Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who is having a wonderful V-Day?  This girl!  :)

We had a rather rough ending to our night last night because Emma was refusing her antibiotic and being a complete drama queen.  So it was super nice to wake up at 7am and find these lovely ladies on the kitchen counter.  I love that G addressed them to Emma and I both.  He also had cards for both of his girls and some Dove chocolate.  That boy knows how to win my heart-chocolate!

We got the monkeys just a little something and I can tell you that they have both had ENTIRELY.TOO.MUCH.SUGAR.TODAY!  They are being wild animals.  Is it too late to get a sitter?  ha!

I thought Miss Drama Queen looked rather cute this morning before school.  Love her pink ruffly cardigan.

While the kids were in school I had a much needed coffee break with my dear friend Christa.  While we were there we got serenaded by a young guy in a tux.  It was rather comical.

Then I met up with another Thirty-One consultant and we delivered our thermal totes to the hospital.  I wish we could have hand delivered them but they wouldn’t let us.  I’m super stoked though that 174 were given to families in the NICU, pediatric oncology and I believe some kids on the pediatric floor.  That makes my heart happy!

After the delivery I met George for a very tasty lunch at Catina Laredo.  It was so good!  We had some guacamole that they make fresh at your table and it hit the spot.  Too bad I don’t have any guac at the house.  Maybe they deliver?  :)

After lunch I picked up my sugar overloaded children and came home so they could eat more sugar.  Yep, they’ve consumed an illegal amount of sugar today.  So why am I craving frozen yogurt??  We probably shouldn’t take them tonight, should we?

We also made Daddy his Valentines and the kids had a blast!  I thought they turned out really adorable!

Now if Daddy would just come home from work we could give them to him!  Unfortunately he’s been stuck in a meeting.  So glad I didn’t make any plans for us!  Silly work.  Glad I didn’t make us a big fancy dinner either.  It’s a pb&j night I guess.  :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Katie @ Team Skelley

    My kids got a MASSIVE amount of sweets for VDay this week. And of course, I have been eating all of it.  And I wonder why I cannot drop these extra five lbs. 😀