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Tooth Fairy Visit!


Somebody got a big visit from the tooth fairy last night!  She was so excited this morning.  She found $10 in her purple tooth holder.  She told me that instead of saving for a crayola color dome that she’s going to use that money to buy me a christmas present.  :)  Bless her sweet heart.


I just love the little plastic purple tooth holder that the dentist gave her.  She said from now on she wants to put all of her bottom teeth in it and she’ll put all of her top teeth in her tooth fairy pillow.



Look how long those teeth are!  They look ginormous to me!





In other news, Hudson turned 3 last Friday (Black Friday).  He keeps asking me if he’s still 3.  Such a cutie!  I’ll post pics from his birthday soon but for now here are his stats from the dr today before I forget.

Weight- 34.2 lbs 75%

Height- 39.5 inches 90%

George ended up taking him b/c I have a weight class on Wednesdays that is like personal training.  Since I pay for the classes and I’ve already missed 1 or 2, I really hated to miss again.  Plus I knew he wasn’t getting shots so that helped.

George said Dr. Dudley was a little concerned b/c Hudson doesn’t hear/make all of his sounds.  He said she sang “la la la”  and when Hudson repeated it, it didn’t come out right at all.  We’ve noticed this before but I assume he’ll grow out of it.  He also doesn’t make his “S” sound.  I think it’s rather cute but I guess we need to fix it before he starts college.  :)

Other than that it was a great appointment.  Such a big boy!  He loves being 3 so he can go to the big boy play area at the Y.   That’s all he cares about!

Here’s one pic from his birthday dinner…


All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth…

Miss Emma had a big dentist appointment today!  She had a little cavity filled on one of her top teeth and she had not one, but two teeth pulled.  Yep, baby girl has been put through the ringer!  The cutest part was she had NO IDEA that he was pulling any teeth.  They told me to not mention that part b/c it would terrify her so I only told her about the cavity being filled.  When she finally woke up in the car she was super surprised to find two missing teeth!  At first I worried she might be upset but she wasn’t.  She loved being toothless and found it really funny that she was so numb.  She kept asking me why her lips were so big & it was even funnier when she tried to drink a chocolate milkshake.  :)  For some reason it kept spilling.  ha!

The actual procedure took less than 30 minutes I think.  We had to arrive 1 hour early b/c they wanted her to drink the special orange drink to relax.  That was the exciting part.  We went back in the exam room and Emma just took a big swig of the orange drink without even thinking and she quickly regretted that!  She held it in her mouth for about 10 minutes and finally swallowed it down.  The rest of it did not go down that easy.  She refused it for about 10 minutes and finally after lots of tears and pleading to go home, it took 3 of us to hold her down and use a medicine dropper.  It was absolutely horrible and I wanted to cry.  She was making it way worse than it should have been and it was hard.  She was spitting it back in our face and fighting us with all of her might.  That’s one thing about Emma.  She’s a tough cookie!  The girl does not give up!  :)  Once that was done and over the morning went much smoother.  She ended up falling asleep for the procedure so it was gravy.

I still haven’t taken a picture of her teeth or her without her teeth but that is coming.  Here’s a couple of pics from the office.  She chose strawberry for her flavor and laid there so still.


I’ll post pics of her cute little smile and those big ol teeth tomorrow.  She’s so excited for her tooth fairy visit tonight!



Blog? What Blog?

Somehow I’ve completely forgot about the blog.  Nah, not really.  I’m just too tired and lazy to update it these days.  I think about it constantly and I stress myself out thinking of all the daily fun I want to blog about (mainly for the kid’s milestones/memories) but I just can’t seem to stay on top of it.  So every month or so I’ll hopefully make time to post pictures and do a quick update but that’s all I can promise for now.  :)

Emma is still loving school and I can’t believe she’s almost halfway through her Kindergarten year.  I knew she would love school and she sure does.  Last Friday the school had Thanksgiving lunch for family so George and I both had lunch with her.  That was George’s first time and she was over the moon to have Daddy sit beside her.  The girl loves her daddy.


