Counting & ABCs

It’s no surprise that poor little Hudson doesn’t get the same attention as Emma did.  With Emma we stayed home alot and just played and worked on stuff all day long.  These days life is just busy.  I still think of Hudson as my little baby and I’m so not ready for him to grow up.  :)  I have no desire to switch him from his crib to a big boy bed and would be fine keeping him there until he’s 18.  ha.

So I was super surprised a couple of weeks ago when Hudson starting counting.  Emma always did things very early and I if I remember correctly, she was counting at like 15 months old and counting to 20 by 18 months old.  She’s a girl and just does things quickly.  So while I work with Hudson some, I just haven’t done it much.

He was sitting on my lap 2 weeks ago and was banging his 2 cars together and saying something.  I wasn’t paying much attention b/c I was watching American Idol-which I’m loving this season!  After a minute or two I started paying attention to him and realized he was counting as he hit his cars together!  I about died!  He would hit the cars together and say “one” and so on.  I quickly paused the tv and had George and Emma listen.  Then Emma had him counting to twenty.  So how long has he been counting?  I have no clue!  This just came out of nowhere.  I was so proud.  :)

Then last night in the Shaggy’s parking lot he sang his ABCs with me for the first time ever!  I’ve been working on that for a long time with him and every night for the past so many months I sing them over and over at bedtime.  He can definitely point out letters if you ask him “where’s the A” but to hear that sweet little voice sing with me was so sweet.  He’s such a doll!

Now I just need to get it on video.  I’ll do my best to work on that.

I still have more pictures to share from Emma’s big birthday weekend but for now I’ll share some older pictures of H…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who is having a wonderful V-Day?  This girl!  :)

We had a rather rough ending to our night last night because Emma was refusing her antibiotic and being a complete drama queen.  So it was super nice to wake up at 7am and find these lovely ladies on the kitchen counter.  I love that G addressed them to Emma and I both.  He also had cards for both of his girls and some Dove chocolate.  That boy knows how to win my heart-chocolate!

We got the monkeys just a little something and I can tell you that they have both had ENTIRELY.TOO.MUCH.SUGAR.TODAY!  They are being wild animals.  Is it too late to get a sitter?  ha!

I thought Miss Drama Queen looked rather cute this morning before school.  Love her pink ruffly cardigan.

While the kids were in school I had a much needed coffee break with my dear friend Christa.  While we were there we got serenaded by a young guy in a tux.  It was rather comical.

Then I met up with another Thirty-One consultant and we delivered our thermal totes to the hospital.  I wish we could have hand delivered them but they wouldn’t let us.  I’m super stoked though that 174 were given to families in the NICU, pediatric oncology and I believe some kids on the pediatric floor.  That makes my heart happy!

After the delivery I met George for a very tasty lunch at Catina Laredo.  It was so good!  We had some guacamole that they make fresh at your table and it hit the spot.  Too bad I don’t have any guac at the house.  Maybe they deliver?  :)

After lunch I picked up my sugar overloaded children and came home so they could eat more sugar.  Yep, they’ve consumed an illegal amount of sugar today.  So why am I craving frozen yogurt??  We probably shouldn’t take them tonight, should we?

We also made Daddy his Valentines and the kids had a blast!  I thought they turned out really adorable!

Now if Daddy would just come home from work we could give them to him!  Unfortunately he’s been stuck in a meeting.  So glad I didn’t make any plans for us!  Silly work.  Glad I didn’t make us a big fancy dinner either.  It’s a pb&j night I guess.  :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Emma Turned 5!

George and I still can’t believe that we have a 5 year old!  Time just seems to fly by now that we have 2 kids.  Only a couple more months and I’ll be registering her for Kindergarten!  Ahhh!

Friday was her official birthday but she kept saying her “real” birthday was Saturday because that’s when her party was.

On Thursday night George and I stayed up late cleaning and then decorating the house for the birthday girl.  We had to wake up early Friday morning b/c she had a checkup at Vanderbilt.

