from Thanksgiving!

Salivary Gland Stones

Remember how Emma had salivary gland stones back in late September?  We originally did a round of antibiotics, 2 rounds of steroids, an ultrasound, and lemon heads.  I had taken her to the ENT in October because she was still complaining about them and the ENT kind of made me feel crazy.  I left that appointment almost in tears but over that next week I thought she was all better.  Then a few weeks ago she started telling me that the stones were still there and sometimes she would touch her cheek especially when eating.  So I couldn’t let it go.  I called the ENT nurse and explained my worries to her and how Emma couldn’t be making this up.  She was obviously still hurting from those stones even though we couldn’t see the knot under her jaw anymore.  We scheduled a CT scan.

Two weeks ago on Friday she had a CT scan.  They had told us she would have to be sedated but she was still enough that they didn’t have to.  Yay!  They did have to give her an IV though just in case and she was not fond of that.

I didn’t expect to hear anything since it was Friday.  Then on Monday afternoon I left a message for the nurse b/c I was really anxious.  No call back.  I got sick Monday night with my strep throat so Tuesday I let it go.  Then on Wednesday morning I had George call and leave a message.  Nothing.  Finally on Wednesday afternoon I had a phone call from a Nashville number so I answered it.  Turns out it was the pediatric ENT at Vanderbilt calling to schedule a consult for surgery.  WHAT???  I immediately started freaking out and crying.  I felt like poo and this call caught me off guard.  I asked the lady what the surgery was for and she couldn’t tell me.  She thought we had talked to our dr already.  Nope.

Come to find out, right before Vandy called our ENT had called George’s phone but it didn’t ring.  He did have a voicemail from the doctor himself which really freaked me out.  Turns out Emma’s stones had never gone away and they were lodged even deeper in her salivary glands.  They are going to surgically remove them in December. We have a consult on December 9th and then we’ll get the surgery date.

We did find out that this procedure is fairly new to the US.  It originated in Germany and up until a couple of years ago they had to fly patients to Indiana (I think) to have it done.  Vanderbilt just recently started doing this procedure which I’m very thankful for.

That’s all I know for now.  She was in some pain this week which I was told to give her Tylenol/Motrin.  We are also supposed to push liquids.  I really hate it that it’s at this point but I really just want her better.  This has gone on way too long.

Now we just wait for December!

Long Run/New Shoes

After being in the bed all last week with strep throat, I hit the pavement hard and fast this week for my last week of high mileage.  My poor legs have felt the pain after a week of nothing to four days and FORTY MILES!  Yes, I ran 40 miles this week total.  This has been my highest mileage ever.

The day before I got sick last week I had stopped by Fleet Feet to get new shoes.  It was time especially with my old Asics having holes from my toes.  I went up a half size this time to a size 9 b/c my toes were throbbing in my 8.5s.  I opted for the newest Asics-GT 2170.  I LOVE the colors!  These are my exact shoes…

The guy also talked me into arch inserts which took a few days to get used to.  I am very happy though that my toes aren’t scrunched anymore even though they still hurt really bad after a long run.

So on to my runs this week!

Monday- ran 5 miles outside in 43:55

Tuesday- ran 5 miles with Amanda in 43:00 and then 5 miles by myself in 47:00 for a total of 10 miles in 1:30:00

Wednesday- ran 5 slow miles on the treadmill (raining) in 48:00

Thursday- off

Friday- ran 20.62 miles (approx) in 3:15:38 with Amanda, Alyssa, and Barb

Week Total-approx 40.5 miles!!!

I still can’t believe I ran 20 miles today.  I was so nervous about it but it all worked out.  The first 12-13 miles weren’t too bad except my sports bra underwire broke on my right side so for the first 10 miles I had metal jabbing me in the armpit.  I just thought it was sports bra rubbing me but finally I felt it and was able to fix it until I got home.  Also, just like when I did the 18 miles, the last 3 were the absolute hardest miles ever.  I felt like I was barely moving and my legs were throbbing especially my right thigh.  I mentally start breaking down at the end and at times I just want to sit down and cry.  I had taken a GU Gel around mile 8 and then mile 17 and I carried the water bottle with me.  It was just hard.  But I guess if it was easy then everyone would run a marathon, right?  :)

On the bright side, my long run next week is 12 miles, then 8, and then the marathon.  I’m pumped about tapering.  Now if only I could drop this extra 5 lbs that I’ve put on in the past month and a half!  Who trains for a marathon and gains 5 lbs?  ME!  I’m sure I’ll drop it as soon as the race is over though.  Only 3 short weeks and my life won’t revolve around a training plan.  Until the next race!

