Pics From My Iphone

Since George got me my iphone back in December it seems that I hardly ever take pictures with my Nikon.  My iphone is so handy & the pictures are normally good.  The other day I uploaded almost 200 pics and videos from the last couple of months.  Here’s a few…

My long time friend Rachel had her first child, Layla. She is 1 month old today and we got to see her about 2 weeks ago for a quick visit. She is absolutely precious and I can’t wait to hold her again!


Hudson and Graham from a couple of weeks ago. So sweet!


Anna cut Emma’s hair at the end of May and for the first time she let her wash her hair in the big girl chair!



Emma got several inches cut off and then Anna put a pink streak in it for the day and Emma was in heaven!


I had the kids take a “last day of school” picture and of course, Hudson was not interested. Emma kept posing with her hands on her hips turned sideways. :)


Hudson with his teacher Ms. NeNe. We LOVE our NeNe and she just loves on Hudson all the time. We couldn’t be happier with our church/MDO program.


For Mother’s Day this year I went with a few other friends/moms to Gulf Shores. We went Thursday-Sunday and had the best time. We’ve all decided this will be an annual tradition. :)


I sure did miss these guys while I was gone! My in-laws came down to help George and my MIL sent me this pic before they went to lunch.


We went to Panoply this year for the first time with our sweet friends Kylie, Ella, and Lucas! It was so great to see them and the girls acted like they had been friends for years. I love how they just cling right together even though we only see them once or twice a year. In case you don’t know, Ella Grace was Emma’s NICU neighbor and shared a lot of the same experiences.


The girls looking at the ducks


All 4 kiddos had a blast running around chasing each other. Such a perfect night!


A couple of months ago we went to the B’ham Zoo with our friends Amanda, Asher, and Austin. The kids had fun & it was the perfect weather!


Hudson being Hudson


My crazy big double knock out roses early in the spring. Then the beetle bugs got ahold of them & they looked terrible. A few weeks ago George cut them way down and sprayed them really well & now they are looking beautiful again.


A couple of months ago George ran a 5k beside his work and Emma and I ran the 1 mile fun run. She LOVES running and we are both so happy. We hope to have her run her first 5k soon. Those little legs sure are fast!



I LOVE this picture of Ru-Rus and Hudson! This was taken a few months ago and it just makes me smile. :)


Emma has got to be the funniest sleeper ever. She sleeps with her eyes open all the time and it is so freaky! It always cracks us up!

George’s 30th/Summer Fun!

It has been over a month since my last quick post & while the kids are playing I thought I could give an update from my phone. I’m so slow at typing so it’ll be a short post!

The kids are loving summer & we are staying busier than ever! We are always attending play dates, going to gym, swimming, Botanical Gardens, or just playing at home. We decided to enroll the kids in the summer program at school this year & they go on T/Th. they both have their same teachers & are loving summer school. I love my “me” time too.

Hudson is pretty much potty trained except he still doesn’t like to go poopy on the potty. That is driving me crazy! He’s so good at going pee & he stands up like a big boy.

We also moved Hudson to a full size bed 2 weeks ago. It’s going great and sometimes he & Emma take turns sleeping in each others bed.

That’s all I’ve got time for now but I have a couple cut pics to show you. The kids love their slip n slide!

We had a low key Father’s Day.  Poor George.  His 30th birthday was on Thursday so I was wiped out from that & really slacked this year on being creative.  He did get this music software that he wanted and I made a Shutterfly family picture for him to take to work.  He we are at Cracker Barrel for brunch yesterday…

Hudson did NOT want to take a picture so George copied him.

George has been having fun beating me at Words With Friends!  Yesterday he played a 63 point word and then he played a 108 point word.  Stinker!

On Friday night we met George after work at Bridgestreet for some family fun.  It was super busy.  Last Thursday H&M opened up so I’m excited to take my sis-in-law there when they come down this week.

And last of all, the birthday BOY!  The kids and I had so much fun going to his work after school and decorating his car!  We filled it with balloons, tied balloons to the door, put streamers inside and wrote silly things on the windows.  He was so embarrassed!  Apparently no one at work knew it was his birthday so when he walked out the lady that handles all of the birthdays at work saw his car.  He said she was mad that he didn’t tell anyone it was his birthday.  Ha ha ha!

We went to dinner at Sakura (hibachi) that night with Ashli, BJ, Addy, Carmen, Paul, Rose, and our kiddos.  We took a picture of Ashli’s family and then my phone died so I have no pictures of Paul & Carmen or the cake.  We really enjoyed visiting with our friends and both of their sweet baby girls!

Then we came home and opened presents.  George was super excited about his new Beats by Dre headphones.  He asked for them so it wasn’t a huge surprise but he LOVES them!