Emma Time!

Today Hudson and I met miss Emma at school for lunch.  I love eating lunch with her.  Lunch is at 10am which is super early but we made it.  She’s always so excited when she sees us!


Have I mentioned how much Emma loves school lunch?  She buys it everyday and always says how good it is.  Strange girl!

Her little friends were so funny too.  They kept asking me 20 questions like “what’s your name?”, “is that her brother?”, “how old is he?”, “is he older than Emma?” and this want on the entire time.  So cute!  I love watching Emma interact with her friends.  After she finished eating she just got up and took her tray to the trash can without even telling me.  So independent at school!


Every night Emma has a little homework which just takes a few minutes.  Normally she has to read and that’s it but tonight she had a worksheet to do too.  We have to initial it and send it back.

Tonight we were working on holding our pencil the correct way.  Of course she didn’t want to do that but I kept telling her to do part of her homework with the pencil the correct way and she could also hold it her way.  I explained that she would have more control over the pencil if she held it a certain way.  Well she tried it with some of the letters in her name and then she got to writing the number 3.  The 3 didn’t turn out very well she said and she informed me that holding the pencil the correct way made her out of control.  It was so funny.  Such a dramatic little stinker!

I tell you she has been a pistol the past week and a half.  She’s had so much attitude to last a lifetime and I think we are about to pull our hair out!  She’s been so defiant too.  Hopefully next week she’ll get back to her normal happy nice self.  :)  Although I don’t know…we are traveling this weekend and that normally makes her even more cranky when we get home.  Whatever are we going to do when she’s a teenager???  :)