First Week of Kindergarten!


Well we all made it through the first week of Kindergarten and Hudson’s first week of MMO.  George has been swamped at work, I’ve been busy running errands/cleaning, and of course being a chauffuer!   We were all so tired last night that the kids were sound asleep before 8:15 and George and I went to bed too.  Unfortunately my little night owl Emma was up several times in the night though.  Little stinker.  :)

I had signed up to work in the lunch room at 10am yesterday (super early lunch!) and boy was it fun!  I was worried that Emma would get really clingy and be upset when I left but she actually did very well.  I loved seeing her classmates interact and they were all very well behaved.  I helped them open milk & ketchup and cleaned up spills, etc.  More than likely I’ll help in the lunch room at least once a week.

Emma’s teacher also asked for volunteers to tear out workbook pages and cut papers, etc.  Of course I volunteered and Thursday she met me with my first assignment.  She asked me to tear out 60 pages of 18 workbooks and then I have to put each page in a different stack.  Wow!  So far I have all of the pages torn out but I still have to separate them.  Since it is cheaper paper it was so difficult to rip out and so I’ll to trim up some with scissors.  No wonder they ask for volunteers.  This stuff takes forever!  But I don’t mind helping.  :)

Overall, it was a busy but wonderful week.  Emma LOVES school and even though I know she’s tired, she has come over every day and been so well behaved!  I was worried that she would be cranky and whiny but it has been really nice.  She and Hudson have played so well together every afternoon too.  Hudson misses her so much during the day!  It definitely makes it easier with him going to school 3 days.

I also wanted to add something funny before I forget.  We all know that our last name is rather funny.  I’m used to all of the remarks now and yes, I still get them all the time.  George and I have always said that the kids will get teased in school from it but that’s just part of life.  So on the first day of school when we did kindergarten pick up, they called into the mega phone with our first & last name.  No big deal.  Then on Wed, Thurs, and Fri I noticed that they called every other child by their first & last name except for Emma.  Every single day they just said “Emma” into the mega phone.  At first when they did it I thought “how in the world will Emma know it’s her turn to leave b/c there are several Emmas!”  But I guess the teachers have talked & probably agreed that when they announce “Emma” they mean her.  It doesn’t bother me, but I think it’s funny.  I didn’t realize our last name would be an issue so early!  Kind of funny, huh?

Alright, time for a birthday party!  Yay for the weekend!