H-man started school on Tuesday (MMO) and so far he loves it!  He’s going 3 days this year instead of 2.  That really helps us both b/c I think it’s more fun for him.  With Emma being gone all day, he constantly ask “now we go get Emma?” about 10 times a day.  :)  The sun was super bright that morning so he had a hard time smiling for the camera.  He also had to wear his new shoes that don’t really match his outfit but who cares, right?  He’s so cute!  I have found that he lives in his athletic shorts now that he is potty trained.  At school he has to be able to pull his pants up/down by himself and it’s really hard to do with buttons.  I did put his khaki shorts on him today but I’ve seen him get them up/down by himself before so hopefully no problems.


With Hudson having a late birthday he is in the older 2’s even though he’ll be 3 in Nov.  Ms. Kristi and Ms. Jennifer are his teachers and our little friend Asher is in his class too.  That made the transition so much easier!  He’s also in the “yellow” room again which is where he was in the summer.  Hudson is so well behaved at school and his teachers think he is the cutest sweetest boy.  He definitely is a keeper.  :)

Emma wanted a picture that morning too.  :)  She actually had Tuesday off of school so we went and got mani/pedis, ran errands, and had lunch with my friend Christa and Heather.  She was a big girl!



I feel like we are now getting into the swing of things but I have been so busy while they are in school.  Today I got to help with Emma’s class in the lunchroom at 10am and I loved that!  I’m also tearing out hundreds of pages and putting them together for Emma’s teacher.

Also, on Wednesday they had to wear the color red to school.  I realized that Emma only owns 1 shirt and 1 Christmas dress that is red!  Everything is either pink or purple!  :)


I’m off to a lunch date!

Emma’s 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Monday was Emma’s first day of Kindergarten and only the girls went.  Then yesterday the boys went and today all the kids went.  So far she loves it!

Monday morning started off just a little rough.  She was really tired b/c she was up twice in the night and we woke her up a little before 7am.  Normally we don’t “eat” breakfast as soon as we get up so she was not in the mood to eat!


Then we were rushing out the door and we were afraid we were going to be late.  As we were backing out of the driveway we almost hit a neighbor who was walking and his wife/child that was in their van.  It was rather embarrassing especially when the wife gave us a very dirty look.  Whoops!  Turns out their daughter is a kindergartner too and her classroom was right beside Emma’s.  Double whoopsie!

Anyways, once we got into the parking lot everything was peachy.  Emma was stoked and we took off across the parking lot.  Normally George will drop her off on his way to work but we all 4 rode together on the first day.  I love this picture of Daddy and his babies.


Emma and Mommy


Emma in front of her class


She went right in to her class and was all smiles and giggles.  She sat right down after saying hi to her teacher and then we bombarded her with pictures.  Love these!






We left quickly after taking pictures b/c there were still several parents in the room and it was time for school to start.  Everything was so rushed that I didn’t even cry until I downloaded the school pictures about 20 minutes later.  I tried my best to keep it together so Hudson wouldn’t think I was crazy.  :)

I was really surprised that Emma wanted to buy her lunch on that first day.  They had pizza, peaches, salad, corn, and chocolate milk.  We told her to get regular milk but of course, she didn’t.  ha!  Lunch is only 1.85 which is super cheap, right?  I sent money that first day but they give every kid a 5 digit number that has to memorize quickly.  Guess we should be working on that huh?

Since Emma goes to lunch so early (10am), they have a snack in the afternoon.  You can either pay 1.25 and buy it at school or take your own.  She was all about buying it at school so she bought some chips and a bottle water.  I think it ‘s funny that we bought all of these snacks and mini waters and she wants to buy it.  Hopefully once the newness wears off she’ll take stuff from home.

Hudson and I went to pick her up at 2:45 but you can’t pick them up until closer to 3 after the busses leave.  Then today we left right at 3 and she was one of the last kids left.  Whoops!  I felt so bad!  The funny thing is the bus was already at our house when we were leaving.  I think next week she might start riding the bus home in the afternoon since it is faster than me picking her up b/c she is the 2nd stop in the neighborhood.  Hudson still naps too so both days I’ve had to wake him up to go get her.

