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Women’s Half Marathon 2012 & Pictures!

Tomorrow I am running in the Women’s Half Marathon for the 2nd time in Nashville!  Last year’s race was so amazing and I had the best time.  I love everything about it especially the crowd support.  So far, no other race has compared.

My goal is to beat last year’s time of 2 hrs.  I don’t care if I beat it by 10 seconds.  I just want to beat it.  Unfortunately I haven’t trained on hills as much as last year and I’ve not been doing my strength training so I’m a little nervous.  :)

But I’m uber excited to be running with a good friend.  This is her very first half marathon and I hope she loves it as much as I do!  It’s always fun to race with a friend.

The kids are super excited to go to Aunt Marsha’s house and watch Monya cheerlead at the homecoming game tonight.  Yay!

Wish me luck tomorrow b/c I might need it!  :)

Here’s a couple of pics of the kids from the past week.  Enjoy!

Our sweet friend Barbra asked Emma to be in her senior pictures.  They did some in regular clothes and some in their ballet outfits.  So I had to curl Emma’s house and put a smidgen of makeup on.  She loves getting dolled up!


Last weekend George’s parents came down for a visit and Judy and I took Emma fall shopping.  I got a few things for Hudson too and he was so excited.  He had to put on one of his new shirts and his new soccer cleats.  He is such a cutey patootie!


Alright, time to get moving!

Our Weekend

We had a pretty low key weekend.  On Friday night we were all in bed just after 8pm.  We were all exhausted from the first week of school and George has been working lots of hours at work.

Saturday George took the monkeys to town and ran a few errands while I picked up the house.  I think we need to make that a Saturday tradition.  :)  They got home just in time for us to switch drivers and the kids and I headed to a birthday party at The Little Gym.  Emma and I did a mommy & me class there just before she turned 2 and loved it.  We all had a great time and Emma wants to have her 6th birthday party there.  :)



After the party the kids and I ran some errands and then spent a quiet evening at home.  George worked from about 1:30pm-1:30am and the kids were so tired that we just stayed home.

Then on Sunday morning I got up with the chickens and did my long run of 9 miles.  I have the Women’s Half Marathon coming up in 3 weeks so the past several weekends I’ve been doing 9-10 miles on Saturday or Sunday.  Then we went to church.  Emma moved up to Trek Town (K-4th) and we moved Hudson up to the 3 & 4 year old class.  Both love it!

Then we ran some errands after church and I had to finish sorting/stacking the workbooks for Emma’s teacher.  That was a handful!  Now I know why teachers ask for parents to help.  I couldn’t imagine being a teacher and having to do all of that work at home on top of other work.  It probably took me 3 hours to tear out all of the pages and separate.

George ended up going back into work for the night so the kids and I once again had a quiet easy night at home.  Thankfully they have both been so good and playing so well together that it was really nice.  Emma was exhausted last night and I had them both to asleep in record time!  :)

Today she is riding the bus home for the very first time.  It makes so much sense for her to ride the bus.  She will be home super fast and Hudson is so excited about seeing her get off the bus.  Hopefully I can get a picture!


Welcome Baby Addison!

I am so in love.  Last Friday my dear friend Ashli gave birth to an adorable little princess.  She is a doll!  Surprisingly I don’t have baby fever for once, BUT I just want to snuggle that little angel!  The funny thing is I asked Emma if she wanted a new little brother or sister last week and she quickly said “NO!”  ha!  She went on to say that she liked our family the way it was and then she agreed that I had too many babies.  What a hoot!

Back to Addison!  She was born just before 1pm on Friday and of course, I was waiting patiently to go see her.  :)  She was sound asleep when I got there and I got to hold her a lot.  Made this momma happy!

Addison loved me so much that she immediately pooped on me!  It was fun though b/c I got to help Ashli change her very 1st poopy diaper.  Good times!  Hopefully I’ll get to go visit them tomorrow while the kids are in school b/c I’m dying to hold her.  Newborns are just so sweet with their little grunts, and those legs stretching and kicking.  LOVE LOVE LOVE me some little babies!

Speaking of babies-Team Anderson held a Thermal Tote drive last week for the Huntsville NICU and we had 241 thermal totes donated.  How awesome is that?  I don’t know if all of them are coming to Huntsville or not but I can’t wait to fill them with goodies and deliver them to the families in the NICU on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been so excited about this and hope it brings a smile to the families.

