Tooth Fairy Visits Again!


Yesterday I dragged sent Emma to her room for doing something she wasn’t supposed to.  Probably kicking her brother or something to that effect.  :)  Anyways, a minute later she started saying “mommy, come here” in a rather happy voice for just getting in trouble so I was worried.  Turns out she had went in her room and tried to pull her 2nd loose tooth out and it was barely hanging in her mouth.  She was grinning from ear to ear and I had to help twist it out.  Mommy did the heebie jeebie dance just a little and then Emma started screaming “awesome!”, “this is so AWESOME!” and all was peaches and cream in our house.

She already has both grown up teeth in and now they just need to move into place.  The tooth fairy left a $5 bill again and she was very happy!  I thought we might leave $2 this time but George said he was leaving a $5.  These teeth are going to get expensive!

Just like the first time, Hudson was so sad that he didn’t lose a tooth too.  He wants to do everything just like Emma and it is so cute.


In other news, school starts next week!  Tomorrow night we have Emma’s open house and on Friday we have Hudson’s.  Emma is all ready but poor Hudson is not.  He keeps saying he’s not going.  Poor kid.

On Saturday we went to Swim For Melissa with our wonderful friends Kylie, Ella, Lucas, and baby Cooper.  We had so much fun swimming and visiting with our best NICU friends!  Emma even swam 4 laps as an individual swimmer and we were so proud.  Poor thing has a really bad cough so when she got out of the pool she started hacking like crazy.  :(

I took lots of pics but here’s one for now.


Oh and I almost forgot this super cute picture.  We went to TN for several days over a week ago and I took this on my granny’s porch.


I also liked this one of Arnold and Hudson.


Now for one of the sweetest pics ever!  I think this will be on their Christmas card this year.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!  My cousins, Monya & Melica…