It’s so hard to believe that she goes back tomorrow and the next day!  I think it’s a big adjustment for me b/c for the past 2 years she’s only done T/TH at MMO.  Hudson and I enjoyed ourselves today and I got the bathrooms cleaned and made a nice big dinner.  Very easy day.  :)  Hudson is so laid back that we just chilled together.

On Friday I’m helping during lunch which I”m super excited about!  I hope Emma doesn’t get clingy while I’m there.

She was telling me and George tonight about what happens if you get in trouble.  Then she said she’s working really hard to be the best behaved girl and not move her card.  It was so sweet.  :)

Time to get these monkeys in bed!  They both have school tomorrow and I’ve got a hot date with Honda for an oil change.  Never a dull moment!

Tooth Fairy Visits Again!


Yesterday I dragged sent Emma to her room for doing something she wasn’t supposed to.  Probably kicking her brother or something to that effect.  :)  Anyways, a minute later she started saying “mommy, come here” in a rather happy voice for just getting in trouble so I was worried.  Turns out she had went in her room and tried to pull her 2nd loose tooth out and it was barely hanging in her mouth.  She was grinning from ear to ear and I had to help twist it out.  Mommy did the heebie jeebie dance just a little and then Emma started screaming “awesome!”, “this is so AWESOME!” and all was peaches and cream in our house.

She already has both grown up teeth in and now they just need to move into place.  The tooth fairy left a $5 bill again and she was very happy!  I thought we might leave $2 this time but George said he was leaving a $5.  These teeth are going to get expensive!

Just like the first time, Hudson was so sad that he didn’t lose a tooth too.  He wants to do everything just like Emma and it is so cute.


In other news, school starts next week!  Tomorrow night we have Emma’s open house and on Friday we have Hudson’s.  Emma is all ready but poor Hudson is not.  He keeps saying he’s not going.  Poor kid.

On Saturday we went to Swim For Melissa with our wonderful friends Kylie, Ella, Lucas, and baby Cooper.  We had so much fun swimming and visiting with our best NICU friends!  Emma even swam 4 laps as an individual swimmer and we were so proud.  Poor thing has a really bad cough so when she got out of the pool she started hacking like crazy.  :(

I took lots of pics but here’s one for now.


Oh and I almost forgot this super cute picture.  We went to TN for several days over a week ago and I took this on my granny’s porch.


I also liked this one of Arnold and Hudson.


Now for one of the sweetest pics ever!  I think this will be on their Christmas card this year.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!  My cousins, Monya & Melica…

Kindergarten Camp

Last M-W Emma attended Kindergarten Camp at her school for 2 hours each day.  She absolutely loved it and she can’t wait to start school on the 20th!

Hudson and I got to walk her in each morning to her class.  She said her teacher, Ms. Carter, is super nice.  Ms. Carter has been teaching for several years and lots of people seemed to know her.

She had the kids sit down and color while all the kids arrived.  Then they walked around the school and learned the rules of walking in the halls and bathroom.  One day they got to color with chalk outside and another day they played on the playground.  I just can’t believe the time has come for kindergarten!  I had to really fight back the tears that first morning of camp but I did okay.  :)


While Emma was busy at school, Hudson and I joined our Moms Club on Monday for cupcakes at Gigi’s!  The kids had mini cupcakes which were awesome!



We even got Emma a HUGE pink cupcake for her big day at school.  Don’t worry, she didn’t eat all of it.  :)  She was so happy!


Just a little over 1 week until school officially starts!  I can’t believe summer is almost over.  Time definitely flies by.

Both kids also started gymnastics last week.  Emma has been begging for gymnastics for the past year now so we signed her up for a beginner 5/6 class and Hudson is in a preschool class.  They both LOVE it especially Hudson!  This is his first time doing an activity besides school, and he just has a huge smile on his face the entire time.  I’m able to watch them both and it’s fun.  One of my favorite parts is when they are both on the gym floor and whenever Hudson sees Emma he’ll say “HI EMMA!” and wave to her until she acknowledges him.  So sweet!