I still can’t figure out how to download pictures from my iphone.  I’ve got so many good pictures on there and I want to share them.  Maybe tonight I can get George to help me.


Who has done Pilates?

I think I’ve attended 3 classes in the past week at the Y and I love it!  I am surprised at how hard it is!  I thought with all of my running that it would be cake but it’s not.  I’m trying to venture out and not run so much.  My hip flexor on my left side is still KILLING me when I run so I’m trying to give it a break.  Pilates is hard on it sometimes b/c we do lots of leg lifts and such but it is manageable.  For now I’m doing Pilates on M/W and then running 2-4 miles afterwards.  Today I ran 3 miles after class and walked .75.  It felt great.

I also tried Zumba yesterday.  Yep, shoot me now.  I always told George that I would drop dead before  I tried Zumba but I did it.  I’ve never done so many body rolls, hip thrust, etc in my life.  I was so embarrassed and it was hard to learn the moves.  I was told that it would take a few times to really catch on so I might give it another go next week.  I’m not sold yet.  It was a good workout but I prefer spin or pilates or running.  I just didn’t “feel” it like other workouts.  Oh well, at least I did it!  And I was in the FRONT row with a room of almost 60 women!

What kind of workouts have you done this week?  I’m having fun switching it up!

Rocket City Marathon Recap

I can’t believe it has taken me over a week to document my first marathon but I get so overwhelmed when I just think about writing it.  There are just so many things I wanted to remember and now I feel like I’ve forgotten those small details.  Even during the race I would tell myself “don’t forget to document this!” and now it’s all jumbled in my head!


George’s parents came down Thursday night.  They helped us out tremendously by watching Hudson on Friday while we took Emma to Vanderbilt.

We got up really early-5:30ish I think-got ready and headed to Nashville on Friday morning.  I was having a hard time eating my breakfast b/c my nerves were going crazy at this point.  I had already been sick to my stomach all week and then I just didn’t want to eat.  Which is probably not the right thing to do the day before a marathon, right?  George kept telling me to eat, eat, eat but when you feel like you are going to vomit it right back up, it doesn’t seem very appealing.  I think I had a vanilla latte for breakfast and that was it.  Emma’s appointment was at 9:30 and we were out of there by 11:30 or 12 I think. I’ll talk about her appointment in another post.

After we left Vandy we headed to Green Hills b/c I had some gift cards for Carabba’s just burning a hole in my pocket!  I LOVE me some Carabba’s!  Plus, lots of carbs, right?  I ended up ordering my favorite-Chicken & Spinach Canneloni and a ceasar salad.  Up until this point I hadn’t had any water so I knew I needed to hydrate.  The whole week leading up to the race I drank 100+ ounces each day so I felt good about that.  I started sucking the water down really quickly and I had 3 HUGE glasses of water within the hour of lunch.  I was floating out of there!  After our tasty lunch we shared a nice big chocolate dessert with Emma and then headed back to Huntsville.

For dinner that night I just had leftovers from lunch and snacked on some other things.  Once again, my nerves were going crazy.  I laid out all of my clothes/GUs/safety pins so everything would be ready the next morning.  I forgot to take a picture of everything…whoops!


I’m pretty sure I set the alarm for 5:10 the morning of the race.  One of the good things about this marathon was the start time-8am!  The other races I’ve ran started at 7am so it was nice to have that extra hour.

I did jump in the shower very quickly and then I got myself ready and had half a bagel with cream cheese, small cup of coffee with cream/sugar, and 12-16 oz of water.  After a few trips to the bathroom we left the house at 6:30am.  My in-laws were so wonderful to keep the kids and meet me at the finish line.  It was nice only having to worry about myself that morning.

We picked up my running partner, Amanda, who lives half a mile away and headed towards downtown.  I had George stop at the McDonald’s by Jordan Lane so I could bypass the port-a-potty and I quickly regretted that b/c it was disgusting.  I absolutely hate public bathrooms.  :(

We got to the start line a few minutes after 7am and parked in the Embassy Suites lot and walked over to the Holiday Inn.  Amanda and I had to pick up our packets and it was so easy.  There were no lines so we quickly got our bibs on and then posed for some pictures in the hallway.

#1629-ready to run!