When she got up and saw the decorations she was so excited!  Then I was putting some clothes in the washer and she runs up to me and says “Mommy, do I look bigger?” and she was kind of shaking her arms around.  I said “I think so” and then she ran to the bathroom to see.  Then she starts squealing and says she is definitely bigger.  It was so incredibly cute!

Gabby and Ru-Rus met us in Nashville to help with the appointment and then we met cousin Amy and a family friend at the Spaghetti Factory for lunch.  It was very tasty!  Another funny story-after we finished our meal our server brought out Spumoni for the 2 birthday girls (Amy & Emma) and there was a candle in each one.  Apparently Emma had just told Gabby that she had to go potty.  Well three servers came out and announced to the whole restaurant that we were celebrating two birthdays and Emma runs from the table jumping and crying saying she couldn’t hold it and she had to go NOW!  It was hilarious!  Poor thing was about to die so since I was holding Hudson, Gabby saved the day and got her to the bathroom.  Once she did her business she was ready for her spumoni.  :)   Ru-Rus relit the candle so she could blow it out.  :)

From there we headed home and we even got to see some snow!

We were all so tired that night that we just sat around the house and had tacos.   Emma loved having her grandparents here and was ready for her party.

To be continued…

I’m tired so I’ll write about the party tomorrow hopefully!

Welcome Baby Addison!

I am so in love.  Last Friday my dear friend Ashli gave birth to an adorable little princess.  She is a doll!  Surprisingly I don’t have baby fever for once, BUT I just want to snuggle that little angel!  The funny thing is I asked Emma if she wanted a new little brother or sister last week and she quickly said “NO!”  ha!  She went on to say that she liked our family the way it was and then she agreed that I had too many babies.  What a hoot!

Back to Addison!  She was born just before 1pm on Friday and of course, I was waiting patiently to go see her.  :)  She was sound asleep when I got there and I got to hold her a lot.  Made this momma happy!

Addison loved me so much that she immediately pooped on me!  It was fun though b/c I got to help Ashli change her very 1st poopy diaper.  Good times!  Hopefully I’ll get to go visit them tomorrow while the kids are in school b/c I’m dying to hold her.  Newborns are just so sweet with their little grunts, and those legs stretching and kicking.  LOVE LOVE LOVE me some little babies!

Speaking of babies-Team Anderson held a Thermal Tote drive last week for the Huntsville NICU and we had 241 thermal totes donated.  How awesome is that?  I don’t know if all of them are coming to Huntsville or not but I can’t wait to fill them with goodies and deliver them to the families in the NICU on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been so excited about this and hope it brings a smile to the families.

I still can’t figure out how to download pictures from my iphone.  I’ve got so many good pictures on there and I want to share them.  Maybe tonight I can get George to help me.


Who has done Pilates?

I think I’ve attended 3 classes in the past week at the Y and I love it!  I am surprised at how hard it is!  I thought with all of my running that it would be cake but it’s not.  I’m trying to venture out and not run so much.  My hip flexor on my left side is still KILLING me when I run so I’m trying to give it a break.  Pilates is hard on it sometimes b/c we do lots of leg lifts and such but it is manageable.  For now I’m doing Pilates on M/W and then running 2-4 miles afterwards.  Today I ran 3 miles after class and walked .75.  It felt great.

I also tried Zumba yesterday.  Yep, shoot me now.  I always told George that I would drop dead before  I tried Zumba but I did it.  I’ve never done so many body rolls, hip thrust, etc in my life.  I was so embarrassed and it was hard to learn the moves.  I was told that it would take a few times to really catch on so I might give it another go next week.  I’m not sold yet.  It was a good workout but I prefer spin or pilates or running.  I just didn’t “feel” it like other workouts.  Oh well, at least I did it!  And I was in the FRONT row with a room of almost 60 women!

What kind of workouts have you done this week?  I’m having fun switching it up!