Potty & Bedtime

First off, isn’t this the sweetest, most adorable picture ever?  :)  George put both kids in Emma’s bed the other day for a nap and I had to take a picture.

Its been just over 2 weeks now since we put Hudson in a toddler bed and Emma staying in her bed all night.  Both transitions have been going better than expected, especially with Emma.  A couple of nights she never even came into our room!  Then sometimes she’ll come in once and want to give George a hug and then she goes back to bed all by herself.

George told her to stay in her room until it was light outside.  So a couple of mornings I’ve gone in to find her blinds half open b/c she was checking to see if it was light out.  How cute is that?  It has been so nice to not sleep on the edge of my bed and not have elbows and feet in my back.  :)

Hudson has been doing okay with his new bed too.  The first couple of nights he constantly came out of his room but now that has stopped.  The biggest obstacle is he likes to come in our room 4-4:30ish and I have to get up and put him back in his bed.  Then it’s almost impossible for me to go back to sleep so I’m a tired cranky mommy.  Last night was really bad.  BOTH kids were up 3-5 times starting at 4am.  Hopefully this phase will pass soon.

Tonight when Hudson was getting in bed he told me he wanted to sleep with his beep beeps.  That’s fairly normal until he started lining every beep beep up in his bed that he could find.  He was so happy so I let him keep them there.  It was so cute.


Now for the super exciting news!

Barbra babysat for us Saturday night and she texted me that Hudson had went potty on the big boy potty.  I was a little sad that I wasn’t there for it but that’s ok.  So I decided to kind of go with it and not get my hopes up that he’ll be out of diapers next week.  :)   Isn’t he growing way too fast?

Anyways, he has gone pee pee several times for me this week.  Emma is his biggest cheerleader and she cracks me up.  She acts like his mother all the time and it’s so funny.  I’ve started doing the M&M reward thing with him b/c that is what worked with Emma.  So I said 3 M&Ms for pee and 5 for poop.  Well Emma keeps insisting that he should go poop so he can get FIVE M&Ms.  It’s killing her that he won’t go poop in the potty.  ha!  Somehow she thinks she gets a reward when he goes.  Too funny.

I’m definitely not pushing him at this point to go.  Since he’s in the nursery at school they don’t work on the whole potty thing.  So it seems almost point less to really work on it right now.  Fingers crossed though that it won’t be much longer.  It’ll be so strange to stop buying diapers!


It is bedtime for me!  I’m going on a girls beach trip to Gulf Shores tomorrow and I still haven’t packed!  I’m excited b/c this is my first trip to Gulf Shores.  Hopefully George will survive with the kiddos and animals.  :)  Happy Mother’s Day to me.

My Beautiful & Talented Cousin!

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Nashville for the Fresh Beat Band show and to see my cousin Monya’s art show at school.  It worked out perfectly for us to stop by the art show and then head straight to the Ryman.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but my cousin Monya is super talented in art and fashion design.  Some people just have a knack for the arts and that is Monya.  She’s been painting and drawing since she was little bitty and now she plans to attend a fashion design school when she graduates.  I couldn’t be more proud!

While we were at the art show, Monya was given an award.  She’s grown into such a beautiful graceful young lady.  I’ve always said that Monya and Melica are the BEST behaved girls and I mean it.  Aunt Marsha and Jim did a terrific job raising them.  :)

Here’s Monya accepting her award-

I think Monya’s passion is fashion design.  She created this dress out of magazine paper (I think) and she won $16,000 in scholarship money to a fashion design school.  How awesome is that?  I think she’s rather amazing!  :)

She had several other pieces displayed at the show and a couple involved Emma and Hudson.

Here’s a painting she did based on a picture I took of Hudson as a baby.

Then she painted a picture of Emma’s shoes and her hospital baby hat.  I loved this one!  She also included a snippet of Emma being born early.  Love!

Here’s a few other pictures and this one is one of my favs!

We are so so very proud of you Monya!  You are such a talented sweet girl!

Big Boy Bed!

Hudson is almost 2.5 now and we finally made the switch to a toddler bed.  I really didn’t want to switch him since he is our amazing sleeper but he finally learned how to get in/out of it so I wanted to get it over with.  I feel like he’s not my baby anymore!  He’s such a big boy and I keep thinking about potty training him and it just doesn’t seem right.

Unfortunately, the whole big boy bed thing has not been easy.  I think we’ve had 2 full nights of sleep since making the switch last Monday.  I thought it would be easier but he knows he has this new freedom and he’s taking full advantage of it!  Little stinker.

He also knows that Emma ends up in our room every night and he constantly says “i want sleep mommy’s bed.”  When I say no, he then says “I want sleep Emma room” and while it is cute, we are NOT going there!  Emma has been coming into our room since she was probably 2 and while I do love sleeping with my babies, it has to stop.  There is no way 4 of us can fit in our bed along with Braxton!

Hopefully in a few more days Hudson will realize that we are not giving in to him sleeping with us and he’ll resume his normal sleeping habits.  :)


We’ve also started a new chart for miss Emma.  Today was Day 2 of sleeping in her own bed all night and making her bed in the morning.  We have been holding her Ipad hostage and so we told her when she gets 24 stickers she can have it back.   Basically she gets 2 stickers a day for each item and we are doing the chart for 2 weeks.  She’s been very excited about it so far and hopefully it will work!


Over the weekend we finally decided to empty Emma’s piggy banks.  Over the past 5 years I’ve been putting all spare change in her banks and family members have been adding too.  She has quite a stockpile!

Not counting the cash and silver dollars, she had $159 in coins!  We had fun separating it and rolling it as a family.


On Sunday we worked all day cleaning out our garage.  I think we did the biggest purge ever in our 10 years together and it feels so great!  The kids and I loaded it all up on Monday and took it to Goodwill.  Our garage looks so much better now.  I’ve still got more cleaning out to do inside the house & in the attic but I feel less stress every time I pull into the garage.  :)

I wanted to remember something that Hudson did during our big Sunday purge.  At one point in the late afternoon we had left both kids in the house for a few minutes thinking that they were watching tv.  It was hot out and Hudson had a major red hot face so I thought it would be good for them to rest.  Well, about 15 minutes later I went into Emma’s room and noticed green and pink marker all over her carpet.  The green was everywhere.  I.about.died.  George brought Hudson inside and he said he did it.  George started scrubbing and at first, it looked worse but then it started coming off.   It’s still there but not as noticeable.

Anyways, the markers he had used were for this Melissa & Doug birthday cupcake set of Emma’s.  You can use the markers to paint stuff on the cupcakes and it is super messy.  Emma always likes to pretend it is someone’s birthday and we’ll sing “Happy Birthday” and then pretend to blow out the candles.  So as we were scrubbing, Hudson stands at the play kitchen with those cupcakes and starts singing Happy Birthday.  I had no clue he could sing it!  He would sing “happy birthday to you.  happy birthday to you” and then blow out the candles.  It was just so sweet and reminded me just how much he’s growing.  He just talks and talks and his so loving and sweet.  :)