Our friends, Alissa and Barb, had a room at the Holiday Inn so we joined them upstairs and took more pictures & had a few hundred bathroom stops.  :)

Amanda was the only one of us to complete a marathon before and she finished the Rocket City last year in 4:13 (I think).  Amanda and Alissa both wanted to finish in under 4 hours while Barb and I were more flexible.  I really really wanted to finish closer to 4 hours but it just didn’t work out that way.

Anyways, we headed back down to the lobby with hoards of people and I remember the announcer saying “head to the start line-less than 10 minutes until the start.”  Everyone was trying to get outside and that’s when everything started happening super fast.  I ended up taking my jacket off and giving it to George.  I had his gloves on and my ear covers and it was cold but not freezing.  Since Huntsville that doesn’t allow headphones, I had George’s phone play my music on speaker so I could have something to listen to.  We all 4 lined up with the 3:55 pacer (the awesome Katie Maelhmann!) and next thing I know the national anthem is going.  Then all of a sudden the gun went off and we were running.  It was so fast!  My nerves disappeared immediately and I felt great.  It was really congested for the first 4-5 miles and I kept clipping Alissa’s shoe.  I felt so bad!  Amanda and Alissa jumped ahead rather quickly (by mile 1 or 1.5) and I stayed with the 3:55 pace group b/c I was terrified of burning out too soon.

The start line…

So I stayed in my own rhythm and talked to a few other runners in those first few miles and really enjoyed myself.  I started hydrating immediately too.  The first aid station was at mile 2.9 and I took water and/or gatorade at every single station except the last one I think.  I’ve also realized that aid stations really slow me down.  I can’t figure out how to take the water cup and drink it without slowing down to a walk.  It always ends up all over me if I don’t stop and walk.  Then I feel behind.  I also had a nightmare with my GU.  I like to bring my own vanilla GU because I had planned to take 4 during the race with my first one being around mile 6.  Silly me thought I would be smart and open one GU a little so I wouldn’t have to take my gloves off & on, etc.  Not so smart.  Lesson learned.  I had the stickiest hands throughout the entire race.  At one aid station I tried pouring water on them…didn’t work.  It was horrible!  NEVER EVER open your GU ahead of time!

Around mile 2…

The one bright spot in the whole day was when I saw George along the course.  He was at mile 3.5 (I think) and at mile 14 working the aid station.  It gave me a surge of energy and a smile on my face.  :)  Here he snapped a picture of me running with Katie…

At this point I took my gloves off and gave them to George.  I still felt great at this point too.

I think it was around mile 6-7 when I lost the 3:55 pace group.  I remember it was after we went under the tunnel and it was the first hill.  I slowed down a little and the pace group didn’t.  I was so upset that I slowed down but I told myself it was ok.  I didn’t want to burn out.  We were running through residential areas still with lots of trees and it was so pretty.  I still had a smile on my face and talked to a couple of runners.

Things started to really get tough around mile 10 or close to it.  We had a 5 mile stretch on Bailey Cove Road where I was running by myself and cars were just passing me constantly.  I slowed down quiet a bit during these miles and never regained speed.  I was still happy at the halfway mark (13.1) b/c my time was 2:03. I was thinking there was still hope at getting close to a 4 hour finish.  Nope.  It just got harder and harder.

Just after the halfway mark my awesome friends Greg, Tracey, and their kids were cheering me on like crazy.  I was so happy to see them!  Tracey had told me they planned to be at the halfway mark so when I didn’t see them I was a little bummed.  Turns out they were right up the road.  They were cracking me up with their cheering and since I was getting really hot, I asked Tracey to give George my ear warmers.  I took my ear band off and it was soaked in sweat.  I squeezed the sweat out and apologized as I handed it over.  What a wonderful friend Tracey is!  :)

Right after I saw them I came up on the Hasher’s aid station where George was handing out water.  It felt so great seeing George b/c I was running out of steam and needed a pick me up.  I ordered him to run with me for a minute and he told me about one of the Hasher’s that got hit by a car earlier while setting up the water table.  My heart sank.  George didn’t know his status except that he was knocked unconscious.  Part of me wished he hadn’t of told me at that point b/c I wanted to sit down and cry for him but I kept telling myself that he was going to be ok and I needed to push on.  George had to go back to the water table but he said he would meet me at Hillwood Church and would run with me.

