Tooth Fairy Visit!


Somebody got a big visit from the tooth fairy last night!  She was so excited this morning.  She found $10 in her purple tooth holder.  She told me that instead of saving for a crayola color dome that she’s going to use that money to buy me a christmas present.  :)  Bless her sweet heart.


I just love the little plastic purple tooth holder that the dentist gave her.  She said from now on she wants to put all of her bottom teeth in it and she’ll put all of her top teeth in her tooth fairy pillow.



Look how long those teeth are!  They look ginormous to me!





In other news, Hudson turned 3 last Friday (Black Friday).  He keeps asking me if he’s still 3.  Such a cutie!  I’ll post pics from his birthday soon but for now here are his stats from the dr today before I forget.

Weight- 34.2 lbs 75%

Height- 39.5 inches 90%

George ended up taking him b/c I have a weight class on Wednesdays that is like personal training.  Since I pay for the classes and I’ve already missed 1 or 2, I really hated to miss again.  Plus I knew he wasn’t getting shots so that helped.

George said Dr. Dudley was a little concerned b/c Hudson doesn’t hear/make all of his sounds.  He said she sang “la la la”  and when Hudson repeated it, it didn’t come out right at all.  We’ve noticed this before but I assume he’ll grow out of it.  He also doesn’t make his “S” sound.  I think it’s rather cute but I guess we need to fix it before he starts college.  :)

Other than that it was a great appointment.  Such a big boy!  He loves being 3 so he can go to the big boy play area at the Y.   That’s all he cares about!

Here’s one pic from his birthday dinner…