I had volunteered to sit/be in charge of her class Friday while her teacher helped with the spelling bee.  Lets just say I’m so glad I did not get an education degree.  I love love love little kiddos BUT not 18 of them that are so excited it’s Friday and don’t want to listen.  It was mass chaos this mommy needed a glass or better yet, bottle of wine.  :)  I asked Emma as we were leaving school if the kids always acted like that & didn’t listen.  She said “no mommy, they never act like that for Ms. Carter.”  ha!  There were a few times I wanted to crawl in a corner and give up.  Yep, it was that fun.  But I’m always one for helping out.

We had a super busy fun filled weekend!  Friday night our church hosted a parent’s night out so the kids had lots of fun while we shopped for Christmas.

Then on Saturday Emma had a birthday party, I attended a Shutterfly party and then we attended the Polpanich’s 6th annual Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a record breaking amount of people attend (close to 70) and we all had a great time.  It was much easier this year since the kids have gotten older so we could relax just a little bit.

On Sunday we skipped church and cleaned the house.  Then Emma had another birthday party at Pinkalicious.


Emma and I were gone most of the afternoon and when we got home I had to turn around and leave again.  I helped serve Thanksgiving food for NICU families and it felt so good to give back.  It still is hard to go back to that time and all of those scared feelings come back but then I realize how lucky we were/are.  I got to talk with several nurses and they all loved hearing about the kids and couldn’t believe it’s been close to 6 years!

Monday morning Emma had to go to school and Hudson kept saying “I miss Emma.”  I just love that little boy.  He is such a vibrant happy little guy and he reminds me so much of George with his laid back style.  He’s so loving and just genuinely happy.  Don’t get me wrong.  He can have his almost 3 year old moments but for the most part, he is just a sweetheart with a bunch of love to share.  :)  I can not believe that he will be 3 on Friday!!!  Wowsers!  Oh how I miss him as a baby.  He was seriously the BEST baby ever.  So easy.  I’m so excited to celebrate his birthday on Friday!

Here’s our little birthday picnic that we had Monday morning.  He loves to pretend play these days.


Yesterday after Emma got home we had some beautiful weather so I made the kids take a few pictures for me.  They so did not want their picture taken but I won!  Here’s some cute ones.







Hoppy Tuesday!

Women’s Half Marathon 2012 & Pictures!

Tomorrow I am running in the Women’s Half Marathon for the 2nd time in Nashville!  Last year’s race was so amazing and I had the best time.  I love everything about it especially the crowd support.  So far, no other race has compared.

My goal is to beat last year’s time of 2 hrs.  I don’t care if I beat it by 10 seconds.  I just want to beat it.  Unfortunately I haven’t trained on hills as much as last year and I’ve not been doing my strength training so I’m a little nervous.  :)

But I’m uber excited to be running with a good friend.  This is her very first half marathon and I hope she loves it as much as I do!  It’s always fun to race with a friend.

The kids are super excited to go to Aunt Marsha’s house and watch Monya cheerlead at the homecoming game tonight.  Yay!

Wish me luck tomorrow b/c I might need it!  :)

Here’s a couple of pics of the kids from the past week.  Enjoy!

Our sweet friend Barbra asked Emma to be in her senior pictures.  They did some in regular clothes and some in their ballet outfits.  So I had to curl Emma’s house and put a smidgen of makeup on.  She loves getting dolled up!


Last weekend George’s parents came down for a visit and Judy and I took Emma fall shopping.  I got a few things for Hudson too and he was so excited.  He had to put on one of his new shirts and his new soccer cleats.  He is such a cutey patootie!


Alright, time to get moving!

Emma Time!

Today Hudson and I met miss Emma at school for lunch.  I love eating lunch with her.  Lunch is at 10am which is super early but we made it.  She’s always so excited when she sees us!


Have I mentioned how much Emma loves school lunch?  She buys it everyday and always says how good it is.  Strange girl!

Her little friends were so funny too.  They kept asking me 20 questions like “what’s your name?”, “is that her brother?”, “how old is he?”, “is he older than Emma?” and this want on the entire time.  So cute!  I love watching Emma interact with her friends.  After she finished eating she just got up and took her tray to the trash can without even telling me.  So independent at school!