Time for some X-Men with the hubs!  Both kids are in bed and I’ll be there soon I’m sure.  I will leave you with a super duper cute picture of Hudson attacking 2 suckers at once.  :)

Hmmm, what do we have here?

I wonder if I can get away with 2 suckers…


2011 Huntsville Half-Marathon

First, let me just say how PROUD I am of my George!  He rocked it out in his Vibrams on Saturday and got an awesome time for his first half.  I really need to ask him what his chip time was but I know it was 1:58 and some seconds.  Even though I picked on him for beating my 2 hour finish, I am so so proud and excited for him.  He has been training so hard and he was afraid he couldn’t complete in under 2 hours.  I was ecstatic when I saw him come around the curve and up the little hill.  Way to go honey!  :)

The morning of the race started out very early at 5:30am.  We got in the the bed around midnight Friday night so I was super tired.  I’m sure he was too.  George had him a yummy bagel for breakfast and I opted for a banana and Venti latte (which was free) from Starbucks.  :)  I was a happy girl!  Anytime I get a free coffee I go BIG and get Venti.

It took us a good 30 minutes to drive to the church since it was on the other side of town.  Parking wasn’t bad at all and we met our friends John and Sam.  It was John’s first half too which was exciting.

Our friends, Greg & Tracey, along with their 5 kids were there too.  I was really upset that I couldn’t run with Tracey but now I’m glad I didn’t.  It was her first half too and she killed it with a time of 1:47!  That girl is fast!  She has a natural running ability I think and she just amazes me with her speed.  I need to take lessons!

This race is small and is limited to 1000 runners.  I thought that was really nice b/c everything was very laid back and not over crowded like big races.  Sam and I stood on the corner right in the front while the runners got ready.  I took this picture and I love it!

The course was really flat and I loved when the runners came back by the start around mile 2.5.  George took his phone off and gave it to me b/c for some reason the Runkeeper wasn’t working.  It was nice getting to see him and cheer him on.

After we saw Tracey, George, and John come through, we all hopped into Greg and Tracey’s van and headed to the greenway.  It was probably 6 or 7 minutes away and we got there probably 15 minutes before Tracey.  It was around the 7 mile mark and then the runners turned around probably around the 8 mile mark and came back through around mile 9.  I do have to mention that there were 2 people set up with music and marracas.  They played some great tunes and kept dancing around and making me laugh.  They would bust out the running man dance and everything else you can think of.  It was really fun!

Here’s George around mile 2.5…

And just past mile 7…

After we got pictures of all 3 at the greenway, we jumped back in the van and headed to the finish line!

Luckily I got a really good spot for pictures right by the clock.  First up was Tracey!

Then George…

Then John…

After the race we all met up and we also found other friends and talked to them.  They had pizza, gogurts, bananas, apples, and other food for the runners.  The weather was really nice too except it got kind of warm at the end.  We stayed until about 11am and then we had to get moving since I was hosting the baby shower that evening.

George and John were really happy apparently!

Me and my super fast hubs!

And the really nice medal…

Overall it was a great race and I’m so proud of all of our friends that ran!  At first I was super upset that I couldn’t run but it all worked out.  I was so busy that afternoon preparing for the shower I was glad I didn’t run.  My back was extremely sore just from the stress and being tired so I would have really been hurting if I had ran.

Both of us now have a half-marathon under our belt.  Now on to the full!  :)

I’m Back!

Wow, what a week!  Last Monday I woke up with a scratchy throat but it wasn’t too bad.  I thought maybe I was just getting a cold.  No big deal, right?  WRONG!  Late Monday night I started running a fever and I felt horrible.  George took me to the dr on Tuesday and I had strep throat.  I haven’t had strep since high school I think.  I felt like I had been ran over by a semi-truck!  George had to stay home with the kids b/c I was not able to care for them and I’m so thankful for everything he did.  He was Mr. Mom for a few days!

On Thursday Gabby & Ru-Rus drove down to pick up the kids from school.  That was a huge help.  We had already planned on them going to TN for a few days since I was throwing a couples baby shower on Saturday.  The kids were so excited to go to their house so it made it easier on me.  Here’s a couple of pictures that Gabby emailed us…

Hudson was a happy boy riding the lawnmower with Ru-Rus!

