Hudson’s Haircut

Last week my friend Melissa was able to get Hudson in for a quick haircut before we left for Texas.  Up until this point, I always had to sit in the chair with him and we both would be covered in hair.  Yuck!  This time he actually sat in the chair all by himself and wore the cape…well for most of it anyways!


Such a big boy!  His favorite part was getting a big sucker.  :)


Later that night we set off for New Braunfels/San Antonio, Texas and it only took us 16 whopping hours!  :)  It was a fast but wonderful trip b/c my brother Hunter got married.  I haven’t seen my brothers since Hudson was 3ish weeks old so a visit was due!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the kids had a blast at the reception.

My heart was so sad to leave TX though even though Chandler went back to Houston and Hunter is starting his new married life in California.  It’s always so hard to say goodbye but hopefully *fingers crossed* we can take a trip to CA to visit in the near future.  I’m so proud of my baby brothers but I wish we lived closer.

Both kids were in the wedding so here’s a little picture of my babies!  We took over 400 pictures so I’ll share a few more later.




Me and the Bride & Groom!  So happy to have Lauren as a sister-in-law!  I had met her back when they graduated high school over 4 years ago and I always said that I hoped they made it through college and got married.  They don’t get much better than Lauren and I know her and Hunter are just perfect for each other.


More to come!