The race got super duper hard at this point.  I remember the 4:10 pace group passing me by at this point and that upset me.   Those next few miles were the LONGEST miles ever.  I had struggled at the same point during my training long runs so it didn’t surprise me.  I wanted to sit down and cry so bad.  Other runners were feeling it too.  People would stop and stretch, walk, etc.  I continued to run but at a snails pace.  It also started to get really really cold at this point.  The entire first half of the race the wind was at my back and it wasn’t bad at all.  Somewhere around mile 15 or so the wind started hitting me head on and I regretted taking off my gloves and ear covers.  I was miserable.  I kept telling myself to just make it to the church and hopefully George would have my gloves and all would be peach and rosy.  :)


I got to the church and there was no George.

My heart sank.

And sank.

I was so over the marathon at this point and I needed his encouragement.

This is when I started to walk for the first time.  Somewhere around mile 19.  I was freezing cold, my hands were sticky, and my fingers were swelling.  I can’t explain how miserable I was at this point.

Around mile 20 I picked back up and felt like I had more gas in me.  Not literally though.  :)

Then it was finally time to go back through the tunnel and I could see the light at the end.  I knew that within an hour or so I would be finished with my first marathon.  It didn’t matter my finish time anymore.  I was just determined to finish sticky hands and all.

Then I saw George.  Just after mile 21 I believe.  I was so beaten down and he was all smiles and roses!  We started slowly running together and at times, walking.  I thought it was funny b/c he was carrying the camera and people started saying “wow, look at you running with a camera!”  At first George started trying to explain that he just started running with me but people couldn’t hear him.  Finally he started saying “thank you” and we both laughed.

Around mile 23 (Airport Rd), our friends Paul & Carmen had baby Rose and they were cheering me on.  I loved having my friends there even if I did look like death!  They really kept me going.  Then not long after that (mile 24ish) our friend Justin was waiting for us and he took some pictures.  Those last 2 miles were so long yet so fast.  The 4:40 pace group had caught up to me and while it sucked, it was ok.  They seemed like such nice people even though I didn’t talk to them.  I stayed behind them until the last 1/2 mile or so and then I took off.  At one point George seemed to be slowing down and I said “keep going faster!” b/c I needed him to sprint with me.  I gave it all I had that last 1/2 mile and it felt awesome!  I passed a couple of people and as I got to the finish line the announcer said my name and my city/state.  I also saw my in-laws and the kids standing right before the finish.  I quickly glanced at them but I couldn’t lose my focus.  I was afraid I might trip!


As soon as I crossed the finish line I was greeted by a handler and she wrapped a foil blanket around me.  She also gave me my medal and an orange hat.  She was so sweet.  She kept asking if I was ok and if I needed medical.  I was fine.  My balance was a little off but I was ok.  Ashli, BJ, Paul, Carmen, Rose, Rusby, Judy, Emma, Hudson, and George all got to me very quickly.  I was a hot mess!   I gave out some smelly hugs and took a couple of pictures.  I felt like I was in a daze.  Even though the race took 4 hours 39 minutes, it seemed to have happened so fast!

Ashli and I…

Carmen and I…

After seeing family & friends, George and I went inside the Holiday Inn to get some food/drinks.  There were gobs of people and at one point I thought I might pass out waiting in line.  I was so weak and cold.  I wanted to eat everything in the world but my stomach wasn’t ready for it.  I got a big bag of pb&J, ice cream sandwich, moon pies, crackers, veggie soup, and I can’t remember what else.  Then George and I went upstairs to meet with the girls.  I was so happy to see them and Alissa said she got her sub 4 which was awesome!  Barb was happy with her 4:09 or something close to it.  Unfortunately Amanda started having knee problems and had to stop at mile 18.  She didn’t care though since she had ran it last year.  I was so proud of my running friends!  I felt like I let them down by finishing so late but they kept saying how proud they were of me.  In case you can’t tell, I’m very competitive with myself!  :)

Us with our medals!  We did it!  (Amanda didn’t get a medal so she put my hat on)

We lounged around the huge hotel room for a bit and I got some food in me.  Then when we went to leave we found my inlaws & the kids by our van.  They took the kids on home for us and we hit up Shaggy’s and Starbucks!  I kept saying it just didn’t seem real that I had just ran a marathon.  It still doesn’t seem real!  Will it ever?

When we finally got home I jumped in the shower and Greg and Tracey stopped by with a present.  They got me a 26.2 purple ornament.  It is so pretty and it meant the world to me.