Emma is also doing dance and soccer again this year so little miss is going to be really busy!  Looking forward to our big year!

The Tooth Fairy Visits!

Someone had a very exciting visit from the Tooth Fairy last Tuesday night!  I can’t believe miss Emma has already lost her first tooth and the one right beside it is loose!  Both of her big girl teeth are already coming in behind them so she won’t be toothless for long.  She absolutely loves losing teeth and she even wanted to pull it all by herself.  We were both squealing!


Just before we realized the tooth was ready to come out, I had moved this vanity (from Ru-Rus) into Emma’s room and she was so excited.  She moved her hair brush, hair clips/headbands into the drawer and immediately started fixing her hair.  It was so sweet.  Then she said she HAD to sit at her vanity to pull her tooth.  So when she started pulling the tooth all the way down I realized it was time to turn on the video on my phone.  It all happened so fast!


Once she pulled it down and gave it a little twist it just popped out!  We were both jumping and squealing and there was blood gushing everywhere. ha!  It didn’t phase her one bit though.  She just kept looking at herself in the mirror.  :)



Cousin Amy had given Emma a tooth fairy pillow at Christmas (I think) and she has been carrying that pillow around for months!  I honestly didn’t think she would lose a tooth until the first grade but she showed me.  THANK YOU so much Amy & Matt for the awesome pillow!  The tooth fairy left her 5 $1 bills and she was ecstatic.  She immediately told me she was ready to lose another tooth so she could get more money for a glow tent thingy she saw on tv.  :)

Can you see that little white thing with the red?  That’s her teeny tiny tooth.  She seriously has the smallest teeth ever.  So cute!


The funniest thing was when Emma showed Hudson that it was gone.  He had this panicked look on his face and I thought he might cry.  I told him that it was okay and it was supposed to come out.  Then his expression changed and he said “I want my tooth out!”  It was so funny.  He wants to do everything like his sister!

Oh and I need to type this out so I remember all the details.  We first realized her first tooth was loose on a Monday evening at dinner.  George had just walked in the door and Emma was eating a lunchable.  She told me that the bologna hurt her tooth which I thought was weird.  She had been having major salivary stone pain all weekend so I thought it had something to do with that.  Then I looked at it and realized it was loose.  She had to find her tooth fairy pillow ASAP and wanted to pull it out that night.  It ended up taking 2 weeks for it to come out.  Such a big step and right before Kindergarten!  I have to admit that I teared up when I realized it was loose just b/c it is such a big milestone.  Our little girl is growing up way too fast!




Life has been busy as always.  My brain is fried at night and I usually just veg out with the tv once the kids are in bed.  Summer school is almost over and next M, T, W of next week Emma has Kindergarten camp each morning.  Then only a couple of weeks until school starts on the 20th!

I’m trying to make the most of our last month of summer so last Thursday night we went back to the kiddie carnival in Athens.  We love going there and hope to make it back one more time this summer.

Then on Friday night I was itching to go out as a family so we hit up Smash Burger first and then went bowling.  The kids had so much fun and have asked about  a million times each day if we can go back.  :)  It was a fun night!

Lastly, this was Mr. H at dinner last night.  He was so hungry and put his fork down and started eating with his hands.  He was acting like an animal and was cracking us up.  He is all.boy.  Such a mess!


I also need to mention Emma and how she says the blessing at dinner.  She’s been doing this for probably 2 months now.  It is so precious and so sweet and it just melts my heart.  I need to get it on video but most of the time it sounds something similar to this-Thank you for this nice day.  I hope you enjoyed your day.  Thank you for this nice meal that Mommy made.  I hope you like it.  I hope you have a good night.  Amen.

