The Dreaded Dentist!

Last week BOTH kids went to the dentist.  It was Emma’s 2nd time and Hudson’s first.  I was so anxious about it and extremely glad when it was over.  Luckily George was able to join us so that really helped out!

Emma was a bit of a drama queen and really made the hygenist work for her paycheck.  :)  She has got to be the most stubborn little princess I’ve ever seen.  After she was held down we were able to get her teeth clean but it took about 30 minutes.  Whew!

Then it was time for H-man.  After seeing Emma kicking and screaming on the table, I’m surprised he didn’t hide!  He definitely did NOT want the dentist looking in his mouth but the dentist was really good with him.  Since it was his first time, he just looked in his mouth and thought his teeth looked great.  Hopefully next time he’ll get a good cleaning.  :)

After the dentist the kids and I headed to the mall to get Hudson some new shoes.  We headed over to Stride Rite in the mall and he picked out some awesome Spider Man shoes!

Then we headed to the food court where Emma saw the trampoline thing.  She about died and wanted to “jump now, now, now!”  She’s my little daredevil!  Not realizing how high she would actually jump, I said yes.  At first, she just jumped a little and it was not bad at all.  Then she really started jumping.  My heart and stomach started flipping but she LOVED it.  She loved it so much she immediately wanted to do it again.

Time to go play outside!  It is gorgeous today!