The rest of the day consisted of me being lazy.  Ru-Rus went and got Steak-Out for us for dinner and it was the best dinner ever!  I LOVE those huge potatoes and their tea.  I would be willing to run another marathon just for that yummy food.

My legs and body were so weak all night.  My legs kept thinking they wanted to cramp up and so did my feet.  It was so hard to sleep that night b/c I couldn’t get my legs comfortable.  That was rough.  Sunday was really hard too.  I was so tired b/c Hudson woke up around 10:45pm with a fever.  He was so miserable and it was around 2am before I got back to sleep.  He slept in my arms that night so I was really worn down Sunday.  Luckily his fever went down but after taking him to the dr we found out he had bronchitis.  By Monday  I was feeling much better.  I was still sore but I felt normal.  I felt almost sick Saturday and Sunday from being in so much pain and being tired.  Everyday I’ve gotten better but I can still tell that my knees and hips did not like the marathon.  I’m definitely feeling like a 30 year old!  ha ha!

So that’s how my first marathon went.  I know I left some details out but it feels good to get it all written down finally.  I haven’t ruled out running another one but I can’t bring myself to sign up for the Country Music just yet.  I still need a few weeks to mentally recharge and prepare for Christmas and my 30th birthday.  :)

2011 Rocket City Marathon=COMPLETE!

Woohoo, I completed my first marathon last Saturday here in Huntsville, AL!  I’ve been wanting to do a race recap all week but I have been so wiped out every night this week that I’m sound asleep by 9pm and it is hard to do during the day with 2 monkeys.  :)  I can say that I’m glad it is over with b/c it was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It was so mentally & physically challenging but I’m so proud of myself for sticking to it and not giving up.  Now I’m ready to turn 30 in a couple of weeks!  I feel like I can tackle almost anything now!

Hopefully in a couple of days I can do a full race recap but for now here is my beautiful after race photo.  I was so over running at this point!

I completed my first marathon with a time of 4:39 which did not make me happy but it’s ok.  While I’m disappointed with my time, I also don’t care and am just happy to have it finished.  I can say that the first 15 miles or so were rather pleasant and I talked with several runners which was fun.  Now after 15 miles is another story.  :)

Check back soon for a full recap!  Both kids are in bed, George is having a night out, and I’m watching House Hunters!  :)  Perfect night!  ha!

Long Run/New Shoes

After being in the bed all last week with strep throat, I hit the pavement hard and fast this week for my last week of high mileage.  My poor legs have felt the pain after a week of nothing to four days and FORTY MILES!  Yes, I ran 40 miles this week total.  This has been my highest mileage ever.

The day before I got sick last week I had stopped by Fleet Feet to get new shoes.  It was time especially with my old Asics having holes from my toes.  I went up a half size this time to a size 9 b/c my toes were throbbing in my 8.5s.  I opted for the newest Asics-GT 2170.  I LOVE the colors!  These are my exact shoes…

The guy also talked me into arch inserts which took a few days to get used to.  I am very happy though that my toes aren’t scrunched anymore even though they still hurt really bad after a long run.

So on to my runs this week!

Monday- ran 5 miles outside in 43:55

Tuesday- ran 5 miles with Amanda in 43:00 and then 5 miles by myself in 47:00 for a total of 10 miles in 1:30:00

Wednesday- ran 5 slow miles on the treadmill (raining) in 48:00

Thursday- off

Friday- ran 20.62 miles (approx) in 3:15:38 with Amanda, Alyssa, and Barb

Week Total-approx 40.5 miles!!!

I still can’t believe I ran 20 miles today.  I was so nervous about it but it all worked out.  The first 12-13 miles weren’t too bad except my sports bra underwire broke on my right side so for the first 10 miles I had metal jabbing me in the armpit.  I just thought it was sports bra rubbing me but finally I felt it and was able to fix it until I got home.  Also, just like when I did the 18 miles, the last 3 were the absolute hardest miles ever.  I felt like I was barely moving and my legs were throbbing especially my right thigh.  I mentally start breaking down at the end and at times I just want to sit down and cry.  I had taken a GU Gel around mile 8 and then mile 17 and I carried the water bottle with me.  It was just hard.  But I guess if it was easy then everyone would run a marathon, right?  :)

On the bright side, my long run next week is 12 miles, then 8, and then the marathon.  I’m pumped about tapering.  Now if only I could drop this extra 5 lbs that I’ve put on in the past month and a half!  Who trains for a marathon and gains 5 lbs?  ME!  I’m sure I’ll drop it as soon as the race is over though.  Only 3 short weeks and my life won’t revolve around a training plan.  Until the next race!