Oh my goodness, everyone needs to hear it!  It’s just so funny and she makes us all do prayer hands and she won’t start until we have.  Absolutely love it.  :)


Time for this mommy to hit the sack!  Poor George has had a fever since Sunday.  :(  I’m really hoping he’s better tomorrow.  I need my better half!

Pics From My Iphone

Since George got me my iphone back in December it seems that I hardly ever take pictures with my Nikon.  My iphone is so handy & the pictures are normally good.  The other day I uploaded almost 200 pics and videos from the last couple of months.  Here’s a few…

My long time friend Rachel had her first child, Layla. She is 1 month old today and we got to see her about 2 weeks ago for a quick visit. She is absolutely precious and I can’t wait to hold her again!


Hudson and Graham from a couple of weeks ago. So sweet!


Anna cut Emma’s hair at the end of May and for the first time she let her wash her hair in the big girl chair!



Emma got several inches cut off and then Anna put a pink streak in it for the day and Emma was in heaven!


I had the kids take a “last day of school” picture and of course, Hudson was not interested. Emma kept posing with her hands on her hips turned sideways. :)


Hudson with his teacher Ms. NeNe. We LOVE our NeNe and she just loves on Hudson all the time. We couldn’t be happier with our church/MDO program.


For Mother’s Day this year I went with a few other friends/moms to Gulf Shores. We went Thursday-Sunday and had the best time. We’ve all decided this will be an annual tradition. :)


I sure did miss these guys while I was gone! My in-laws came down to help George and my MIL sent me this pic before they went to lunch.


We went to Panoply this year for the first time with our sweet friends Kylie, Ella, and Lucas! It was so great to see them and the girls acted like they had been friends for years. I love how they just cling right together even though we only see them once or twice a year. In case you don’t know, Ella Grace was Emma’s NICU neighbor and shared a lot of the same experiences.


The girls looking at the ducks


All 4 kiddos had a blast running around chasing each other. Such a perfect night!


A couple of months ago we went to the B’ham Zoo with our friends Amanda, Asher, and Austin. The kids had fun & it was the perfect weather!


Hudson being Hudson


My crazy big double knock out roses early in the spring. Then the beetle bugs got ahold of them & they looked terrible. A few weeks ago George cut them way down and sprayed them really well & now they are looking beautiful again.


A couple of months ago George ran a 5k beside his work and Emma and I ran the 1 mile fun run. She LOVES running and we are both so happy. We hope to have her run her first 5k soon. Those little legs sure are fast!



I LOVE this picture of Ru-Rus and Hudson! This was taken a few months ago and it just makes me smile. :)


Emma has got to be the funniest sleeper ever. She sleeps with her eyes open all the time and it is so freaky! It always cracks us up!

George’s 30th/Summer Fun!

It has been over a month since my last quick post & while the kids are playing I thought I could give an update from my phone. I’m so slow at typing so it’ll be a short post!

The kids are loving summer & we are staying busier than ever! We are always attending play dates, going to gym, swimming, Botanical Gardens, or just playing at home. We decided to enroll the kids in the summer program at school this year & they go on T/Th. they both have their same teachers & are loving summer school. I love my “me” time too.

Hudson is pretty much potty trained except he still doesn’t like to go poopy on the potty. That is driving me crazy! He’s so good at going pee & he stands up like a big boy.

We also moved Hudson to a full size bed 2 weeks ago. It’s going great and sometimes he & Emma take turns sleeping in each others bed.

That’s all I’ve got time for now but I have a couple cut pics to show you. The kids love their slip n slide!

We had a low key Father’s Day.  Poor George.  His 30th birthday was on Thursday so I was wiped out from that & really slacked this year on being creative.  He did get this music software that he wanted and I made a Shutterfly family picture for him to take to work.  He we are at Cracker Barrel for brunch yesterday…

Hudson did NOT want to take a picture so George copied him.

George has been having fun beating me at Words With Friends!  Yesterday he played a 63 point word and then he played a 108 point word.  Stinker!

On Friday night we met George after work at Bridgestreet for some family fun.  It was super busy.  Last Thursday H&M opened up so I’m excited to take my sis-in-law there when they come down this week.

