Kindergarten Camp

Last M-W Emma attended Kindergarten Camp at her school for 2 hours each day.  She absolutely loved it and she can’t wait to start school on the 20th!

Hudson and I got to walk her in each morning to her class.  She said her teacher, Ms. Carter, is super nice.  Ms. Carter has been teaching for several years and lots of people seemed to know her.

She had the kids sit down and color while all the kids arrived.  Then they walked around the school and learned the rules of walking in the halls and bathroom.  One day they got to color with chalk outside and another day they played on the playground.  I just can’t believe the time has come for kindergarten!  I had to really fight back the tears that first morning of camp but I did okay.  :)


While Emma was busy at school, Hudson and I joined our Moms Club on Monday for cupcakes at Gigi’s!  The kids had mini cupcakes which were awesome!



We even got Emma a HUGE pink cupcake for her big day at school.  Don’t worry, she didn’t eat all of it.  :)  She was so happy!


Just a little over 1 week until school officially starts!  I can’t believe summer is almost over.  Time definitely flies by.

Both kids also started gymnastics last week.  Emma has been begging for gymnastics for the past year now so we signed her up for a beginner 5/6 class and Hudson is in a preschool class.  They both LOVE it especially Hudson!  This is his first time doing an activity besides school, and he just has a huge smile on his face the entire time.  I’m able to watch them both and it’s fun.  One of my favorite parts is when they are both on the gym floor and whenever Hudson sees Emma he’ll say “HI EMMA!” and wave to her until she acknowledges him.  So sweet!

Emma is also doing dance and soccer again this year so little miss is going to be really busy!  Looking forward to our big year!

  • Victoria Rodney

    Such cute photos!  I have never heard of kindergarden camp!  Sounds fun!  By the way I love the wreath outside your door! Did you make it?  Its lovely!:)

  • btitsworth

    Thank you!  I had the wreath made a nursery.  I picked out the pink stuff and the guy put it together for me.  Funny thing is people always think the bird is real.  :)