The Tooth Fairy Visits!

Someone had a very exciting visit from the Tooth Fairy last Tuesday night!  I can’t believe miss Emma has already lost her first tooth and the one right beside it is loose!  Both of her big girl teeth are already coming in behind them so she won’t be toothless for long.  She absolutely loves losing teeth and she even wanted to pull it all by herself.  We were both squealing!


Just before we realized the tooth was ready to come out, I had moved this vanity (from Ru-Rus) into Emma’s room and she was so excited.  She moved her hair brush, hair clips/headbands into the drawer and immediately started fixing her hair.  It was so sweet.  Then she said she HAD to sit at her vanity to pull her tooth.  So when she started pulling the tooth all the way down I realized it was time to turn on the video on my phone.  It all happened so fast!


Once she pulled it down and gave it a little twist it just popped out!  We were both jumping and squealing and there was blood gushing everywhere. ha!  It didn’t phase her one bit though.  She just kept looking at herself in the mirror.  :)



Cousin Amy had given Emma a tooth fairy pillow at Christmas (I think) and she has been carrying that pillow around for months!  I honestly didn’t think she would lose a tooth until the first grade but she showed me.  THANK YOU so much Amy & Matt for the awesome pillow!  The tooth fairy left her 5 $1 bills and she was ecstatic.  She immediately told me she was ready to lose another tooth so she could get more money for a glow tent thingy she saw on tv.  :)

Can you see that little white thing with the red?  That’s her teeny tiny tooth.  She seriously has the smallest teeth ever.  So cute!


The funniest thing was when Emma showed Hudson that it was gone.  He had this panicked look on his face and I thought he might cry.  I told him that it was okay and it was supposed to come out.  Then his expression changed and he said “I want my tooth out!”  It was so funny.  He wants to do everything like his sister!

Oh and I need to type this out so I remember all the details.  We first realized her first tooth was loose on a Monday evening at dinner.  George had just walked in the door and Emma was eating a lunchable.  She told me that the bologna hurt her tooth which I thought was weird.  She had been having major salivary stone pain all weekend so I thought it had something to do with that.  Then I looked at it and realized it was loose.  She had to find her tooth fairy pillow ASAP and wanted to pull it out that night.  It ended up taking 2 weeks for it to come out.  Such a big step and right before Kindergarten!  I have to admit that I teared up when I realized it was loose just b/c it is such a big milestone.  Our little girl is growing up way too fast!




Life has been busy as always.  My brain is fried at night and I usually just veg out with the tv once the kids are in bed.  Summer school is almost over and next M, T, W of next week Emma has Kindergarten camp each morning.  Then only a couple of weeks until school starts on the 20th!

I’m trying to make the most of our last month of summer so last Thursday night we went back to the kiddie carnival in Athens.  We love going there and hope to make it back one more time this summer.

Then on Friday night I was itching to go out as a family so we hit up Smash Burger first and then went bowling.  The kids had so much fun and have asked about  a million times each day if we can go back.  :)  It was a fun night!

Lastly, this was Mr. H at dinner last night.  He was so hungry and put his fork down and started eating with his hands.  He was acting like an animal and was cracking us up.  He is all.boy.  Such a mess!


I also need to mention Emma and how she says the blessing at dinner.  She’s been doing this for probably 2 months now.  It is so precious and so sweet and it just melts my heart.  I need to get it on video but most of the time it sounds something similar to this-Thank you for this nice day.  I hope you enjoyed your day.  Thank you for this nice meal that Mommy made.  I hope you like it.  I hope you have a good night.  Amen.

Oh my goodness, everyone needs to hear it!  It’s just so funny and she makes us all do prayer hands and she won’t start until we have.  Absolutely love it.  :)


Time for this mommy to hit the sack!  Poor George has had a fever since Sunday.  :(  I’m really hoping he’s better tomorrow.  I need my better half!