Every night Emma has a little homework which just takes a few minutes.  Normally she has to read and that’s it but tonight she had a worksheet to do too.  We have to initial it and send it back.

Tonight we were working on holding our pencil the correct way.  Of course she didn’t want to do that but I kept telling her to do part of her homework with the pencil the correct way and she could also hold it her way.  I explained that she would have more control over the pencil if she held it a certain way.  Well she tried it with some of the letters in her name and then she got to writing the number 3.  The 3 didn’t turn out very well she said and she informed me that holding the pencil the correct way made her out of control.  It was so funny.  Such a dramatic little stinker!

I tell you she has been a pistol the past week and a half.  She’s had so much attitude to last a lifetime and I think we are about to pull our hair out!  She’s been so defiant too.  Hopefully next week she’ll get back to her normal happy nice self.  :)  Although I don’t know…we are traveling this weekend and that normally makes her even more cranky when we get home.  Whatever are we going to do when she’s a teenager???  :)

Hunter & Lauren’s Wedding! (Part 1)

Yesterday I finally got all of my wedding pictures uploaded, cropped, and on Facebook!  That’s a record for me recently.  :)  I still can’t believe that it was over a week ago that we left for TX and now we are back in the swing of things at home.  I definitely wish we had more time to visit with Betsy and the boys.  It was so so good to see them and of course, I gained a sister-in-law!

Originally we were going to leave super early Thursday morning since it was a 16 hour drive but with Hurricane Isaac we were going to hit heavy rain in Little Rock. So we decided to leave Wednesday night and drive all through the night.  Call us crazy but it worked out awesome!  It was 9:30 before we hit the road and I drove until 5am.  Not sure how I managed to drive that long but I think it was adrenaline.  The kids slept really well until about 3am (I think) and then Emma woke up first.  Hudson woke up probably an hour later but they were both good.  My awesome friend Tracy had given both kids an art box/lap desk that is so stinking cute and the kids LOVED them!  I’ll have to take a picture so you can see.  It was the best gift ever!  George took over around 5am and I slept for about 2 hours.  Then around 9am we stopped in Rockwall, TX at a Chick-fil-A for a long stop.  The kids had fun playing and Hudson had a major poopie problem so I was thankful he still had a pull up on from the night.

We ended up getting to New Braunfels which is where the wedding was at around 1:15pm.  We had a nice big room and we were above a conference room which was perfect with the kids until we started having an ant problem.  Yep, that was not cool and then we got moved to a smaller room but it happens.  The other big issue was George and I had only had couple of hours of sleep and George had been really sick to his stomach the whole trip.  Well of course with the kids you can’t exactly sleep so we got unpacked and let them play in the room.





Then it was my Uncle Arnold’s birthday (he went with us) so I wanted to take him out to dinner.  It ended up being 8pm before we went to dinner so we were absolutely exhausted and the kids were wearing down fast.  But I was determined to take him to dinner.  We went to a really cool place called Grist Mill which was only 10ish minutes from the hotel.

For some reason my stomach was feeling funky and I could hardly eat.  I was also falling asleep at the table so we tried to eat quickly and leave.  Around 12:30am or so I woke myself up moaning & groaning and sure enough I had a FEVER.  Ugh!  I rarely get sick and the one time I need to have lots of energy, I get sick.  My stomach felt horrible and my temp was almost 102.  I was so upset but luckily I had packed plenty of Ibuprofen and Tylenol so that helped a little.  I ended up with a stomach virus & spent most of the next day in the bed.  George still wasn’t 100% either but he took the kids swimming and to Target to get me stuff.  Not fun at all.  I was determined to make it to the Rehearsal dinner that night even though I was a zombie!  So glad I went though.