And last of all, the birthday BOY!  The kids and I had so much fun going to his work after school and decorating his car!  We filled it with balloons, tied balloons to the door, put streamers inside and wrote silly things on the windows.  He was so embarrassed!  Apparently no one at work knew it was his birthday so when he walked out the lady that handles all of the birthdays at work saw his car.  He said she was mad that he didn’t tell anyone it was his birthday.  Ha ha ha!

We went to dinner at Sakura (hibachi) that night with Ashli, BJ, Addy, Carmen, Paul, Rose, and our kiddos.  We took a picture of Ashli’s family and then my phone died so I have no pictures of Paul & Carmen or the cake.  We really enjoyed visiting with our friends and both of their sweet baby girls!

Then we came home and opened presents.  George was super excited about his new Beats by Dre headphones.  He asked for them so it wasn’t a huge surprise but he LOVES them!

Potty & Bedtime

First off, isn’t this the sweetest, most adorable picture ever?  :)  George put both kids in Emma’s bed the other day for a nap and I had to take a picture.

Its been just over 2 weeks now since we put Hudson in a toddler bed and Emma staying in her bed all night.  Both transitions have been going better than expected, especially with Emma.  A couple of nights she never even came into our room!  Then sometimes she’ll come in once and want to give George a hug and then she goes back to bed all by herself.

George told her to stay in her room until it was light outside.  So a couple of mornings I’ve gone in to find her blinds half open b/c she was checking to see if it was light out.  How cute is that?  It has been so nice to not sleep on the edge of my bed and not have elbows and feet in my back.  :)

Hudson has been doing okay with his new bed too.  The first couple of nights he constantly came out of his room but now that has stopped.  The biggest obstacle is he likes to come in our room 4-4:30ish and I have to get up and put him back in his bed.  Then it’s almost impossible for me to go back to sleep so I’m a tired cranky mommy.  Last night was really bad.  BOTH kids were up 3-5 times starting at 4am.  Hopefully this phase will pass soon.

Tonight when Hudson was getting in bed he told me he wanted to sleep with his beep beeps.  That’s fairly normal until he started lining every beep beep up in his bed that he could find.  He was so happy so I let him keep them there.  It was so cute.


Now for the super exciting news!

Barbra babysat for us Saturday night and she texted me that Hudson had went potty on the big boy potty.  I was a little sad that I wasn’t there for it but that’s ok.  So I decided to kind of go with it and not get my hopes up that he’ll be out of diapers next week.  :)   Isn’t he growing way too fast?

Anyways, he has gone pee pee several times for me this week.  Emma is his biggest cheerleader and she cracks me up.  She acts like his mother all the time and it’s so funny.  I’ve started doing the M&M reward thing with him b/c that is what worked with Emma.  So I said 3 M&Ms for pee and 5 for poop.  Well Emma keeps insisting that he should go poop so he can get FIVE M&Ms.  It’s killing her that he won’t go poop in the potty.  ha!  Somehow she thinks she gets a reward when he goes.  Too funny.

I’m definitely not pushing him at this point to go.  Since he’s in the nursery at school they don’t work on the whole potty thing.  So it seems almost point less to really work on it right now.  Fingers crossed though that it won’t be much longer.  It’ll be so strange to stop buying diapers!


It is bedtime for me!  I’m going on a girls beach trip to Gulf Shores tomorrow and I still haven’t packed!  I’m excited b/c this is my first trip to Gulf Shores.  Hopefully George will survive with the kiddos and animals.  :)  Happy Mother’s Day to me.

My Beautiful & Talented Cousin!

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Nashville for the Fresh Beat Band show and to see my cousin Monya’s art show at school.  It worked out perfectly for us to stop by the art show and then head straight to the Ryman.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but my cousin Monya is super talented in art and fashion design.  Some people just have a knack for the arts and that is Monya.  She’s been painting and drawing since she was little bitty and now she plans to attend a fashion design school when she graduates.  I couldn’t be more proud!

