Emma is playing soccer for the 2nd year now and still loves it.  She plays in our local AYSO league and couldn’t be happier.  Her first game ended with some tears b/c although she came super close to scoring a goal, she didn’t.  As soon as the game was over she threw herself down and sobbed.  She is so competitive and we are working on it.  She scored 2 goals (I think) at the second game and it was much better.  She did an awesome job and had so much fun!

Oh and after looking through 100+ soccer pictures, I think she has her tongue hanging out in 95% of them!

I love this one!  She had just scored a goal and high-fived her team mate.  Her smile just makes my day!

Roller Skating with Barbra

About a month ago Barbra celebrated her 17th birthday at the skating rink.  Emma had never been skating but I used to spend every weekend at the skating rink when I was in junior high so I was pumped!  We ended up having a blast & I even got to take a loop or two by myself while Emma took a break & snacked.  :)

I was so proud of Emma because sometimes she can get discouraged if she can’t do something really well but she never gave up trying!  By the end of the party she was doing great at holding her balance and we had so much fun!  My arm/shoulder was so so sore the next day though from holding her hand so tight and trying to keep her from falling.  I think it was a great workout!

Don’t those skates look huge on her?  Such a big girl these days!  I signed her up for Kindergarten last Thursday.  I still can’t believe it!