All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth…

Miss Emma had a big dentist appointment today!  She had a little cavity filled on one of her top teeth and she had not one, but two teeth pulled.  Yep, baby girl has been put through the ringer!  The cutest part was she had NO IDEA that he was pulling any teeth.  They told me to not mention that part b/c it would terrify her so I only told her about the cavity being filled.  When she finally woke up in the car she was super surprised to find two missing teeth!  At first I worried she might be upset but she wasn’t.  She loved being toothless and found it really funny that she was so numb.  She kept asking me why her lips were so big & it was even funnier when she tried to drink a chocolate milkshake.  :)  For some reason it kept spilling.  ha!

The actual procedure took less than 30 minutes I think.  We had to arrive 1 hour early b/c they wanted her to drink the special orange drink to relax.  That was the exciting part.  We went back in the exam room and Emma just took a big swig of the orange drink without even thinking and she quickly regretted that!  She held it in her mouth for about 10 minutes and finally swallowed it down.  The rest of it did not go down that easy.  She refused it for about 10 minutes and finally after lots of tears and pleading to go home, it took 3 of us to hold her down and use a medicine dropper.  It was absolutely horrible and I wanted to cry.  She was making it way worse than it should have been and it was hard.  She was spitting it back in our face and fighting us with all of her might.  That’s one thing about Emma.  She’s a tough cookie!  The girl does not give up!  :)  Once that was done and over the morning went much smoother.  She ended up falling asleep for the procedure so it was gravy.

I still haven’t taken a picture of her teeth or her without her teeth but that is coming.  Here’s a couple of pics from the office.  She chose strawberry for her flavor and laid there so still.


I’ll post pics of her cute little smile and those big ol teeth tomorrow.  She’s so excited for her tooth fairy visit tonight!