And here’s Emma enjoying some cookies while playing Go Fish!

Once I finally felt better on Friday I was super busy getting stuff ready for the baby shower.  I’ve got lots of pictures to post but will save that for later.

The Huntsville Half-Marathon was also on Saturday and I ended up not running it but George did.  It was his very first half and he did awesome!  His time was 1:58 and I’m so proud of him.  I’ve got lots of pics from it too.

Now that I’m all better we are getting back to our routine.  I’ve got 40 miles to run this week with 20 of those being on Friday.  I’ve only got 4 more weeks until my 1st marathon!  :)

I’m anxious to get it done and over with and then next week will be Hudson’s 2nd birthday and then Turkey Day!!!

I thought I would post a couple of funny pictures from our playtime this morning.  Emma would say “I’m going to be a princess!” and then Hudson would say “I’m princess!”  He loves to copy his sister!


Who knew running would be so expensive?!

I JUST bought these new Asics at the end of July (I think) and I went to put them on a minute ago and saw holes in the top.  Silly toes getting in the way.  :)  I’ve been feeling like my shoes were wearing down recently and my poor toes have been suffering like crazy so I guess it’s time.  I just hate dropping another $100 already when I really don’t have it.  I’m hosting a huge couples baby shower this weekend, then H’s 2nd birthday, Christmas, and then my birthday.  Oh well, they are a necessity if I’m going to run this marathon in




George and I are also running the half-marathon next Saturday so maybe I should get new shoes this week…what do you think?

Speaking of marathons, who watched the NYC Marathon this morning?  Wow!  Those elite runners just amaze me.  I also can’t believe over 47,000 people ran the streets of NYC.  I’m so jealous and hope to one day run it.  :)

Now for something super duper cute!

Thanks to the wonderful time change, Mr. H was up at 5:45am!  He was super tired about 1.5 hours ago and was really whiney/wanting me.  So I went to get in the shower and I could tell he was laying by the bathroom door and he kept saying “mommy”.  Then about 3 minutes later George said I had a very tired boy waiting on me.  He had fallen asleep!  I opened the door to this…

This is with the door shut…

I’ll be back later with a post on my training this week.  I did my 18 miler and SURVIVED!


L-R Aunt Kathy, Susie, Amy, Me, Beth, and Judy

Last night I had a girl’s night in the big city of Nashville and got to see Wicked!!!  Let me just say that it was AWESOME!  I would have gone back tonight and watched it again if it wasn’t sold out.  :)  The characters and music were fantastic and I laughed for most of the show.  I think everyone needs to watch it at some point.  :)

All of us girls (minus Amy) stayed at the Embassy Suites at Vanderbilt and it was nice.  I’ve stayed at a couple of other ES and we’ve always had a good experience.  We did have an issue with a door key not working and the shower in one of the rooms wouldn’t drain but I thought my breakfast made up for it.  :)  I started my morning with a complimentary omelet and the BEST waffle!  That waffle was so very yummy and even though I was stuffed to the max, I couldn’t stop eating it!  That’s my favorite thing about Embassy Suites-FREE BREAKFAST!

Also, before the show last night Amy took us to a nice restaurant near downtown called Rumor’s East.  It was in a cute little bungalow type house and I ordered the best Margarita!  It was very smooth and tasty.  For my entree I got the Gnocchi and it was great too.  It was one of those nice little quaint places you go for a date or something.  Definitely not a place for kids.  I thought our service was very good and quick and the only negative for me was the price.  We rarely ever go to a pricey dinner these days unless it’s Cantina Loredo (ha ha) but my bill alone was almost $40 (included tip).  Of course, that included a drink, house salad, and entree.  I would go back though and try some of their fancy named wines.  :)

I’m so tired tonight I’m going to bed as soon as my clothes finish drying.  Hudson has been sound asleep for awhile, Emma & George are at a Hockey game, and I may or may not be about to devour some Ben & Jerry’s.  :)  Top it off with some Grey’s and it is the perfect night.

Check out Hudson in his new pajamas from momma Tracy.  Isn’t he cute?  I love the colors and it was so cute watching him try to figure them out.  He doesn’t know what footies are yet.

Big boy loves to brush his teeth!  But only by himself.  He definitely doesn’t want anyone’s help.

Only 20 more days until Hudson’s 2nd birthday!

Happy Friday (tomorrow)!