Blog? What Blog?

Somehow I’ve completely forgot about the blog.  Nah, not really.  I’m just too tired and lazy to update it these days.  I think about it constantly and I stress myself out thinking of all the daily fun I want to blog about (mainly for the kid’s milestones/memories) but I just can’t seem to stay on top of it.  So every month or so I’ll hopefully make time to post pictures and do a quick update but that’s all I can promise for now.  :)

Emma is still loving school and I can’t believe she’s almost halfway through her Kindergarten year.  I knew she would love school and she sure does.  Last Friday the school had Thanksgiving lunch for family so George and I both had lunch with her.  That was George’s first time and she was over the moon to have Daddy sit beside her.  The girl loves her daddy.


I had volunteered to sit/be in charge of her class all.day.long Friday while her teacher helped with the spelling bee.  Lets just say I’m so glad I did not get an education degree.  I love love love little kiddos BUT not 18 of them that are so excited it’s Friday and don’t want to listen.  It was mass chaos this mommy needed a glass or better yet, bottle of wine.  :)  I asked Emma as we were leaving school if the kids always acted like that & didn’t listen.  She said “no mommy, they never act like that for Ms. Carter.”  ha!  There were a few times I wanted to crawl in a corner and give up.  Yep, it was that fun.  But I’m always one for helping out.

We had a super busy fun filled weekend!  Friday night our church hosted a parent’s night out so the kids had lots of fun while we shopped for Christmas.

Then on Saturday Emma had a birthday party, I attended a Shutterfly party and then we attended the Polpanich’s 6th annual Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a record breaking amount of people attend (close to 70) and we all had a great time.  It was much easier this year since the kids have gotten older so we could relax just a little bit.

On Sunday we skipped church and cleaned the house.  Then Emma had another birthday party at Pinkalicious.


Emma and I were gone most of the afternoon and when we got home I had to turn around and leave again.  I helped serve Thanksgiving food for NICU families and it felt so good to give back.  It still is hard to go back to that time and all of those scared feelings come back but then I realize how lucky we were/are.  I got to talk with several nurses and they all loved hearing about the kids and couldn’t believe it’s been close to 6 years!

Monday morning Emma had to go to school and Hudson kept saying “I miss Emma.”  I just love that little boy.  He is such a vibrant happy little guy and he reminds me so much of George with his laid back style.  He’s so loving and just genuinely happy.  Don’t get me wrong.  He can have his almost 3 year old moments but for the most part, he is just a sweetheart with a bunch of love to share.  :)  I can not believe that he will be 3 on Friday!!!  Wowsers!  Oh how I miss him as a baby.  He was seriously the BEST baby ever.  So easy.  I’m so excited to celebrate his birthday on Friday!

Here’s our little birthday picnic that we had Monday morning.  He loves to pretend play these days.


Yesterday after Emma got home we had some beautiful weather so I made the kids take a few pictures for me.  They so did not want their picture taken but I won!  Here’s some cute ones.







Hoppy Tuesday!