Emma’s 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Monday was Emma’s first day of Kindergarten and only the girls went.  Then yesterday the boys went and today all the kids went.  So far she loves it!

Monday morning started off just a little rough.  She was really tired b/c she was up twice in the night and we woke her up a little before 7am.  Normally we don’t “eat” breakfast as soon as we get up so she was not in the mood to eat!


Then we were rushing out the door and we were afraid we were going to be late.  As we were backing out of the driveway we almost hit a neighbor who was walking and his wife/child that was in their van.  It was rather embarrassing especially when the wife gave us a very dirty look.  Whoops!  Turns out their daughter is a kindergartner too and her classroom was right beside Emma’s.  Double whoopsie!

Anyways, once we got into the parking lot everything was peachy.  Emma was stoked and we took off across the parking lot.  Normally George will drop her off on his way to work but we all 4 rode together on the first day.  I love this picture of Daddy and his babies.


Emma and Mommy


Emma in front of her class


She went right in to her class and was all smiles and giggles.  She sat right down after saying hi to her teacher and then we bombarded her with pictures.  Love these!






We left quickly after taking pictures b/c there were still several parents in the room and it was time for school to start.  Everything was so rushed that I didn’t even cry until I downloaded the school pictures about 20 minutes later.  I tried my best to keep it together so Hudson wouldn’t think I was crazy.  :)

I was really surprised that Emma wanted to buy her lunch on that first day.  They had pizza, peaches, salad, corn, and chocolate milk.  We told her to get regular milk but of course, she didn’t.  ha!  Lunch is only 1.85 which is super cheap, right?  I sent money that first day but they give every kid a 5 digit number that has to memorize quickly.  Guess we should be working on that huh?

Since Emma goes to lunch so early (10am), they have a snack in the afternoon.  You can either pay 1.25 and buy it at school or take your own.  She was all about buying it at school so she bought some chips and a bottle water.  I think it ‘s funny that we bought all of these snacks and mini waters and she wants to buy it.  Hopefully once the newness wears off she’ll take stuff from home.

Hudson and I went to pick her up at 2:45 but you can’t pick them up until closer to 3 after the busses leave.  Then today we left right at 3 and she was one of the last kids left.  Whoops!  I felt so bad!  The funny thing is the bus was already at our house when we were leaving.  I think next week she might start riding the bus home in the afternoon since it is faster than me picking her up b/c she is the 2nd stop in the neighborhood.  Hudson still naps too so both days I’ve had to wake him up to go get her.

It’s so hard to believe that she goes back tomorrow and the next day!  I think it’s a big adjustment for me b/c for the past 2 years she’s only done T/TH at MMO.  Hudson and I enjoyed ourselves today and I got the bathrooms cleaned and made a nice big dinner.  Very easy day.  :)  Hudson is so laid back that we just chilled together.

On Friday I’m helping during lunch which I”m super excited about!  I hope Emma doesn’t get clingy while I’m there.

She was telling me and George tonight about what happens if you get in trouble.  Then she said she’s working really hard to be the best behaved girl and not move her card.  It was so sweet.  :)

Time to get these monkeys in bed!  They both have school tomorrow and I’ve got a hot date with Honda for an oil change.  Never a dull moment!

  • Liz H.

    Addison also likes to buy her lunch at school. Their’s is $1.00, which my husband and I agreed that we can’t even purchase lunch supplies for that cheaply! Sounds like she had a great first day! I can’t believe that our kids are old enough to be in kindergarten.