Time for some X-Men with the hubs!  Both kids are in bed and I’ll be there soon I’m sure.  I will leave you with a super duper cute picture of Hudson attacking 2 suckers at once.  :)

Hmmm, what do we have here?

I wonder if I can get away with 2 suckers…


2011 Huntsville Half-Marathon

First, let me just say how PROUD I am of my George!  He rocked it out in his Vibrams on Saturday and got an awesome time for his first half.  I really need to ask him what his chip time was but I know it was 1:58 and some seconds.  Even though I picked on him for beating my 2 hour finish, I am so so proud and excited for him.  He has been training so hard and he was afraid he couldn’t complete in under 2 hours.  I was ecstatic when I saw him come around the curve and up the little hill.  Way to go honey!  :)

The morning of the race started out very early at 5:30am.  We got in the the bed around midnight Friday night so I was super tired.  I’m sure he was too.  George had him a yummy bagel for breakfast and I opted for a banana and Venti latte (which was free) from Starbucks.  :)  I was a happy girl!  Anytime I get a free coffee I go BIG and get Venti.

It took us a good 30 minutes to drive to the church since it was on the other side of town.  Parking wasn’t bad at all and we met our friends John and Sam.  It was John’s first half too which was exciting.

Our friends, Greg & Tracey, along with their 5 kids were there too.  I was really upset that I couldn’t run with Tracey but now I’m glad I didn’t.  It was her first half too and she killed it with a time of 1:47!  That girl is fast!  She has a natural running ability I think and she just amazes me with her speed.  I need to take lessons!

This race is small and is limited to 1000 runners.  I thought that was really nice b/c everything was very laid back and not over crowded like big races.  Sam and I stood on the corner right in the front while the runners got ready.  I took this picture and I love it!

The course was really flat and I loved when the runners came back by the start around mile 2.5.  George took his phone off and gave it to me b/c for some reason the Runkeeper wasn’t working.  It was nice getting to see him and cheer him on.

After we saw Tracey, George, and John come through, we all hopped into Greg and Tracey’s van and headed to the greenway.  It was probably 6 or 7 minutes away and we got there probably 15 minutes before Tracey.  It was around the 7 mile mark and then the runners turned around probably around the 8 mile mark and came back through around mile 9.  I do have to mention that there were 2 people set up with music and marracas.  They played some great tunes and kept dancing around and making me laugh.  They would bust out the running man dance and everything else you can think of.  It was really fun!

Here’s George around mile 2.5…

And just past mile 7…

After we got pictures of all 3 at the greenway, we jumped back in the van and headed to the finish line!

Luckily I got a really good spot for pictures right by the clock.  First up was Tracey!

Then George…

Then John…

After the race we all met up and we also found other friends and talked to them.  They had pizza, gogurts, bananas, apples, and other food for the runners.  The weather was really nice too except it got kind of warm at the end.  We stayed until about 11am and then we had to get moving since I was hosting the baby shower that evening.

George and John were really happy apparently!

Me and my super fast hubs!

And the really nice medal…

Overall it was a great race and I’m so proud of all of our friends that ran!  At first I was super upset that I couldn’t run but it all worked out.  I was so busy that afternoon preparing for the shower I was glad I didn’t run.  My back was extremely sore just from the stress and being tired so I would have really been hurting if I had ran.

Both of us now have a half-marathon under our belt.  Now on to the full!  :)

I’m Back!

Wow, what a week!  Last Monday I woke up with a scratchy throat but it wasn’t too bad.  I thought maybe I was just getting a cold.  No big deal, right?  WRONG!  Late Monday night I started running a fever and I felt horrible.  George took me to the dr on Tuesday and I had strep throat.  I haven’t had strep since high school I think.  I felt like I had been ran over by a semi-truck!  George had to stay home with the kids b/c I was not able to care for them and I’m so thankful for everything he did.  He was Mr. Mom for a few days!

On Thursday Gabby & Ru-Rus drove down to pick up the kids from school.  That was a huge help.  We had already planned on them going to TN for a few days since I was throwing a couples baby shower on Saturday.  The kids were so excited to go to their house so it made it easier on me.  Here’s a couple of pictures that Gabby emailed us…

Hudson was a happy boy riding the lawnmower with Ru-Rus!

