H-man started school on Tuesday (MMO) and so far he loves it!  He’s going 3 days this year instead of 2.  That really helps us both b/c I think it’s more fun for him.  With Emma being gone all day, he constantly ask “now we go get Emma?” about 10 times a day.  :)  The sun was super bright that morning so he had a hard time smiling for the camera.  He also had to wear his new shoes that don’t really match his outfit but who cares, right?  He’s so cute!  I have found that he lives in his athletic shorts now that he is potty trained.  At school he has to be able to pull his pants up/down by himself and it’s really hard to do with buttons.  I did put his khaki shorts on him today but I’ve seen him get them up/down by himself before so hopefully no problems.


With Hudson having a late birthday he is in the older 2’s even though he’ll be 3 in Nov.  Ms. Kristi and Ms. Jennifer are his teachers and our little friend Asher is in his class too.  That made the transition so much easier!  He’s also in the “yellow” room again which is where he was in the summer.  Hudson is so well behaved at school and his teachers think he is the cutest sweetest boy.  He definitely is a keeper.  :)

Emma wanted a picture that morning too.  :)  She actually had Tuesday off of school so we went and got mani/pedis, ran errands, and had lunch with my friend Christa and Heather.  She was a big girl!



I feel like we are now getting into the swing of things but I have been so busy while they are in school.  Today I got to help with Emma’s class in the lunchroom at 10am and I loved that!  I’m also tearing out hundreds of pages and putting them together for Emma’s teacher.

Also, on Wednesday they had to wear the color red to school.  I realized that Emma only owns 1 shirt and 1 Christmas dress that is red!  Everything is either pink or purple!  :)


I’m off to a lunch date!