After the rehearsal we all headed over to Cucino’s (I think).  It is an Italian restaurant and even though I could hardly eat, what I did eat was good!  I was so upset that I couldn’t eat and have any wine.  At least I was feeling better.  After we ate Lauren and Hunter presented the wedding party with some gifts.  Hunter got a new monster truck which he was ecstatic about.  That was the perfect gift for him!  Lauren gave Emma a beautiful bracelet, necklace, earring combo.  She loved it!  She was so excited to wear them with her flower girl dress.  Here you can see the bracelet…


We went back to the hotel after that and went to bed.  George and I felt so much better the day of the wedding and we took the kids to Landa Park and rode a train and fed some ducks.  That was a lot of fun but we had to get back early b/c Emma was getting her hair and make up done at 2pm.  She loved that of course!




Emma and I had rode separately and then George, Hudson and Arnold came later with Betsy.  I was worried that Hudson wouldn’t put his suit on but as soon as he walked in the door he said he wanted it on!  He was so excited and actually liked getting dressed up!  Both kids were absolutely adorable and I was a proud momma.  :)


I also snapped a few other pictures before the wedding.  I think Lauren did an excellant job on all of the decorations and favors.  Such a laid back yet beautiful Texas wedding.

Here’s Lauren with Chandler

The Groom’s cake












I’ll post more wedding pictures next.  Almost time to get Hudson from school!

Didn’t Lauren do a great job with the decorations??  I LOVED it all!  Check back in a day or two for the rest.  :)

Hudson’s Haircut

Last week my friend Melissa was able to get Hudson in for a quick haircut before we left for Texas.  Up until this point, I always had to sit in the chair with him and we both would be covered in hair.  Yuck!  This time he actually sat in the chair all by himself and wore the cape…well for most of it anyways!


Such a big boy!  His favorite part was getting a big sucker.  :)


Later that night we set off for New Braunfels/San Antonio, Texas and it only took us 16 whopping hours!  :)  It was a fast but wonderful trip b/c my brother Hunter got married.  I haven’t seen my brothers since Hudson was 3ish weeks old so a visit was due!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the kids had a blast at the reception.

My heart was so sad to leave TX though even though Chandler went back to Houston and Hunter is starting his new married life in California.  It’s always so hard to say goodbye but hopefully *fingers crossed* we can take a trip to CA to visit in the near future.  I’m so proud of my baby brothers but I wish we lived closer.

Both kids were in the wedding so here’s a little picture of my babies!  We took over 400 pictures so I’ll share a few more later.




Me and the Bride & Groom!  So happy to have Lauren as a sister-in-law!  I had met her back when they graduated high school over 4 years ago and I always said that I hoped they made it through college and got married.  They don’t get much better than Lauren and I know her and Hunter are just perfect for each other.


More to come!

Our Weekend

We had a pretty low key weekend.  On Friday night we were all in bed just after 8pm.  We were all exhausted from the first week of school and George has been working lots of hours at work.

Saturday George took the monkeys to town and ran a few errands while I picked up the house.  I think we need to make that a Saturday tradition.  :)  They got home just in time for us to switch drivers and the kids and I headed to a birthday party at The Little Gym.  Emma and I did a mommy & me class there just before she turned 2 and loved it.  We all had a great time and Emma wants to have her 6th birthday party there.  :)



After the party the kids and I ran some errands and then spent a quiet evening at home.  George worked from about 1:30pm-1:30am and the kids were so tired that we just stayed home.

Then on Sunday morning I got up with the chickens and did my long run of 9 miles.  I have the Women’s Half Marathon coming up in 3 weeks so the past several weekends I’ve been doing 9-10 miles on Saturday or Sunday.  Then we went to church.  Emma moved up to Trek Town (K-4th) and we moved Hudson up to the 3 & 4 year old class.  Both love it!

Then we ran some errands after church and I had to finish sorting/stacking the workbooks for Emma’s teacher.  That was a handful!  Now I know why teachers ask for parents to help.  I couldn’t imagine being a teacher and having to do all of that work at home on top of other work.  It probably took me 3 hours to tear out all of the pages and separate.

George ended up going back into work for the night so the kids and I once again had a quiet easy night at home.  Thankfully they have both been so good and playing so well together that it was really nice.  Emma was exhausted last night and I had them both to asleep in record time!  :)

Today she is riding the bus home for the very first time.  It makes so much sense for her to ride the bus.  She will be home super fast and Hudson is so excited about seeing her get off the bus.  Hopefully I can get a picture!