And here’s Emma enjoying some cookies while playing Go Fish!

Once I finally felt better on Friday I was super busy getting stuff ready for the baby shower.  I’ve got lots of pictures to post but will save that for later.

The Huntsville Half-Marathon was also on Saturday and I ended up not running it but George did.  It was his very first half and he did awesome!  His time was 1:58 and I’m so proud of him.  I’ve got lots of pics from it too.

Now that I’m all better we are getting back to our routine.  I’ve got 40 miles to run this week with 20 of those being on Friday.  I’ve only got 4 more weeks until my 1st marathon!  :)

I’m anxious to get it done and over with and then next week will be Hudson’s 2nd birthday and then Turkey Day!!!

I thought I would post a couple of funny pictures from our playtime this morning.  Emma would say “I’m going to be a princess!” and then Hudson would say “I’m princess!”  He loves to copy his sister!


Who knew running would be so expensive?!

I JUST bought these new Asics at the end of July (I think) and I went to put them on a minute ago and saw holes in the top.  Silly toes getting in the way.  :)  I’ve been feeling like my shoes were wearing down recently and my poor toes have been suffering like crazy so I guess it’s time.  I just hate dropping another $100 already when I really don’t have it.  I’m hosting a huge couples baby shower this weekend, then H’s 2nd birthday, Christmas, and then my birthday.  Oh well, they are a necessity if I’m going to run this marathon in




George and I are also running the half-marathon next Saturday so maybe I should get new shoes this week…what do you think?

Speaking of marathons, who watched the NYC Marathon this morning?  Wow!  Those elite runners just amaze me.  I also can’t believe over 47,000 people ran the streets of NYC.  I’m so jealous and hope to one day run it.  :)

Now for something super duper cute!

Thanks to the wonderful time change, Mr. H was up at 5:45am!  He was super tired about 1.5 hours ago and was really whiney/wanting me.  So I went to get in the shower and I could tell he was laying by the bathroom door and he kept saying “mommy”.  Then about 3 minutes later George said I had a very tired boy waiting on me.  He had fallen asleep!  I opened the door to this…

This is with the door shut…

I’ll be back later with a post on my training this week.  I did my 18 miler and SURVIVED!

Training Update

This past week has been an okay running week.  I’ve switched up my long run days so I think that has me out of whack.  I still got in all of my scheduled runs except for 1 four miler which is okay.  I will say that after my 16 miler last Sunday, my legs were so tired on Monday and Tuesday.  I did weights on that Monday so when I went to run Tuesday morning I about died.  I’m meeting with my trainer in the morning and she’s going to get me on a good strength plan for the next 4 weeks.  Turns out I’ve been doing heavier weights while I need to be doing less weight, more reps.  I’m excited to meet with Laura again even if it is for only 1 hour.  She will kick my butt!

Here’s what I did this past week-

Monday-1 hour strength workout (full body)

Tuesday-ran 5 hard miles with Tracey at 5:30am in 52:13

Wednesday-1 hour upper body strength and abs

Thursday-ran 12 good miles total.  Ran about 9.5 with Amanda and finished by myself.  Total time 1:52

Friday-REST (meant to do strength at gym but it was so yucky outside the kids and I stayed home!)

Saturday-REST (on the go

Sunday-ran 8.11 miles with Tracey at 5:30am in 1:16.

This next week is going to be hard b/c I have a long run of 18 miles!  We have a super crazy week but I’m hoping I can get a babysitter or something so I can run Friday morning with friends for my long run.

Also, I’m realizing just how hard it is to run in 30 degree weather.  My body hurts when I run early in the cold.  I really need to get some cold running gear like a jacket or thermal shirt and I have picked out a beanie I want for my head.***4****90282-BKPAU00000&showDefaultOption=true

A fellow blogger/runner highly recommends this hat and it’s only $20 so I need to just order it.  I also need some gloves and running tights.  This morning my capris just weren’t cutting it!

Oh and I signed up for the Huntsville Half-Marathon in 2 weeks!  George & my friend Tracey are running it (their 1st half!) and it falls on my 14 mile week so why not?  Unfortunately it falls on the same day that we are hosting a couples baby shower at our house so I am going to be super tired!  Hopefully George and I won’t collapse at the party!  :)