While we were at the art show, Monya was given an award.  She’s grown into such a beautiful graceful young lady.  I’ve always said that Monya and Melica are the BEST behaved girls and I mean it.  Aunt Marsha and Jim did a terrific job raising them.  :)

Here’s Monya accepting her award-

I think Monya’s passion is fashion design.  She created this dress out of magazine paper (I think) and she won $16,000 in scholarship money to a fashion design school.  How awesome is that?  I think she’s rather amazing!  :)

She had several other pieces displayed at the show and a couple involved Emma and Hudson.

Here’s a painting she did based on a picture I took of Hudson as a baby.

Then she painted a picture of Emma’s shoes and her hospital baby hat.  I loved this one!  She also included a snippet of Emma being born early.  Love!

Here’s a few other pictures and this one is one of my favs!

We are so so very proud of you Monya!  You are such a talented sweet girl!

Big Boy Bed!

Hudson is almost 2.5 now and we finally made the switch to a toddler bed.  I really didn’t want to switch him since he is our amazing sleeper but he finally learned how to get in/out of it so I wanted to get it over with.  I feel like he’s not my baby anymore!  He’s such a big boy and I keep thinking about potty training him and it just doesn’t seem right.

Unfortunately, the whole big boy bed thing has not been easy.  I think we’ve had 2 full nights of sleep since making the switch last Monday.  I thought it would be easier but he knows he has this new freedom and he’s taking full advantage of it!  Little stinker.

He also knows that Emma ends up in our room every night and he constantly says “i want sleep mommy’s bed.”  When I say no, he then says “I want sleep Emma room” and while it is cute, we are NOT going there!  Emma has been coming into our room since she was probably 2 and while I do love sleeping with my babies, it has to stop.  There is no way 4 of us can fit in our bed along with Braxton!

Hopefully in a few more days Hudson will realize that we are not giving in to him sleeping with us and he’ll resume his normal sleeping habits.  :)


We’ve also started a new chart for miss Emma.  Today was Day 2 of sleeping in her own bed all night and making her bed in the morning.  We have been holding her Ipad hostage and so we told her when she gets 24 stickers she can have it back.   Basically she gets 2 stickers a day for each item and we are doing the chart for 2 weeks.  She’s been very excited about it so far and hopefully it will work!


Over the weekend we finally decided to empty Emma’s piggy banks.  Over the past 5 years I’ve been putting all spare change in her banks and family members have been adding too.  She has quite a stockpile!

Not counting the cash and silver dollars, she had $159 in coins!  We had fun separating it and rolling it as a family.


On Sunday we worked all day cleaning out our garage.  I think we did the biggest purge ever in our 10 years together and it feels so great!  The kids and I loaded it all up on Monday and took it to Goodwill.  Our garage looks so much better now.  I’ve still got more cleaning out to do inside the house & in the attic but I feel less stress every time I pull into the garage.  :)

I wanted to remember something that Hudson did during our big Sunday purge.  At one point in the late afternoon we had left both kids in the house for a few minutes thinking that they were watching tv.  It was hot out and Hudson had a major red hot face so I thought it would be good for them to rest.  Well, about 15 minutes later I went into Emma’s room and noticed green and pink marker all over her carpet.  The green was everywhere.  I.about.died.  George brought Hudson inside and he said he did it.  George started scrubbing and at first, it looked worse but then it started coming off.   It’s still there but not as noticeable.

Anyways, the markers he had used were for this Melissa & Doug birthday cupcake set of Emma’s.  You can use the markers to paint stuff on the cupcakes and it is super messy.  Emma always likes to pretend it is someone’s birthday and we’ll sing “Happy Birthday” and then pretend to blow out the candles.  So as we were scrubbing, Hudson stands at the play kitchen with those cupcakes and starts singing Happy Birthday.  I had no clue he could sing it!  He would sing “happy birthday to you.  happy birthday to you” and then blow out the candles.  It was just so sweet and reminded me just how much he’s growing.  He just talks and talks and his so loving and sweet.  :)