First Week of Kindergarten!


Well we all made it through the first week of Kindergarten and Hudson’s first week of MMO.  George has been swamped at work, I’ve been busy running errands/cleaning, and of course being a chauffuer!   We were all so tired last night that the kids were sound asleep before 8:15 and George and I went to bed too.  Unfortunately my little night owl Emma was up several times in the night though.  Little stinker.  :)

I had signed up to work in the lunch room at 10am yesterday (super early lunch!) and boy was it fun!  I was worried that Emma would get really clingy and be upset when I left but she actually did very well.  I loved seeing her classmates interact and they were all very well behaved.  I helped them open milk & ketchup and cleaned up spills, etc.  More than likely I’ll help in the lunch room at least once a week.

Emma’s teacher also asked for volunteers to tear out workbook pages and cut papers, etc.  Of course I volunteered and Thursday she met me with my first assignment.  She asked me to tear out 60 pages of 18 workbooks and then I have to put each page in a different stack.  Wow!  So far I have all of the pages torn out but I still have to separate them.  Since it is cheaper paper it was so difficult to rip out and so I’ll to trim up some with scissors.  No wonder they ask for volunteers.  This stuff takes forever!  But I don’t mind helping.  :)

Overall, it was a busy but wonderful week.  Emma LOVES school and even though I know she’s tired, she has come over every day and been so well behaved!  I was worried that she would be cranky and whiny but it has been really nice.  She and Hudson have played so well together every afternoon too.  Hudson misses her so much during the day!  It definitely makes it easier with him going to school 3 days.

I also wanted to add something funny before I forget.  We all know that our last name is rather funny.  I’m used to all of the remarks now and yes, I still get them all the time.  George and I have always said that the kids will get teased in school from it but that’s just part of life.  So on the first day of school when we did kindergarten pick up, they called into the mega phone with our first & last name.  No big deal.  Then on Wed, Thurs, and Fri I noticed that they called every other child by their first & last name except for Emma.  Every single day they just said “Emma” into the mega phone.  At first when they did it I thought “how in the world will Emma know it’s her turn to leave b/c there are several Emmas!”  But I guess the teachers have talked & probably agreed that when they announce “Emma” they mean her.  It doesn’t bother me, but I think it’s funny.  I didn’t realize our last name would be an issue so early!  Kind of funny, huh?

Alright, time for a birthday party!  Yay for the weekend!



H-man started school on Tuesday (MMO) and so far he loves it!  He’s going 3 days this year instead of 2.  That really helps us both b/c I think it’s more fun for him.  With Emma being gone all day, he constantly ask “now we go get Emma?” about 10 times a day.  :)  The sun was super bright that morning so he had a hard time smiling for the camera.  He also had to wear his new shoes that don’t really match his outfit but who cares, right?  He’s so cute!  I have found that he lives in his athletic shorts now that he is potty trained.  At school he has to be able to pull his pants up/down by himself and it’s really hard to do with buttons.  I did put his khaki shorts on him today but I’ve seen him get them up/down by himself before so hopefully no problems.


With Hudson having a late birthday he is in the older 2’s even though he’ll be 3 in Nov.  Ms. Kristi and Ms. Jennifer are his teachers and our little friend Asher is in his class too.  That made the transition so much easier!  He’s also in the “yellow” room again which is where he was in the summer.  Hudson is so well behaved at school and his teachers think he is the cutest sweetest boy.  He definitely is a keeper.  :)

Emma wanted a picture that morning too.  :)  She actually had Tuesday off of school so we went and got mani/pedis, ran errands, and had lunch with my friend Christa and Heather.  She was a big girl!



I feel like we are now getting into the swing of things but I have been so busy while they are in school.  Today I got to help with Emma’s class in the lunchroom at 10am and I loved that!  I’m also tearing out hundreds of pages and putting them together for Emma’s teacher.

Also, on Wednesday they had to wear the color red to school.  I realized that Emma only owns 1 shirt and 1 Christmas dress that is red!  Everything is either pink or purple!  :)


I’m off to a lunch date!